It looks as if spring has definitively moved in, at least the warm and sunny weather continues.

Arthur checks the temperature each morning before deciding to go out or not.

But this is pure routine, because nothing holds him back to sit on the neighbor's garden shed and watch over all of us, or just sitting in the sunshine and listening to bird songs. The birds are fortunately invisible, because Arthur is a terrible bird catcher !

For the moment Pookie only supports Arthur to share her afternoon nap on Mr. G's bed, and the poor man complains that he can't do a nap anymore because his bed is occupied.

Rosie loves to look out of the window to see what is going on but she also loves to go outside, but mostly during the night and then she brings a homeless mouse into the house, to play with it and then forget about it. Therefore we housed a mouse for two days together with 4 cats, until finally Mr. G. wanting to safe the mouse's life closed the living completely and only left the french window and the stores open, to create a mouse flap. Unfortunately he hadn't noticed that Rosie was also locked in the living so in the morning he found a offended Rosie jumping out of the room through his legs and a dead mouse under the dining table.

Two days later he found a mouse head in one of the food bowls. I think we should rename sweet Rosie to Killer Rosie.

Kim has disappeared and sleeps somewhere outside, she only comes in for food during the night.
This bothers me very much because I can't catch her to take her to the groomer, which is more than necessary !




We really don't need a dog ! As soon as somebody comes near the doorsteps I know !

I have two watch cats

and especially Arthur, who always tells me when Mr. G. is coming home. Long before I hear him fumbling around in the garage Arthur has already heard that he is there and of course as love goes through the stomac he is thinking about what Mr. G. has in the shopping bags ! Since he has discovered that we are worrying about him eating, he doesn't eat his cat food, but waits until he has checked out that there is really NOTHING to eat in our plates. Only then he would eat what's in his bowl. Can't say that he is a stupid cat !

Rosie spends a lot of time on her cat tree playing with her mousies before she carries one into the kitchen to decorate a food bowl by dropping the mouse into the food. Pookie is not very happy about this attention !

After an exhausting morning Miss Rosie starts her 16 h sleep.

But now that the sun is shining from time to time and lets you dream about spring, she joins Kim on the terrace, paying attention not to wet her delicate paws.

Arthur smells if spring is in the air and starts his spring cleaning. Maybe he also wants to get a little more brown.

He still sleeps in the cat tree during nights, so that when he feels hungry he doesn't have to get up and can eat Rosie's special diet food right away ! He is not for wasting his energy.

When the sun is shining Pookie also makes a little stroll around the house and here she probably thinks that the terrace needs a good cleaning !

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Sometimes miracles happen, Kim sat by my side to take care of her thick fur, unfortunately under her neck and belly she is full of knots. No way to brush her there.

The first real sunny day where spring was in the air, Mr. G. managed to brush at least her back and sides, but she doesn't hold still and goes always a step farer. The poor man has to "run" behind her.

I just had emptied my suitcase coming back from France, that Pookie thought it was a nice bed to sleep in and spent the whole night in there. Arthur just did a little checking, but was hissed away.

For the first time this year, when I looked out of the living room window, I saw Arthur sitting on his watch tower which is our neighbor's garden shed. He was very disappointed that nobody digged in the yards yet, he always loves to help digging or digging out freshly planted bulbs, to the neighbor's delight.

Instead he found a little twig and was throwing it into the air and jumping around with it.

Rosie not quiet sure of the 2012 grass quality, prefered to stay on the terrace and just have a sniff on it.





I am still at the French Riviera visiting my friend Claudie, (whom I met through blogging) for the second time.

The weather is warm and sunny which is a big change for me coming from the grey and cold weather up north.

Claudie has 3 cats, who she had to leave on the property with her sister while her house was built.

Here are two of them, but I don't know who is who as they look very much alike. Ticoune the female after a while has accepted the new house and moved in again. Pedro is still hesitating but comes often for food of course but doesn't accept yet any approach and doesn't want to come inside. But in a few weeks I am sure he will. The third one I have never seen, still eats at Claudie's sister house and refuses to come down to his new home, which are making them quiet sad. Probably one day he will, when in summer all windows and doors are open.

My little monsters at home are well. Apparently only Rosie suffers a bit from my absence, because she is used to sleep with me and now the bed is empty. The others terrorize Mr. G. except Kim of course who still doesn't know if she should sleep inside or outside.

Next Tuesday I am home again.