It's quite a while that I haven't given news of my cats. First I was on holidays, then I had a lazy phase, then my little Pookie went to the rainbow bridge, she wasn't ill, she just was old 19 years and died peacefully at home with the help of our vet. The last two days she became more and more weak and one morning I saw that she had enough. I was happy to be able to help her going away forever after a happy life.

These are some of the last pictures, in the last week of her life she had become very skinny but still ate like a horse !

For a while I couldn't write about my cat family. Now they are three. But not the youngest once either. Kim is 18, Arthur 15 and little Rosie 10 ! Time goes by so fast !

It was very hot and Arthur needed a helping hand to keep up his head for a selfie !!

Rosie wanted to be scratched while taking the selfie

Only Kim was a good girl and looked proud in the camera while pushing the  button with her paw !