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After Arthur Rosie found out that slippers are a very nice bed for her mousies. Mr. Gattino find it less nice because each time he wants to put them on he first has to take out a couple of mice ! The first time he thought his slipper had shrinked because it suddenly didn't fit anymore.

Rosie is very satisfied, the green mouse is already in. Now she has to put in the red one

Is it here ?


maybe it is already inside ? I have to check.

Ah ! its just in the middle, I will try to put it in the other slipper

And while Rosie is always very busy with her mousies, Arthur has started his winter sleep ! I took this picture this morning !


Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Hahahaha. ... first time I've seen a kitty that hide her toys in the shoes!

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

That is very very cute of Rosie~!! She is so smart put the mouse in there~!
AND Again, Arthur is so so adorable~!

Luna und Luzie said...

That´s a very cute game! Rosie is a sweet kitty.
Arthur sleeps like Olli. Is it a man cat sleeping position?
He looks very content!
Ich hab heute alles durcheinander in meinem Blogpost. Irgendwie läd nun alles anders herum und ich hab keine Zeit das Video neu zu laden.
Hier ist es eisig kalt heute Morgen aber schön sonnig.

The Activist said...

Rosie rocks. Arthur looks smaller in that picture

Maribeth said...

Ah yes, Arthur sure is a beauty. I need to sleep like him too!

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha! Arthur is like a bear! He must sleep all the winter! I am watching at your post with Mélissa and we found Rosie so cute with her two mouses green and red! I just post my COT and go to the town with my daughter because she can't stay at home more longer but as soon I come back I will visit you all!

Ana said...

Haha, that's a fantastic place to hide your mousies, Rosie! Bet it's a lot of fun when Mr. Gattino tries to take his slippers on!

This picture of Arthur is priceless! :-D

catsynth said...

Luna has hidden her mousies in slippers as well - we think it's a great hiding place, and fun to try and coax them out.


I love it when kitties hide their toys in shoes!
It is fun to watch them stalk and get the toys
out! To wish you a Happy Halloween!
You've been BOO-ED! Come by to see what it's all about! Spooky Do & Jewelgirl :)

Finally the comment box is working for me!!!!!

Copito said...

muahaha good pictures, luck with the mouse, Rosie!!!

Arthur is like me, just sleep n' sleep!

FloDawn said...

Hi! This is my first visit to ur blog and I'm HOOK :D I'm a cat lover myself and the cleverness of Rosie and the adorable way ur Arthur is dozing just sold me awwwww...

Puss-in-Boots said...

Mitzi has a shoe fetish, she doesn't put her mouse in them though, she put her paws around my shoes and kicks the living daylights out of them...strange cat! Bella is like Arthur, she sleeps but occasionally opens one lazy eye as if to say "will you shut up, Mitzi!"

Dr.John said...

Nice story with pictures. I enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

Hee-hee, Rosie is very cute hiding things in Mr. Gattino's slippers!

Anonymous said...

My cat looks just like Rosie, only heavier. She’s so cute but my mother has been overfeeding the cat. WebVet.com had a great article on the fat cat epidemic explaining the risks from extra weight. Now, I’m paying close attention to my cat’s health and making my mom read the WebVet article!!

Anonymous said...

We put mousies in slippers too (and sneakers, and backpacks, and handbags left on the floor...)!! Always fun to see your human scratching his or her head over shoe shrinkage, heehee.

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