Today is Christmas and I have to say, my cats ignore this event completely ! The tree is of no interest to them they don't even have a look on it and nobody so far sniffed at the creche or played with Joseph or a sheep ! Mary and baby Jesus are too heavy.

Rosie philosophizes on the sofa, turning her back to the Christmas tree

Arthur must have smelled the Turkey which is safe in the basement, so he squats my car and probably waits until it's taken out ! Cats can be v e r y patient !

Pookie prefers a string hanging from my sweat suit instead of playing with a Christmas ball or tinsel !

But the feast has not yet started so maybe it will change ....

to you all !



and therefore we wish you :




Now I am back since a week and the old routine life has begun again. As soon as I was home, Mr. G. gave up his job as cat sitter and returned to his routine, which means only spoiling the cats. Cleaning litter boxes etc, was handed over to me.

Since a couple of months, Pookie eats can food, but only in the morning as breakfast, she wouldn't touch it during the day or night, there she sticks to her dry food. So each morning I serve breakfast. Two different sorts of course, one for Pookie one for Arthur, eating here in harmony each morning.

Kim, the autistic cat doesn't like to eat with the others, so she hid behind the kitchen door and although I had put her food just near her, she wouldn't touch it until there is nobody in the kitchen anymore ! But now at least she stays inside, sleeping on the sofa, or in Mr. G.'s bed, but always keeping apart.

On Sunday we finally put up our Christmas tree and I decorated the living room.

The only helper we had, as you can see, was Arthur. He loves to watch working people. He was slightly interested in a Father Christmas and put a protective paw on him. But that was it. He just checked out an empty carton, turned around three times, decided that it was not comfy and disappeared I don't know where.

Rosie watched us for a while juggling with angels, balls, garlands, etc, but didn't move a bit. When she realized that no mousie angels were hanging on the tree,  she lost all interest.

My cats are not interested in Christmas decoration, it will surely change when it comes to Christmas food !

After having spent from 11 am to 5 pm with decorating, I was exhausted and Arthur too !

Please don't for get to visit each other !






Mr. G. had picked me up from the airport and as soon as the car stopped in front of the house, appeared Arthur from nowhere. He stroke around my legs and I had the impression that he asked me if I had brought him some Egyptian chicken. Unfortunately I hadn't.

Pookie too showed up almost immediately and greeted me with loud purrs. Usually she is offended for three days because I dared to go away. Last but not least came Rosie gave me some wet kisses on my nose and was happy to have her bed warmer back again. Apparently she and Pookie had terrible fights on Mr. G's belly when he lay in bed, because it's Pookie's place and not Rosie's and she didn't want to share this belly (although big enough) ! So Rosie moved back into my bed and purred me to sleep, which wasn't necessary because I was very tired, the trip had been longer then usual.

Before leaving my room, Pookie had to try out the still closed suitcase.

My first view the next morning was Arthur who wasn't quiet sure to get out of his house, to eat or not to eat was the big question.

then he inspected the mess on the floor, but couldn't find anything eatable.

In the afternoon we both looked out of the window into the cold and rain ...

I had the impression that he had put on some weight, he made me think of "little buddha".

Apparently Pookie had found a new sleeping place during my absence and continued her napping marathon on the sofa in Mr. G's office.

After breakfast, Rosie made a tour on our neighbor's garden shed roof and then played "table decoration". Apparently she had been very busy with mouse hunting. She made Mr. G very happy by bringing home twice a dead mouse. One she had put in Pookie's dry food and the other besides his slippers ! She also had collected her toy mousies during each night and had put them neatly around the food bowls with one in the water and the other in the food bowl. It had been quiet a long time that this hadn't happend. She probably thought she had to replace the missing housewife ! What a loveable cat !




I am on holidays in Hourghada /Egypt at the Red Sea

Before I left, Rosie checked my beach bag, tried to get in, didn't manage it and finally gave up !

This post is pre-scheduled, I hope I can comment on your posts ! It all depends on time and Internet connection !




According to the awful rainy and stormy weather, my cats lead a very peaceful life, they definitively have the good attitude they sleep until it's over

For a few hours the sun was shining and while I was making my bed, Rosie took a sunbath. After I had taken these pictures it didn't happen again !

I had put a big plate with choclate covered marshmellows and other goodies on the table because TV inspires you to nibble something. Rosie had seen Arthur who apparently loves them because he had tried to eat one ! She inspected the plate, but didn't like it. Now I have to put the plate away when we are not there, because Arthur would eat them all ! Not very good for his health. He is a garbadge can in a cat shape.

And while the others are rather lazy, Pookie who suffers from sleepyness the whole year long is the only one quiet active. She plays with everything she can find, and watches in front of the cat flap to chase away an eventual intruder, by screeming so loud that it wakes up the whole neighborhood ! You could easily think that somebody tries to kill her ! She also gnarls like an angry dog. When I ran down to see what happens and eventually rescue the half dead cat, I find a happy looking Pookie sitting there, only her tail is still puffed and looks like a fury Christmas tree !

Arthur follows his hobby the whole day long ! And he isn't even what I would call fat !!

In the evening the still life looks always the same :

There is a sleeping session on my lap, in turn Rosie, Pookie and Arthur. Kim of course never naps on a lap !

Please don't forget to visit each other !