When I make my bed Arthur has to control what is happening on the street.

Unfortunately there was nothing so he jumped down and helped me by sitting on the bedsheet and then the cover so that I had to push him from one side to the other which he didn't appreciate, he left me and went out.

Arthur loves to transform himself into a red cat, by rolling in the warm red gravel. But he doesn't really look red but rather pink. I told him pink is for girls and not for boys. Now he waits that I put blue gravel in front of the house.

Rosie has a big consumption in green mousies, as she puts them in water, food etc so that I have to renew them from time to time. A fresh green mousie is so nice ! It smells catnip and there is a little tail with a ball at the mouse end, which Rosie always bites off and drops it in her water bowl.

Here she is very busy to hide the mouse in my shoe, take it out throw it in the air and have fun. When I wanted to make a little video, she suddenly stopped

and retired in her basket for a little nap. Rosie is the only cat in the house who mostly sleeps in a basket. The others prefer beds, sofas, chairs, tables, cars etc.





Pookie became Mr. G's shadow since Rosie moved in and she still hasn't forgiven me for that !

Here he tries to show her the acquarium with the swimming fishes, but Pookie didn't see them, she always followed the pen ! Then suddenly there was a noise and she jumped, throwing everything over the desk. I had to help Mr. G. to pick up his belongings that's why I didn't take a picture of the mess. Pookie disappeared like a flash ! (see the arrow)

I don't know if Arthur suffers from seasonal depressions but since it's like autumn outside, he moved into the garage. Worried Mr. G. tries to get him out of there and up in the kitchen !

When Arthur dares to leave his warm motor hoot (or bonnet) he is either sleeping on the radiator, waiting for food on the kitchen table or watching over the outside world on the kitchen window sill.

The only one still very alert, playful and disturbing everybody is Rosie. I had bought a little baby chair for the baby to come, and of course she had to watch until I had unfolded it

inspected it carefully and approved !

The fourth cat in the family Kim, is invisible for the moment only the empty bowls show her presence.





Another week with mostly rain but at least two days where we all believed it was still summer.

Rosie who usually is a night owl, and sleeps the whole day with a few interruptions to chase Arthur around, choose the day where the sun was shining to do some hunting in the garden. I don't know what she had caught, but she licked her whiskers.

Pookie who lives like a nun always in her self chosen convent which means Mr. G's bed, took a little nap outside but close to the cat flap, so she could disappear in the house if something dangerous would happen.

Arthur has found a new and very comfortable place especially when it is cold and rainy, he sleeps on the bonnet/hood of my car when I come back from shopping

His last invention to get me out of the bed around 5 am when he comes back from his night rounds is to climb on Rosie's cat tree and drop the dry food one by one on the parquet.

He doesn't eat it, because he prefers can food, so I wake up because it makes "bing ... bing...bing..."and then the little pieces roll over the floor. He had realized the first time he pretended to eat Rosie's food that I had jumped out of my bed like the devil out of the box, to take the food away because it is Rosie's diet food. Since 3 days we fight, I wake up from the noise, but don't move and stay in bed, but Arthur is the winner, he continues to throw the food on the floor until I get up ! If you notice dark rings under my eyes, it's Arthur's fault !




When I came in the kitchen one morning to feed my little darlings, Rosie had already prepared the "table"

She had decorated the water bowl with her mouse and I only had to add dry and can food. Isn't she a caring little housewife ?

Arthur didn't like what was served and had a look on Rosie's special diet food. I have to put it on the cat tree, so no other cat can go up there, they are all too heavy. But Arthur is not stupid he found another solution and now I have to put the bowl on the other side so that he can't reach it. Fortunately he doesn't like dry food too much, so he would only go there when he feels that he would be the victime of a terrible starvation dead !

The two girls hate each other dearly, look at Rosie's killer eyes and Pookie answers with hisses !

These are the last pictures I took for Cats on Tuesday, aren't they exciting ?? Admire the restless activities !