Pookie is the only one who feels that something not normal is in the air, when she sees my packed suitcase.

She loves to sleep on it but certainly doesn't want to come with me !

Rosie thought

and that's the bitter truth, he will meow loud and terrorize Mr. G. until he gives in and shares his human junk food with him ! Arthur is able to jump into your plate if necessary

Before I left the house I saw him with a green crown, little green grains which sticked on his head !

And I arrived in Eastbourne (UK) on Thursday evening where I stay with friends for a week,  after a nice excursion to Stonehenge and a very special sightseeing view on London in its Olympic games dress ! One day before the opening there was Olympic fever in the whole city ! I noticed later that on my train a few groups of athletes were travelling too and were greated with banners and music !

I'll be back next Monday !




We have guests for a week.

Dominique's new birds !

While we put the cage in the guest room, Arthur fortunately wasn't there. When later I checked on them and put the radio on, so that they had a little music, and I opened the door to get out, like a flash Arthur was in ! I just catched him in front of the cage and carried an angry and struggling Arthur in my arms out of the room and locked the door ! I was exhausted.

But it got worse, he stayed there soonly followed by Rosie. But Rosie hadn't seen the birds and wondered why Arthur made such a mess and was sitting in front of a closed door, she finally went away because there was nothing interesting.

But Arthur who had murdered Dominique's birds before, had gotten killer instincts and didn't want to leave. He sat there for at least half an hour or even more singing all the songs he know, with his loud horror movie voice. When I considered to put earplugs in my ears, he finally gave up and very upset left the door and disappeared !  I enjoyed the silence !

Since two days the sun is shining and Rosie checks the street. But she always stays around the house, so when she saw me with my little red square in my hand (which is my camera) she quickly returned to great me.

While the grass is growing and growing and I couldn't mow the lawn because it rained, Rosie (and the others) are very happy about this. Rosie looks with pleasure over her "salad" field. Apparently the grass is very good this year.

Pookie as a lazy lady prefers laying on the couch and admires my birthday bouquet, which lasted one week.

No news from Kim, we see her from far around the house. This night at 3 am I woke up and saw her checking Rosie's food bowl, so I went to the kitchen to feed her and what did she do this silly girl ? she ran away !! I really don't know what to do with her, she needs badly to go to the groomer lady, but I can't make an appointment when I can't catch her !

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As it is still raining and only from time to time there is a little break, Arthur makes short  rounds in the neighborhood just to check if everything is OK. But as nobody is out and stays rather in, there is not very much to see.

After his rounds he shakes his head to get rid of the raindrops

and then he spends a lot of time with drying himself, as he doesn't want any help from our part, and gets angry when he sees a towel !

A good thing to do when the weather is so bad is eating ! and this he does with pleasure each time when he wakes up from a little nap.

Rosie goes outside and enjoys fresh rain water. She thinks it has a much better taste than tap water !

and she often sits on the garden table as the patio has a roof and she can sit there without getting wet and watch the birds. They apparently don't care if it rains or not.

The strange thing is, it rains the whole day, but around 6 pm each evening the sun comes out ! Just to show that it still exists. Pookie has almost finished with her training for the sleeping competition for the Olympics and likes this moment to take a short sunbath !

Apparently the mousies too stay in their holes, because this week I didn't find any corpse.



coming soon ... after 3 weeks of rain every day




When you see this look ...

it means that Arthur once again is hungry especially when it is not HIS food and as usual Mr. G. melts and feeds him with his junk food ! There is nothing to do, men are stubborn !

As soon as the rains stops the cats are outside and even Kim joins in the pow wow !

She even flirted with the ceramic cat ! These are the first pictures I could take of her since my return from Tunisia !

Rosie has discovered a nice observation place, hidden from all eyes she watches what is going on in the garden ! So far we used the garden furniture twice ! Call it summer !





While I was away on my Roundtrip through Tunisia, I saw a lot of cats, but out of the bus it was difficult to catch a good photo.


Instead I flirted with camels ! they have such beautiful eyes.

At home everything went smooth until the day when the man who did the joints on our terrace left the door to the guest room open, where Dominique had left her two birds to be taken care of by Mr. G.

One morning he discovered the open door and a cage without birds. Sir Arthur had taken off the bath and had looked with head and paw inside the cage. One bird seeing his face got a heart attack and died. He found it laying in a corner. The other one had escaped or was eaten by the killer cat ! We never found its body. Of course Mr. G. was very upset, wrapped the little bird in tissus and burried it in our little animal graveyard in the garden.

When I was back we stood on the terrace one evening and noticed a white spot besides the grave. Mr. G. looked what it was and discovered the tissu he had burried with the bird. Not only Arthur had killed the bird but he also hadn't liked that the bird was burried together with cats and a dog and a guinea pig, so he had pushed the white pebble away and digged out the corpse !

After that he had no remorses at all, and groomed himself after the murder and the grave desecration !

Pookie had spent most of her time with Mr. G at the computer

and Rosie was laying around, the weather was rather grey and cold.

Since I am back I have only seen a piece of tail from Kim, but she comes in and eats ! 

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