When Mr. G. had put the suitcase which contained the Advent and Christmas decoration into our living room, Rosie got really excited !

She turned around and sniffed and went inside to see all the treasures which were in there. But then she lost all interest and went away to other occupations.

Arthur was rather bored. When everything was done, he was sitting there as table decoration without Christmas balls, yawned and also found something more interesting to do,

eating Lasagna with Mr. G ! Was that ever good, and he cleaned the dish,

before he retired behind my T-shirts. He had moved from the bedlinnen in the wardrobe to my summer T-shirts. Probably by now, they will look as if it had snowed inside with all the white hair he is loosing !

Pookie snobs the whole Christmas preparations, she had assisted to that for the last 10 years, so she knows it all !

Now after all the turkies some of you ate on Thanksgiving and already to prepare you for Christmas, please don't forget to do these exercises every day, to keep you in form !

Luna at Catsynth, has her birthday today ! I am sure she would appreciate if you wish her a happy birthday !




Mr. G. met our neighbor who is a real chatterbox. If you are lucky he holds you for an hour on the street especially when you are in a hurry. Each time you want to escape he calls you back for another subject. This time it was the flooding.

Arthur had climbed on the car and was listening. From time to time he protested with a loud meow. Finally Mr. G. could unload the shopping bags and Arthur, helpfully stroke around Mr. G.'s legs, fortunately he kept his balance and didn't break a leg !

Rosie smelled that something strange was going on, this huge Ikea bag was quiet unusual but nice to sit in. It was for the bedlinnen I took with us to Amsterdam

I don't know if she waved good bye

Pookie was too lazy to move

Toby one day old

and when we arrived in Amsterdam, we saw our little grandson Toby for the first time. The cats of course haven't seen him yet and I suppose they are not in a hurry either. Usually cats are not very fond of little children, due to eventual tail pulling ! Only Arthur is a good boy with little once.






It rains and rains and we all wonder if it will stop one day ! My cats have still their fur coat and not yet fish scales and still paws and not yet flippers but probably this will arrive one day.

No, with this wet weather Rosie doesn't want to put her little nose outside

She stays in my room, and watches the outside world from her cat tree through the window. The only thing she still does is that she tidies up the house and puts the mousies in water or like here in milk !

Arthur is the only one who loves to go outside and comes back wet like a sponge and this several times per day, so that I have to dry him before he retires in my wardrobe. This is his newest napping place, he gave up the computer !

Sweet Rosie had prepared Arthur's bowl and decorated with a green mouse, Arthur was a little hesitating when he saw this and as usual when cats are confronted with a problem and have to make a decision they wash !

Another occupation is to watch Mr. G in the bathroom. Pookie and Arthur are checking if he brushes his teeth correctly and also shaves. Pookie watches from the bathtube, while Arthur had choosen the toilet and took the opportunity for a little grooming too.

This morning I woke up and heard a loud snoring in my room. It couldn't be Mr. G. because I had moved out of our bedroom because of his snoring. I looked around and saw nobody. Then suddenly I knew : the snoring came from my wardrobe. It was Arthur !





I have real helpful cats. Our terrace had turned greenish and to get it white again I had thrown

a jerrican of chlorid over the tiles. That's cheap and practical the rain washes it away and the moss goes away from alone ! Arthur loves the smell of Chlorid, he really gets crazy and behaves like a Kokain consumer ! Rosie not so much, she justed sniffed to be polite.

Arthur sniffs and sniffs and probably waits that he will get high, but apparently the effect is not as he wanted, as you can see.

While I was away he had elected a new sleeping place which is now on Mr. G. computer for at least 24, but from time to time when he comes back from outside he warms his belly on the radiator.

Pookie was fed up to play secretary and watch fishes, she moved into Mr. G's room again and left the desk to Arthur, and sleeps now on the leather armchair which she has arranged to her taste. That means she has scratched so much on the leather that we only can throw this thing away. For the moment it sits there as Pookie's personal scratching post.

The only one restless active is Miss Rosie, here she performs a show with hide and seek of a pink mousie ! The rag resists ! (Fortunately).

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