Summer still refuses to move into Belgium, so my cats are mostly inside. They must have a special weatherman incorporated in their brain, because they know exactly if it will rain the next day or not, they all wash behind their ears ! It is not a lie, it is really the truth ! Even if our human weatherman says the contrary !

Rosie likes to nap on the top of the sofa and observe what is going on around her, or she sinks into a deep winter sleep.

Then twice this week the sun made a mistake and came out ! She happily checked the garden if there were some mousies and then took a sunbath on the terrace.

Arthur does the same, but he seems to be more phylosophe, he makes a napping place tour around the house and when finally the sun came out, he was outside !

I saw him trying to catch his shadow, but it didn't work. I throw a little ball, but he preferred to play with his tail, which he never caught.

Pookie doesn't care about weather, or she meows for food, or she sleeps, but from time to time she still plays, as here with a string.



Oops ! It went off !

I am exhausted to have pushed the button !

sigh, I wanted to have a clean face for the Selfie and this &@%$ timer went off !




I think I finally got it ! I close my eyes, stretch out my paw and push the button !

Here ! That's what I think about selfies !

&@$%# how can I do my selfie with all these cables around ???

I am in a good mood for the moment, I just emptied my bowl !



Playing around with IPiccy

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Since spring started and we go towards summer at least we should according to the calender, I take my computer in the living room, because in my room it is too light and I can't see the screen very well.

Arthur likes my new office and keeps an eye on me,

Anyway the table is the main meeting point of my cats, the only one who sits at the table and not on, is myself ! Fortunately the table cloth looks like fabric, but you can clean it with a cloth or a swam.

Arthur also has the right attitude as a gentleman, he observes with one open eye the poor gardener working hard cutting the hedge, even the noise of the saw doesn't disturb him.

Sometimes when it is very warm he sleeps besides the radiator on the cool tiles. It's his whole year around place because it's warm in winter and cool in summer !

When I work with my computer on the terrace, Rosie observes what I am doing and I have to smile seeing her little face.

Nothing special happened this week, I am only jealous, I wished I also was a cat and could lay on the table the whole day long !



Is my meal ready ? I pushed the button !

I am very proud, not only I look good, but I also made a selfie in the bathroom mirror !

No, I don't open my eyes more ! I don't like selfies !

I made it ! I wanted my friend with me on my selfie !



Rosie in full beauty !

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I am back from my one week holidays in Turkey. Although it was 1 am, Arthur must have heard that Mr. G. had left the house before, because when I got out of the car he was coming immediately showing up from I don't know where to say hello to me at such a scandalous time !

I was so tired that I just went to bed and didn't see the rest of my cat family. But during the night I woke up, because someone licked my nose and I had a purring weight on my chest, this was little Rosie to welcome me home.

Arthur during my absence did a survey on Mr. G.

He controlled that he shaved correctly and sat there not seeing himself in the mirror !

Apparently the weather had been very bad while I was away, it had rained every day and there had been thunderstorms, heavy rain and floods. I had brought the Turkish sunshine, and Arthur was taking a sunbath on the terrace table, while Rosie tried to get into the little red tent.

But then it became so hot, that he moved inside, of course on another table !

Pookie noticed me only the next morning when she saw me in the kitchen. Of course as deaf as she is, she hadn't heard anything. She meowed me a long welcome concert, before she finally settled down (until the next meal) on the sofa.

Rosie too was happy to finally be able to go outside and was greeted by Kim who just came back from her walk.

When it became too hot for he she found a nice place on the cold radiator !

Kim didn't recognize me or she faked not to do ! She ran away each time she saw me as if I was a kind of scarecrow. Only after two days she stayed where she was when I approached and even allowed me to sit besides her.

The good news is, Mr. G. is able to comb her !! He bought a special comb for long haired cats, the same my groomer uses and she says nothing ! She even comes each evening on his lap to be combed ! Miracles happen !