Arthur, Rosie and their siblings wish you a happy Halloween !

No way to dress up Arthur or Rosie in real ! I can put a hat on Arthur when he sleeps but certainly no costume !

To put decoration around him when he is sleepy there is no problem. He doesn't even realize !

Rosie is different, as soon as you touch her when she sleeps she wakes up immediately !

Today it's finished to play with little witches, now they have to wait for little Christmas fathers, and angels !



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After Arthur Rosie found out that slippers are a very nice bed for her mousies. Mr. Gattino find it less nice because each time he wants to put them on he first has to take out a couple of mice ! The first time he thought his slipper had shrinked because it suddenly didn't fit anymore.

Rosie is very satisfied, the green mouse is already in. Now she has to put in the red one

Is it here ?


maybe it is already inside ? I have to check.

Ah ! its just in the middle, I will try to put it in the other slipper

And while Rosie is always very busy with her mousies, Arthur has started his winter sleep ! I took this picture this morning !



Hey, said Rosie, I also want to have something for Halloween ! OK, I answered here is a knife and a shirt !

A shirt ?? There is a bloody ear and eye on it ! Of course I said, Halloween has to be bloody ! You have to scare people !

Scare people ?? I love that, especially jumping out behind something when nobody expects me ! By the way, the knife is of very good quality !

I'll try it out !

Meeeouiiiiiii ! I am coming ! Off with their heads !!!

No, after all, I am a peaceful cat even on Halloween, it's just tooo tiring ! zzz....zzz....zzz.........



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My little neighbor 12 year old Raphael has decorated his house for Halloween. He is the only one in the street (so far) who had done it and of course was very proud when he showed it to me.

Yesterday sitting in my car, I saw Arthur sitting in the middle of the dwarf's funeral.

One dwarf apparently had died. It looked so funny Arthur attending the funeral ! I took out my camera and jumped out of the car to take a picture.

Not quick enough, because as soon as he saw me

Arthur ran across the street to great me

and rolled around happily ! Arthur loves when one of us is in the street with him ! When Mr. Gattino walks the neighbor's dog Yanouk from time to time Arthur always follows them.

Rosie had played with her mousies and then went to bed ! She prefers to stay inside.



Arthur loves slippers and shoes in general. As soon as he sees a pair on the floor he has to sit on, put his paws in and when legs are in the shoes it's even better then he tries to scratch a little on them, especially when they are expensive leather shoes. So sometimes we have a visitor who desesperately lifts up his legs to keep his shoes safe !

Arthur on my slippers. He probably is preparing his next crime and meditates

Suddenly he got an idea and attacks Mr. Gattino's slippers.

Rosie watches !

She stretches a paw to reach the slippers, but Arthur defends his property !

They discuss what to do now

Arthur thinks that Rosie's foot smells good too

Or did it smell bad ? Because he suddenly fainted !



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After a rainy day, Arthur was in a playful mood and started to scamper like an old rabbit behind his little Rosie, light like a feather (see the picture !)

Rosie always teasing the poor boy hid under the plastic cover

and peeked out. Arthur of course was still looking on the floor !

Finally Rosie had enough of hiding and sneaked out. But Arthur had given up and strolled away !

He had better things to do ! Sleep !

It's rather frustrating to have an always sleeping model ! How can he scare people when the witch collapsed in his paws !

He told me that he is fat up that everybody tells him that he is NOT a Halloween cat because he is white and not black. As he doesn't want to tint himself into a black cat, he decided to be a ghost ! Nobody can say that ghosts are not white !

and here is ghost Arthur !



Look Arthur ! I found a mousie in a witch costume !

it's really nice to play with !

I can throw her up and turn around

Hey !!! do you listen to me ?? Here is the mousie witch ! Arthur !!!! CATCH !

zzzz....zzzz, grumble grumble ... a mousie witch ??? zzz ... zzz... zzz



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Since Lisa has to take her "happy pill" every day to feel better and also not to pee anymore everywhere, she has choosen a new napping place under Mr. Gattino's desk.

Of course Rosie has to check what she is doing there. Rosie doesn't dare to go near Lisa, because Lisa hisses, growls and slaps at her. She is an old lady and wants to be left in peace.

And this is the pill she has to take ! What a show every evening ! Mr. Gattino helds her in his arms, opens the mouth and puts the pill in. So far so good. She doesn't fight anymore or only occasionally she would put her claws in his hand, which makes him jump up, let Lisa fall on the ground and hop around like a young kangaroo while he pushes loud lamentations and swearings (in Italian of course). Lisa would run away and settle down in some discreet place, where she spits out the pill. Even when he keeps her mouth close and is convinced she got the pill, she fakes to have swallowed it and spits it out later ! A very clever cat ! We are exhausted !

I already had put up some Halloween decoration, which was then inspected by Rosie

She likes the big spider

Arthur as usual slept on my bed so I put some Halloween stuff around him with the intention to take a nice picture for a Halloween header. He didn't care, turned around and fell asleep !