Another week where my little cat family prefered to stay inside as it was cold and wet with temperatures around 0°C (32 F). Even Kim didn't sleep outside in the yard, or in her tent, but prefered an old carton in the garage to a nice basket, which is also standing there. She really behaves like a homeless.

No way to take a picture of her, she sleeps on my bed sometimes, but as soon as I enter the room she runs away. I suppose she didn't hear me when she slept on Mr. G's bed, otherwise I couldn't have taken this photo ! When she is hungry she shows up in my room, I feed her but she won't eat until I have left the kitchen ! She really is a very strange cat. We have to catch her to go to the groomer but so far, no way ! If I didn't know her from birth on, I really would believe she is a feral cat !

Rosie each morning when I open the stores, sits on her "weather station" and waits until daylight shows up to check the weather, then she does her morning gymnastic and runs and jumps through the house, growling like a feral dog, I have never heard a cat making a noise like this ! It's strange that such a little one can make such impressive sounds !

Then she starts her napping marathon.

When I read my book in my bed in the evening, she watches over me and I have this funny view ! The little hills under the cover are my feet.

We had some worries again with Arthur, because each time he ate his canfood he throw up, but as he ate Rosie's dry food during the whole night, I thought it can't be something serious and I bought the special "Hill's" cat food again for him, and yes, that was it, because he didn't vomit anymore and is eating now like a horse !! If we go bankrupt it's because of Arthur !

To show me that I made him a happy cat he gave me this seducing look !

Pookie as usual, doesn't put a paw outside not even for natural needs, she uses the litterbox in the garage, spends her days as Mr. G's body guard, watching him shaving, helps him at the computer and of course in the evening reads espionage stories with him.

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One evening laying in my bed and reading a book, I suddenly saw a little hill on my bed.

I wanted to straighten out the cover when suddenly I found some resistance in form of Rosie who played "undercover". So I left the hill and continued to read my book.

When Rosie arrived in 2007, I had bought this tower for her. Ever since she was the only occupant, Arthur and Pookie weren't interested at all in this strange thing.

But things change and since a couple of weeks Arthur has discovered the tower ! Rosie wasn't very happy with that and although she loves her Arthur (or I like to believe it) she was not prepared to share her place with him.

But cats are different than politicians, they find an agreement. Rosie on the top as always and Arthur in the bottom. This is usually the view when in the morning I switch on my light. They both wait for breakfast.

Then I saw them starring at something, which turned out to be Pookie, who also wanted breakfast.

When her belly is full she loves to lay on the computer desk and watch Mr. G playing cards or making payments, then she comforts him.





Rosie the sweet innocent looking pretty girl, who tidies up her mousies and plays with them

like here, before the puts them in the food bowls during the night, turned out to be a cruel executioner, who has decapitated a real mouse !!

When Mr. G. came in the kitchen yesterday morning to check if there was enough food for his darling cats what did he find ... a mouse head, thoroughly cut off the mouse body ! It seemed to him that the mouse was smiling ! Fortunately Rosie hadn't put the head in a food bowl and just left the head there to look at the bowls. Isn't she kind ?

and there she sat, the innocent girl, probably digesting the mouse's left overs.

Arthur doesn't know what to do with himself because outside it rained, so he stayed near the heating or even ironed my T-shirts which I had put there to dry. Otherwise he keeps an eye on Mr. G.'s food and if there is something interesting he just helps himself like he did yesterday evening. In no time while we watched TV and had salmon toast I saw him stealing a slice of salmon on Mr. G's plate and ran away to eat it somewhere in peace.

But as soon as the sun came out I found him in the front of the house taking a sunbath.

Pookie's life doesn't change with the weather, she sleeps, eats, plays and purrs and Kim again is invisible.

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For one and a half year Belgium had no government, now we have one .....




With storm and rain outside but 11 °C (57 F) my cats seem to have taken sleeping pills and lay around everywhere, although mostly on beds and interrupt this hard work only for eating or natural needs.

Except one ! Rosie has her working time one hour in the morning and one in the evening, before she also collapses on a bed or in a basket.

Her mouse was on the top of the sofa, so she pushed it down and tried to tidy up by carrying the mouse into my plate, but after a while she gave up.

She also discovered the bath tube, she had never been in there. She sat on the top and was mulling over if she should jump in or not, which took her quiet some time, but as I had thrown her mouse in the bath, she finally decided to jump in and then she rumbled in the bath for a while.

Pookie at work as Mr. G's body guard

Arthur is not difficult at all by choosing a bed, as long as it is a bed, he is not that easy when it comes to food. As there are no people in the street, he prefers to sleep and wait until this boring time is over.

Even Kim has enough of the rain and sleeps inside, she loves to sleep in company, but not with a human ! Then she runs away !



Rosie speaks first !