Since quiet a long time Rosie hadn't put her mousies in the food or water bowls, she didn't play with them either, I think she had decided that it was mousies' summer holidays.

But now she opened her hunting season again and twice I found a real mouse corpse once in the commun water bowl and once in Pookie's food. Both times I burried them without flowers in the toilet and flushed. Maybe I should have shown more respect to the poor creatures.

Rosie very satisfied about her nightly huntings cleans her whiskers

I still can't believe that behind this angel like looking cat a terrible killer girl is hidden !

Arthur doesn't care and for a while kept her company on my bed during the nights.

Now he has changed and moved over to Mr. G and Pookie. Now it's a snoring trio.

He also loves to control our hygiene by sitting in the bathtube (when Pookie is not in there to chase her tail) and observing us. He also shows us how to wash !

Pookie suddenly is very active in the mornings, she runs around as if the devil would chase her, turns over all rags and doormats and hides pencils and ball pens under them. No wonder that I am looking for a writing instrument the whole day.

Kim finally had decided that now it's too cool outside during nights and moved in again. Unfortunately she has chosen the kitchen table as sleeping place and there is nothing to do each night she sleeps there and when I come into the kitchen in the morning she jumps down and hides in the basement ! Yesterday I heard rumbling in my wardrobe, suddenly the door was pushed open and a black arrow dashed out, while I was peacefully sitting on my chair at my computer ! My poor heart ! Living with cats is dangerous !

P.S. just found another real mousie in Pookie's food bowl ! Another funeral, this time in the bin !






As the whole week we had summer weather while in summer we made our autumn, Arthur loves to take a sunbath on Mr. G's car roof.

and of course he is the "charmer" for all people walking by or our visitors. Here he seduces my friend Christiane.

Rosie too loves to lay outside in the sunshine and does her Yoga exercises to keep in shape.

Pookie has discovered the bathtube again and rumbles in it while chasing her tail, she is very disappointed that so far she hadn't catched it ! And we have a free show to watch while in the bathroom.

Kim is still somewhere outside and we don't see her very much, she comes inside during night for food, at least I hope so, unless somebody else feeds here. We see her laying in the middle of the grass, but as soon as we try to approach she runs away. I hope that when it's cold she will move in again. Strange cat !

When I read my book in my bed and before switching off the light I have this peaceful, cosy view. Rosie and Arthur sleeping in line besides me. Mr. G has Pookie watching over his sleep, and they snore together in a perfect duo.





Arthur is back to his old self and shows it in all manners. A few nights ago I head a dream in which I wore a pearl necklace and unfortuntaly broke it and all the pearls dropped on the parquet. This noise woke me up. Of course I lied in my bed and didn't wear a pearl necklace but only a long T-shirt.

The perls were cat food which Sir Arthur had thrown on the parket while pushing around the bowl. It was terrible ! The whole room was full of this dry food "pearls". I sighed, switched off the light and thought I will collect them in the morning. It was 2 am ! Of course when I went out of my bed I had forgotten about the cat food pearls and stepped barefood on them. It hurt !

What a work ! Even now 2 days later I still find some in a corner !

I had left the roasted chicken I had bought on the market for Sunday evening lunch besides the sink wrapped in a big paper bag together with green beans and roasted potatoes. The door bell rang and by the time I went to open the door and greet my neighbor, Arthur had his head in the bag and worked on pulling out the chicken ! He was very offended when I took the bag away and put it in the cupboard because it was to warm to be put in the fridge.

When he has no naughty things to do, he sleeps like a little angel ! He still eats a lot to get his weight back ! It's almost done !

Rosie has a new job as our caretaker probably to report all the gossips of the cats walking in the street.

and when she is tired of her new job, she sleeps rolled together like a little snail.

Pookie had decided to pose as beauty for me ! I think she did a great job ! Lately she talks a lot and has long and loud conversations with Mr. G. especially when he is in the bathroom.

She : miiiiooooo
He : meauw
she meauw
he miiiooo etc ...





The only thing which annoys me when the weather is nice, is that I feel obliged to work in our garden. That's what I did with a big sigh but with the supporting help of Rosie

who checked if I had cut the ivy properly before she gave me a 10/10 !

Happy about the finished work, she did what I should have done, rolling in happiness on the warm tiles !

Before in the evening she collapsed in my bed.

Pookie, good weather or not prefers to play camouflage and it's a miracle that we haven't fallen over her yet.

Rosie, the sweet girl took care of her sister Pookie and put a nice freshly killed mouse in her food, which I found in the morning before my first cup of coffee ! I burried it in the bin !

I had some difficulties to find Arthur when I went to bed, he slept on the window sill when the shutters were closed. White against white ... He watched Rosie eating and enjoyed the cool fresh air coming through the window.

Before he too, retired on Mr. G's bed. Not for long, suddenly I heard a protesting noise, saw Mr. G. in his slip going from the balance in the bathroom to his room, picked up Arthur, stepped on the balance again and weight them both. Then he calculated the difference between his weight (which he didn't tell me) without and then with Arthur before he announced me happily that Arthur had put on nearly 1 kg (2.2 lbs) ! Arthur had eaten 10 big cans of "Hills" Sience Plan (a very good plan to empty your wallet) in not even 5 days.

He is again my favorite pain in the neck, he squats my car, sleeps on the roof and even when I

open the garage door and put on the motor, he stays on the roof ! I drove out of the garage with him still sitting on there, had to get out of the car to pick him up and put him on the ground where he went away very angry wagging his tail !

Still a few pounds more and Arthur has his weight back. As you can see he looks quiet happy again !