There is a birdie ! Can't take a selfie

I don't know why but I have a headache


Now that our cat family is reduced to two, Christmas was a bit strange, although except Arthur they never participated.

Once the house empty again, Rosie who had spent most of the time outside, warmed herself up on Arthur's place. She does it on purpose, she is a naughty little girl !
In the past Arthur would have chased her away but now at 88 in human years he just let it go.

But then she went on "her chair" again on which she loves to sleep.

The cleaning lady had been there and I had put the scratchboard away so Rosie waited that I put it back and was rolling happily around.

In fact these were the only activities she did the whole week, sleeping, eating, a little walk outside and then again sleeeping ...... etc

Arthur was exhausted after Christmas celebration, he still likes a lot of human company and even tried to help to unwrap the gifts.

He played with his pal Toby and a string, unfortunately my camera was not there where it should have been

Father Christmas has brought a metal detector for Toby and Arthur as he is deaf, went besides the detector but didn't find anything.

The rest of the week he spent on his little fur rag and often got up to eat and visit his litter box. He eats a lot and becomes more and more skinny. But as long as he plays and loves company I think he feels well. Now each morning I wash his face and the fur with a humid face cloth, he doesn't like it but he let me wash him a bit.



This is a selfie from today, you see my eyes start to heal !

I just washed my tail, it smells so good !

Our servant has his head full with Christmas preparations and is sorry not to report about our "exciting" life ! Anyway besides a good sleep and good meals we haven't done anything ! Not even climbed in the Christmas tree, we are getting old !

Only me Arthur in a sudden energy attack have played with a silver reindeer which has fallen from the Christmas tree. The servant had tried to take a picture, but I was too quick to push it under the furniture with my paw !

That's my way to prepare Christmas !

Napping and checking if there is not some suitable food laying around !

To all of you, young and old, lots of treats and well educated servants !!



My pupils are all black so you can't see my beautiful yellow eyes !

My eyes heal slowly but are still not OK to 100 %


Arthur as usual does exactly the opposite of what a cat is supposed to do ! Even with his fur ! Instead of loosing hairs as most old men, his hairs grew ! When I realized it he was already full of knots despite the fact that we had tried to brush him.

There was only one thing to do take him to Kim's groomer. She was really happy to see me again but this time not with a black long haired cat but with a white with half long hairs.

I had feared the worst with Arthur, but he behaved like in angel, not a word in the car, he lay peacefully in his carrier and looked around. Of course he is deaf and so he is not afraid of unused noises. When he sat on the table he was very friendly said nothing when his claws were cut and purred when she cleaned his ears. She had to shave half of the cat and after a while he started to hiss and growl, he had enough. All knots were shaved off and he looked like a sheared sheep !

Fortunately he doesn't go out anymore as it is cold outside and he could catch a cold. No way to put a little coat on him !

Here is Arthur still the old charmer. Not bad for the first time in his life that he had to go to a groomer ! I think he felt quite good without the knots and after having gobbled down a bowl of food

He settled down for a well earned rest.

Rosie as a coquette cat, does her grooming on the living table, her fur shines as if polished.

but she is also a naughty cat and has chased poor Arthur from his place besides the radiator. Therefore he sleeps for the moment on the sofa !

She also tries to play with him by trying to catch his tail, but he probably thinks that he is to old now for these games and runs away.



She gave me that to say CHEEEESE

My head is so heavy !



Cats and humans are very much alike especially when they reach the antique age. Arthur is still very alert when it comes to food and sleeping. When I leave my painting class in the Waterloo retirement home at a quarter to 12, a long line of mostly women are waiting already that the door opens for lunch at noon !  Sometimes they are even earlier ! 

Arthur does the same he waits and waits that his food arrives even when he has just emptied a whole bowl. Impossible to keep eating hours because his only pleasure is food ! If we don't run and fill his bowl he meows until our poor nerves can't stand it anymore.

And when he has finished in the kitchen, he keeps an eye on us if ever we would dare to eat without him !

So he jumps on the table and helps himself as soon as we have turned our heads in another direction. If the plates are empty he is very disappointed and returns to his other favorite occupation : sleeping !

Rosie is still very much alert, which is normal she is only 12 ! She loves to sit on the window sill and observe what is going on in the street.

And sometimes she turns around and looks from outside what I am doing inside in fact I am always under control !

Today before I left the house I took this picture on the left. Three hours later I came back and took the picture on the right. Honestly I can't see any difference she only changed position. She must have been very tired. Sometimes I am really jealous I would love to stay in bed the whole day and sleep, eat during night and also go for a little walk. The only condition would be the weather. When it's cold and rainy this way of life is ideal, but when the sun is shining, then I would rather sleep during night.