This weekend we changed to so said "Daylight saving" or Summertime.

It didn't bother my cats at all, as Arthur shows in this picture

They didn't even realize that they got their breakfast one hour later !

The sun had come out for an hour or so

which allowed Rosie to sit in the bushes for the very first time this year !

She also took the opportunity to eat some grass, which of course she barfed later on a carpet ! I can't train her to barf on the tiles !

Arthur was playful around the garden shed and tried to jump on Rosie which didn't work

Pookie, although becoming skinny because of her age (16) still eats like a horse

she still grooms herself and takes a sunbath as soon as the sun is coming out. So I think she is in good health because her fur too is still shiny.

The rest of the week I had my usual dormitory in the house, it rained and all cats were spread over the house sleeping on various beds or in other places.



Ah ! here is the button

I know that I am a beauty, but I don't care

I made an effort, here is my best smile

Yes, dammit, here is my selfie !



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A new banknote came out

I painted Rosie

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When I have to fold the freshly washed laundry, Arthur is of a big help. As there is nothing to do outside to help neighbors planting in their garden, he thinks that I need some help.

When I arrive with my basket, he sits on the table, I push him aside and start to fold by the time I take another piece, he sits on the folded one, I lift him up and put him on the floor but like a ball he immediately jumps on the table again, to sit on the spread out cloth. I push him aside and fold the thing, he sits on it .... to be continued until all the laundry is folded and then he is proud about our work as you can see on the picture. And I think I could do that alone too !

Mr. G. aired his office and as the sun was out for five minutes, Arthur watched him from outside. As soon as the window was closed he showed up in the kitchen.

Rosie lays around the whole day, and waits for spring to come.

Pookie, after her morning concert does the same

And Kim watches watches over all of us sitting on the top of the sofa, but as soon as I approach she runs away. I really don't know what I have done to this cat !



I think my selfie is a success !

Sorry I moved a bit

If you want a Selfie from me, then push the button, I have no paws !

Thank you for your help !



Sweet dreams

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Life is rather boring for my cat family. It is still very cold outside and although they have a fur coat which I don't have, they don't go out, or very little.

The only "agitated" moment when I see my cats moving is in the morning when they expect their breakfast. Kim fearing an earthquake sits under the table, before she decides from which bowl she should eat.

Pookie, as soon as one of us dares to cough or move in the bed, she starts to give her morning concert ! Here she waits for Mr. G. coming out of the bathroom.

Then she meows non stop until one of us has lifted her up to her bar, for her morning coffee. It's unbelievable what a noise such a little cat can produce. Our poor nerves.

Rosie after having spent the night on my bed, moves to her basket for the whole day ! The mousies remain untouched, she doesn't even put them in the food bowls anymore.

I caught a special moment on this picture, Kim giving Rosie a kiss. As they were raised together she still considers Pookie as her mother.

Even Arthur is bored, no people in the street, no neighbors working in the gardens, so besides stealing food, he has no other occupation and keeps Mr. G's chair warm.

If there would be a laziness award, my cats would win the first price !



I am a very patient cat, but now I have enough !

OK, I push the button, but I am not in my best mood today !

Again you with this thing ?

I pushed too early, look at the face I make !



Whirly Arthur

Misterious Rosie

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Arthur as watercolor painting

Pookie in a magazine

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