We weren't home for Christmas, and as usual our neighbour took good care of our little cat family.
When we were back, the next morning Pookie tried to come into my room.

but Rosie is a real little bitch, she doesn't allow Pookie to come in and keeps a watchful eye on her.

as Pookie didn't move, Rosie did what all cats do when they don't know how to react, they wash themselves. Then she turned to Arthur, laying on my bed for an approving look, but Arthur

was far to tired to get involved in women fights and only opened one eye, before he fell asleep again.

No wonder, he just came home from a walk through the snow. I could hardly see him !

Pookie thought that she is more intelligent than Rosie and gave up to enter my room, instead she jumped on the poor sleeping Mr. G. and made herself comfortable on his belly.

Rosie finally forgot to watch the door and watched over me in her basket besides my desk.

only Lisa doesn't do anything else but eating the whole day, with her 18 years she now has some difficulties to bend down.

And Kim decided to iron Mr. G. Jogging suit and decorate it with some black hairs.

to all of you !





For the moment we have 8 cm (3.1 inches) of snow, which is probably not a lot but for Brussels it is rather exceptional. It's also very cold up to - 14°C (6.8 F) since the Global Warming meeting in Copenhagen.

The result is that no cat puts a paw outside except Kim who sleeps in the snow (!!! she is crazy) when the sun is shining.

Arthur since last week has moved his sleeping place again. Now he is not my bed rug anymore, he choose to warm my feet and squats my bed now.

Here I say hello to him when I wake up, he ignores me of course

and this is the view I have now every morning when I open my eyes. I noticed that my bed has shrinked, because I only have a little space to sleep.

Rosie starts her first quick washing action

Pookie saw the light and looked in the room to see, if I get up for her breakfast.

Rosie is not pleased at all with her sister's visit. They are still "loving" ennemies.

I too prefer to stay inside when I have no shopping to do and this is the view I have when I am sitting at my computer, either both

or Arthur alone

and when he is not laying on my bed, he irons the laundry which dries on the heating and decorates them with his white hairs.

to all of you !






Since 2 weeks Arthur has a new place to spend his nights. He choose to be my bedside rug. Therefore each morning when I wake up and look down to the floor from my bed,

I have this view ! I suggested him to come on my bed, but Arthur has his own ideas about where to sleep.

When I make my bed and open the window to get some fresh air in, Arthur takes the opportunity to sit on the windowsill to watch over the neighbourhood.

When I ask him to return to the room, he has first to think it over for a while until finally he decides to come in and then he would choose another place to nap for the day. What a program !

Rosie for the moment likes to sleep on the christmassy decorated table and likes the little angel orchestra.

her tail is elegantly folded around a trumpeter

to keep him warm