When I wanted to take my car, Arthur was sitting on the roof.

I tried to get him down, but he moved to the middle where I couldn't reach him. So I opened the door sat inside and told him to please go away. All I got was this cute face looking down on me ! I had to get out again and this time he understood and disappeared offended through the cat flap !

With the warm weather even Pookie went for a walk and disappeared in the neighbor's garden.

Kim observed her

Rosie too enjoyed the garden and was hopping around like a little kangaroo !


I am in the South of France visiting my friend Claudie !

What my cats think :

And not to forget : Mr. G does everything we want !!



I was laying in my basket, when she came with this tablet, although she was disturbing me, I am a good girl and pushed the button

I would have made more round eyes, but I thought the flash would hurt my eyes !

I love selfies, I think I did a good job !



Rosie was the model in street art !

Kim in a haunting castle

Dreaming Pookie

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A miracle happened !

For the first time in nearly 10 years, Kim didn't run away when she saw me ! She even didn't care that I took pictures of her while she was busy to groom herself !

That Arthur is a special cat I know. But what he did this week just took the biscuit ! I had bought a repellent spray because Arthur still sometimes pees in front of the kitchen door. I sprayed the tiles and what happened ? He sniffed and sniffed and then rolled himself on the floor, he couldn't get enough ! And at the end, what did he do ? He peed in front of my watchful eyes ! I yelled at him, he finished and then ran away outside through the cat flap !  I should write a letter to the company which produces this "repellent" ! Instead I cleaned the wet floor !

Pookie found a rather strange position to nap, she slept on the kitchen paper roll !

Rosie sits on or under the table and chairs and as soon as one of her companions appear she jumps or runs behind them which causes little battles and hisses. She is a real little witch !



I am probably the only cat in the world who purrs when pictures are taken !

I wanted to show my nose

What happens ???

OK, I push the button, but I see a spider on the wall !



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Arthur had a busy weekend!

First he had some garden work to do, while Mr. G was busy with his new weed burner and burnt down the weeds in the gravel.

Then he had to play with Toby who was on visit, first inside the house and then outside, watching the crocket play.

Pookie too woke up from her lethargy played with a mouse and then took it with her on the sofa for a nap.

Rosie wanted to know if she still is the most beautiful cat in the world !

and Kim pondered for a long time to choose a bowl and eat !



Again this tablet !

You disturbed me, I am sunbathing

It suddenly went off !

same with me !



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I don't know if Rosie is influenced by spring time, but she became a real little bitch. She hides and suddenly jumps on whatever cat is going by.

Only after lunch, she settles down to rest.

Poor Pookie is her favorite victim and doesn't even dare to come into my room anymore and is always on alert ! The good thing about her is, that she starts to put on weight a little, ever since we run out of cat food and Mr. G. had bought the cheap Aldi cat food ! Now she doesn't want anything else anymore. Which proves that you don't have to buy expensive special cat food for seniors !

Arthur once again tried to go outside, but the terrace tiles and the grass was wet, so he sat under the pergola for bird watching.

Exhausted he then naps besides Kim

After having stolen a whole salmon sushi from Mr. G's plate, while he just left to close the shutters, he enjoys ear scratching.

And finally he could take a sunbath and watched me from outside, what I was doing in the kitchen !



Yes, I know I am a good girl !

What's that ? No flash ???

I don't want to be an Easter bunny

@#%& e n o u g h !