Sorry, I just had to clean my nose

C'est ma petite poupée !

Before Mr. G's arrival, I had our very big windows cleaned, not because he came home, he wouldn't notice even if they were black, but because the window cleaner just had  time this day !

First Rosie watched this  "Spiderman" at the window, but then it became boring and she preferred to do her pedicure.

Arthur for the last time pushed my tray on the floor looking for eventual meat pieces, which I had maybe hidden from him. Another plate broken. Doesn't matter, I have anyway too many.

And then he was finally home and had his lunch ! Arthur immediately turned me his back and I didn't exist anymore, now he could terrorize Mr. G. again by asking food, and I can eat in peace again !

Since a very long time, Rosie shared "her" (which means my bed) with Arthur ! What a miracle. They did it when they were very young, maybe now they are getting old they support each other again sharing the same place for a nap.

and while Rosie preferred to stay inside

Arthur took a sunbath on the terrace table.



I just had a sniff when the shot went of !

Dreaming of sunshine and mousies running around


After a to Arthur endless time (2 month) Mr. G. will come home in two days !

so they are waiting

We heard a noise is he arriving ?

Poor Kim doesn't understand anything.

all rugs and carpets have disappeared. I had to take them away too dangerous for Mr. G. as he has to walk with crutches.

Next week I surely can show you a very happy Arthur ! He can terrorize Mr. G. again, who complains but only because ....



Please do not disturb, I am sleeping on my scratching board !

I forgot to look in the same direction as my ceramic brother !

Selfie ? Nice !


The longer M is in the rehabilitation center the more impossible behaves Arthur! As soon as it comes to lunch or supper time he thinks he can do with me what he does with Mr. G ! He tries to pull out food out of my plate with his paw and if I push him down and get angry he doesn't care, he is immediately up again.

Can't say that he is a senior cat of 18 years when it comes to food ! He checks everything I put in my mouth and twice has jumped on my tray and it landed on the tiles with plate and glass broken.

If I give him a little slap, he slaps back with his paw ! To eat in peace, I take a slice of ham and give him little pieces while I eat ! I feel blackmailed ! But there is nothing to do, even with me he won !

I tried to lock him out but then he scratches the door and makes such a noise that I can hardly understand the Television. It's time that Mr. G. comes back, finally Arthur is the result of his education ! I can't even blame Arthur.

Maybe in two weeks he will come back ! And I can eat in peace !! Mr. G. finds this very amusing !

I had to take Arthur to the vet because of his eyes which were watering and a bit red. What a procedure !! First it took time to push a very reluctant Arthur in the carrier. Then he sang his operas the whole way long ! I was already exhausted when we arrived !

But then it started ! No way to get Arthur out of the cage ! I thought he would kill us both the vet and myself ! All claws out, he growled, screemed and hissed at us ! It was terrible ! I was afraid of my own cat. He had done this years before ever since he had to stay 2 days with the vet because he nearly lost his tail in a fight.

There was nothing to do ! As he is so old she did not want to give him a little anesthetic, anyway we could see his eyes more than enough they were wide open. Finally she had to do as they do in the zoo with tigers, push him with a metal stick in a corner and give him an antibiotic shot ! I was half dead when I put him in the car ! I let him out of the carrier and he settled down in the back and looked out of the window. The bravest and cutest cat in the world ! To that point that all cars drove slowly to see him, kids waved and laughed and he did his show, he turned around, washed and behaved like a star !

Not a single meow came out of his mouth ! At home he was the old himself again.  I hope I don't have to go back to the vet !

Rosie now during the day, when she has finished her walk outside sleeps in her Ikea bed and then in the living room on the scratching board. Nothing has changed. At least she is not interested in food at all and only eats her dry food.

Kim as usual moves from the bathroom to Mr. G's room, eats, drinks and sleeps.



Sorry, my shadow wanted to be on my selfie !

That's all I can show you, I am lazy

My eyes are watering I have to go to the vet ! So you only get my profile !


As Mr. G is still in hospital and has just started his reeducation, he will be absent at least 2 to 3 weeks more.

Meanwhile Arthur has understood that he won't come home so quickly and now he tries to terrorize me ! I have to say it is a hard fight especially when I put a bit of whipped cream on fruits, then he gets crazy. I give him a little bowl that he finishes in Olympic records time. And then he wants to jump on my plate !


There was nothing anymore and I had put the tray on the table, but Arthur didn't trust me and took off all apple peels to check if there was a bit cream left. Then he throw the sprayer down and tried to open it ! I let him work (at least I had my peace to watch the movie) until he realized that nothing came out anymore. Then he started his famous opera concert, without success and finally gave up.

I have to say it is very tiring to fight against a cat's will ! Now I don't eat whipped cream anymore in his presence ! It's too exhausting. Besides that he plays Brexit with me, he will go out, when he is out he will come in etc etc and has apparently forgotten that we have a cat flap.

He gets also old and bony and I have to go to the vet because there is something with his eyes, they water and he always has crusts in the corners. I always forget that he is 18 years old !

Rosie reluctantly had accepted that he too sleeps in my bed, as Mr. G's bed is empty.

Unfortunately it rains and it's cold so he doesn't want to get up

The only one is 20 year old Kim who hasn't changed anything in her lifestyle she eats and sleeps and eats and sleeps and changes from bathroom to bedroom from time to time. Instead of becoming skinny as all old cats, she puts on weight, has a good appetite and we could eat her easily on Christmas instead a rapid. (Poor Kim).

Rosie still sleeps on her scratching board when she can't go out.



In Belgium it is the use to offer a Lilly of the Valley on Labor day to friends and family !

Arthur has understooden the sense of Labor, that's why he sleeps !

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for the good wishes for Arthur's servant Mr. G. Probably another month and he will be back home again and Arthur can jump in HIS plates not anymore in mine !