She gave me that to say CHEEEESE

My head is so heavy !



Cats and humans are very much alike especially when they reach the antique age. Arthur is still very alert when it comes to food and sleeping. When I leave my painting class in the Waterloo retirement home at a quarter to 12, a long line of mostly women are waiting already that the door opens for lunch at noon !  Sometimes they are even earlier ! 

Arthur does the same he waits and waits that his food arrives even when he has just emptied a whole bowl. Impossible to keep eating hours because his only pleasure is food ! If we don't run and fill his bowl he meows until our poor nerves can't stand it anymore.

And when he has finished in the kitchen, he keeps an eye on us if ever we would dare to eat without him !

So he jumps on the table and helps himself as soon as we have turned our heads in another direction. If the plates are empty he is very disappointed and returns to his other favorite occupation : sleeping !

Rosie is still very much alert, which is normal she is only 12 ! She loves to sit on the window sill and observe what is going on in the street.

And sometimes she turns around and looks from outside what I am doing inside in fact I am always under control !

Today before I left the house I took this picture on the left. Three hours later I came back and took the picture on the right. Honestly I can't see any difference she only changed position. She must have been very tired. Sometimes I am really jealous I would love to stay in bed the whole day and sleep, eat during night and also go for a little walk. The only condition would be the weather. When it's cold and rainy this way of life is ideal, but when the sun is shining, then I would rather sleep during night.


The Chair Speaks said...

MOL! We love how you compare Arthur's love for food with human!
Rosie's so cute sleeping in her bed!
Purrs and hugs!

Summer said...

I'm glad Arthur still has a good appetite!

Catscue Catmom said...

Cute selfies! Good news that Arthur still has a good appetite, and Rosie, you rest up, you had a busy day as securikitty!

meowmeowmans said...

That's great that Arthur still has a good appetite! We have to remind our Gracie to eat sometimes. She is 19 years old now.

Dash Kitten Crew said...

Your post made us smile, especially the bed at the end LOL! Arthur is a sweetie isn't he.

I have a funny lunch story. Wellington gets lots of cruise liners during the summer months and the people have a limited amount of time to visit the city. What do they do? Stop half way and go back to the ship for lunch and miss seeing the city much at all. CRAZY!!!

William Kendall said...

They're such sweethearts.

pilch92 said...

They are both such cuties. Have a nice week.

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

When it's cold out we hardly stir from out beds except for food. Nice days have us playing up a storm.

The Indulged Furries said...

I agree, it would be nice to spend several hours of a winter afternoon curled up in a cozy bed.

Tamago said...

Sounds like Arthur is really alert about food and I think it’s great! I would love to join Rosie in bed...sleep all day :-)