Kim really is a mad cat ! When it was so cold and everybody stayed inside, she was always outside and didn't want to come in. Now that it is rather warm outside, she has changed her mind and comes inside !

She even sleeps on my bed which is a miracle !

she loves company of her "siblings" and always tries to sleep together with one, here she choose Arthur.

In Mr. G's office she shares the sofa with Pookie

and even with Mr. G. !

Rosie always likes to have company outside, then she feels more safe, Kim made the kitten sitter.

I have absolutely to take her to the groomer because her belly and around the neck is full of knots, and she hates to be brushed.

Arthur, when he doesn't ask for food enjoyed the first warm day outside, taking a sun bath and watching dogs going by. The dog owners are not very happy about that, because they have to pull their dogs back and it looks as if they did water ski. Arthur doesn't move !

Rosie when she doesn't sleep, plays with her mousies, or waits hidden behind a door or furniture to catch the tails of the others who just walk by. She is a little bitch !

When you read this I am sitting in the airplane taking me to Marseille in Southern France, where my friend Claudie waits for me to take me to her home, where I will spend a week. Mr. G. as usual will spoil the cats, so that they are also on holidays !




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After the temperature had gone up and it rained, we had snow again, which didn't last.

Arthur my little terrorist was watching the snowflakes while I made my bed. This week he really kept us busy ! First he decided not to eat the posh Hill's food anymore, but to vomit it just besides my bed. When I got up, I cheerfully stepped into the vomit with my bare foot. Nice morning greeting ! and this before my cup of coffee ! A crime.

We have a problem with a tube under the kitchen sink, which is leaking and it was all wet under the sink. I took out the bin and the cleaning stuff which was in this kitchen unit and put towels in there to absorb the water. In the middle of the night I woke up because somebody rumbled in the kitchen. When I looked I found the bin laying on the floor and its content was spread out all over the kitchen floor !

Arthur was sitting in the living room on an oriental rag (a must for a posh cat) and when I approached he growled like a dog and very loud. He made it very clear : don't approach one step more ! I cleaned the floor and went to bed again. Next morning I found a chicken bone in the living room, which he had stolen out of the bin. What a night !

Since he doesn't want his expensive food anymore I bought the cheapest one I could find at Carrefour (equal to Wallmart or Tesco) for 0.60 € cents instead of 1.60 € price of the Hill's can. When I opened the little can, he meowed a whole opera and almost snatched me the can out of my hand, then he gobbled the content of his bowl as if he hadn't eaten for a week ! What an actor ! He earns an Oscar !

He also jumped on the table while Mr. G. ate a roasted chicken leg and with the speed of a flash catched it with his paw and wanted to escape. Mr. G. just had time to safe his supper ! Of course Arthur got some pieces.

And then when he has terrorized us enough, he lays there like a big white fur ball. Arthur is a thief in an honnest household ! We have to live with that.

Rosie spends her time with checking what I am doing, plays with her mousies,

or she sleeps on my bed. I didn't see her first because she was hidden behind this big stuffed cat.

Pookie behaves like a human for the moment, she shares her time between bed and computer. It's still too cold for her to go outside.

Kim disappeared again since the weather is warmer, but I see her in the backyard and she also comes in for food during the night.



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Since yesterday it became a little warmer and for the first time since two weeks we reached plus temperatures in Celius. Today it was 1° C (32 F), but as it is foggy and and rather humid my cats prefer to stay inside.

While I was "working" at my computer I saw Rosie jumping in the air, and playing with something which at a closer look turned out to be a REAL mouse ! Fortunately not hurt, but dead. I told Rosie to be ashamed that she had killed that poor thing and burried it in the bin.

Rosie WAS ashamed as you can see

Arthur doesn't know what to do with himself, nobody is in the streets, so he is looking for new napping places in the house. Here he had discovered that there is a drawer under the sofa, opened it with his paws and went inside. Apparently it wasn't comfortable enough, because after a while he came out again.

He decided to sleep in Rosie's cat tree, where it was nice and warm as it stands near the radiator.

Pookie plays decoration the whole day and shares her activities between eating and sleeping.

But sometimes she also does a "WII" exercise

After a week from hiding under Mr. G's bed when the kitchen door was locked, Kim finally understood that nobody wanted to take her to the vet or to the groomer and she started to sleep in Mr. G's office on the sofa. And during the nights she even sleeps on his bed !

But when she sees me she still prefers to disappear ! Just in case ....

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Since November I complain about rain and too warm weather, the daffodils came already out !
And now in February, the Russian weathercat has send us temperatures we are not used to at all ! Since a week we turn around - 11 °C (12 F) or even less. I had to undertake some changements in my cat family's life, and closed the kitchen door !

The cat flap is in the garage, leads to the steps and to the slightly open kitchen door. While Arthur, Rosie and Pookie didn't mind and used the litterbox in the kitchen in case of emergency, Kim was traumatized. For her when the kitchen door is closed, it means we want to catch her either to take her to the vet or to the groomer. She has a memory like an elephant ! So she disappeared for two days and left us worrying about her in this cold. I know she often sleeps in a carton in the garage during cold nights so I put her food besides it. The garage is not heated, but doesn't go below 0°C (32 F) but still. We looked everywhere for her but didn't see her around the house ! Mr. G. already thought he would find a stiff frozen Kim, dead laying under a bush ! Poor man.

Finally I saw her in the garage in the evening and I managed to push her inside the kitchen. At least she spend the night on Mr. G's bed.

He was a very tired, and overworked doorman, each cat wanting to go out and come in at different times, and as he was not happy without his darlings inside in the warmth of the house he opened the door nearly all 5 min, calling the cat who was outside and swearing when nobody showed up and made me mad ! Retired men have to find an occupation.

The cold weather had a refreshing influence on Arthur who rediscovered his childhood years and played with an earstick he had digged out from somewhere !

While I made my bed, Rosie and Arthur had noticed that it snowed, so

I let them out and they chased each other and played in the yard !

Then Rosie went to her usual outdoor litter box which is the graveyard of our departed pets. Apparently cats have another way to grieve than humans.

Arthur loved the white carpet because it was much easier to dig a little hole than in grass. This important task done, he ran like flash inside to warm up his cold botty on the radiator.

Rosie sat outside for a while and looked for mousies, but without any success.

Pookie didn't care about the temperatures ! warm, cold, rain or snow, she eats and sleeps and watches over Mr. G. She doesn't like to go out.

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