Since a few days, Rosie and Arthur decided to spend the night with me on my bed. It was a long time that it didn't happen. Mostly it is Rosie alone who sleeps with me.

So when I wake up in the morning I have this nice view.

My friend Claudie from the South of France spent a few days with us and fortunately brought sunshine in her luggage ! The cats appreciated her visit very much, especially Pookie as you can see.

One evening, while we were watching TV, we heard a strange noise. A pigeon had flown through the open French windows and fluttered around in the living room ! Followed of course by an intrigued Arthur. It hid in a corner and Mr. G. could grab him before Arthur approached  for a sniff !

He put it outside in a safe place besides the flower pot and when we looked the next morning it was gone. But the next evening it happened again ! We didn't know if it was the same pigeon,  it landed in the kitchen. Same procedure, Mr. G. took it outside and put it in the ivy, far away in our garden. Unfortunately this one didn't survive and we found it dead the next morning. We suspected Arthur the terrorist, but weren't sure, as a pigeon is so big and so far he had never payed attention to them. We have quiet a lot around here.

Pookie didn't care, she admired Claudie sitting on the sofa

and so did Kim

When I looked out of my window this morning, I saw a white bag on our neighbor's car. At a closer look I saw it was Arthur who took a sunbath and probably made some paw graffiti on the roof !



The whole week we had a very strange weather. Cool, grey or rainy until 4 pm and then suddenly warm (up to 25° (80F) in the afternoon. To avoid colds you have to dress in several layers !

Cats have not this problem, they have a permanent fur coat for summer and winter, which you poor cat servant only notice by the loss of hairs. The vacuum cleaner is full each time.

Pookie has a new napping place, which she had never used, she sleeps now on the doormat in a corner besides the entrance. It took me some time to find her there, because I never looked in this corner. She also has more and more difficulties to jump on a sofa or chair, she puts her front claws in the fabric and pulls her back up. She doesn't like to be helped and doesn't seem to suffer either, her appetite is more then good and her fur shiny. But still I think I'll have her checked. I avoid to go to the vet if it is not really an emergency,  as it stresses her so much. I just will wait and see if it gets worse.

Arthur and Kim choose to sit outside out of the pouring rain under the pergola and watched the rain pouring down from my neighbor's roof.

But in the afternoon when I looked out of the window, I saw Arthur grooming to make himself a beauty before he started his walk along the streets for his neighbor watch.

What he also likes is to eat his salad, which is our grass and then hurry inside to barf on the best rags. When I see him doing that, I try to follow him, but mostly it doesn't work and I have to clean up the not yet digested grass.

Rosie is quiet often outside now probably looking for mousies, without success so far, for the moment she has lost all interest in her green mousies and leaves them everywhere in the house instead of dropping them in the food bowls. She likes to hunt little spiders which she eats with gusto !

and Kim lays around and as soon as I approach she runs away. Mr. G. has more success with him she stays. She is full of knots again and I absolutely have to take her to the groomer. Maybe she already feels my bad intentions !






When I came back from England, I was very tired, dropped my suitcase in my room and went to bed !

Pookie was delighted she had a new bed. The fact that I came back too, seemed to be of less interest.

Arthur was quiet happy, as he started sleeping on my lap, what he hadn't done since ages and then slowly, slowly pushed me aside so that I had less and less room !

Two days later the whole street was alerted by the shrieking noise of an alarm. It was the alarm of Dominique's house. As we have the key, Mr. G. went over to see what happened and turn off the alarm before the police would arrive. He checked all rooms and found Arthur deeply sleeping and not at all bothered by the noise on Dominique's bed ! Apparently he had sneaked in when she went out and had walked around looking for the best napping place, which of course put the alarm on.

Mr. G. carried an angry Arthur out of the house and locked the door. Nobody in the street was surprised. They all know Arthur and his adventures ! He often tries out other beds !

Not bothered at all by the attention he had caused settled down on the bark and continued to sleep !

Rosie was very happy to see me again and slept the whole night besides my head, purring into my ear ! Fortunately it is not such a loud noise then snoring, so she purred me to sleep. She also modeled for me for the letter "O" in a meme. Isn't she a kind cat ?

She loves to lay on the freshly cut grass, and watch for mousies, but they are hiding elsewhere. No chance !

Kim has continued her cat life with or without me, here she has found a silent partner !





Today I spend the day in London before I take the Eurostar back to Brussels.

Apparently my darlings had a good time too, alone with Mr. G ! How nice ! Treats non stop !

Pookie helped him at the computer, Kim occupied the best armchair, Arthur still doesn't like the brush and Rosie is still in love with her white cat who doesn't hiss as Arthur sometimes does !