As I had been at the French Riviera and only came back on Sunday, according to cat sitter Mr. G. nothing special had happened during my absence.

Arthur was the first one to throw a glimpse at me while I climbed out of the car, and didn't even say a meow hello, but disappeared to the neighbors. He had better things to do.

From the others no trace at all ! What a welcome ! I started unpacking my suitcase and when I returned to my room

I found Sir Arthur sleeping on my curtains, which I had put on my bed to replace them with new once I had bought in France. If he wouldn't be a male he looked like a bride trying her wedding robe !

Sleeping made hungry and as usual when he saw that there was nothing interesting in on our plates, he went to kitchen and filled his always empty stomach.

But in the evening he joined me in my bed and slept peacefully there while I was reading.

Rosie only showed up after a while, sniffed at my hand, stated that it was me and allowed me to pet her a bit

and then curled up on several cushions to be sure not to hurt her delicate botty.

and while I was watching TV she fell asleep on the sofa behind my neck. She had kept Mr. G. busy, he had to dry 2 - 3 mousies per day she had washed in Pookie's water bowl.

Pookie and Kim hardly opened an eye to look at me when I greeted them, they were squatting Mr. G's bed so that he didn't have the opportunity to make it ! Good excuse !






Fortunately we have Arthur to keep us entertained !

For once I had baked a apple strudel cake because  my friend Claudie from the French Rivera was on visit. I had covered it with aluminium foil ! While we were sitting in the living room Arthur started his work ! He took the foil off and started eating the apple cake ! Claudie only could admire the remaining pieces and a completely destroyed cake ! Arthur looked content and we were without cake !

He has also started to go outside again, and warms up his bones in the sunshine or visits our graveyard to pay his respect by using it as a litter box.

Rosie too, goes outside again. She checks the weather in the evening while I air the living room

and does her morning yoga and washing on the terrace !

Pookie hasn't changed a bit, she continues her life as inside cat, sleeps, talks a lot and snores very loud ! I always think there is an old man snoring loud with an open mouth, and have to increase the sound of the TV !

Despite the good weather Kim prefers to stay inside, together with all cats and produces knots ! As soon as I am coming back from France I have to take her to the groomer again !

and while you are reading this I am sitting on the plane taking me to the French Riveria for a week with Claudie. Meanwhile Mr. G. will spoil the cats and fatten them with treats !



I have never seen such a happy cat like Arthur ! After having napped most of the days (and nights) and behaved like an old human, he changed into a young man over the weekend when his big friend grandson  Toby arrived !

It was warm and sunny and Arthur followed Toby everywhere ! Even when he played football (soccer) ! He ran around and raced through the garden like a horse ! They had discussions together and were big buddies ! He is really a special cat, loving a 2 1/2 old toddler !

But once Toby gone, and the dining table was free again (the other humans chased him away) he collapsed and did a long nap !

Rosie only came out when Toby was in bed and checked if it was worthwhile to go out, during the day she stayed in my room and slept on my bed !

Kim and Pookie did the same on Mr. G's bed and we didn't see Kim until the little guest and parents had disappeared !

Sometimes Arthur too needed a little rest but only a very little one, and Mr. G. had little space for his afternoon nap !

Now they are all back to their normal life and even Kim moved in again !



After some grey days and cold, finally the sun came out.

Each morning when I make my bed, Rosie checks the weather ! She sticks her little nose outside and decided that it is still too cold to go outside

She prefers to lay on the radiator (the heating is still on) and watches the birdies from inside.

You could think that it is always the same picture, but no, now Rosie puts 3 mousies in the water bowl instead of one or two ! I tell you the mousies are very clean !!

Arthur too prefers to watch outside life through the window.  A part from that, he has jumped on my tray to eat chicken from my dish, with the result that the tray skipped over and I was full of rice, vegetables and chicken pieces ! Thanks to Mr. G's good education methods, I became a victim of Arthur ! Usually he never asks me for food ! I had to change my clothes, wash the sofa and clean the rice from the floor and you can imagine that I couldn't hold back my feelings and expressed them ladylike to Mr. G  %&é#^* !

Arthur feeling innocent, shared the bed with Kim for a little nap

Kim too, despite the sunny weather still prefers to stay inside and is very angry when I dare to try to make Mr. G's bed !

Pookie as always behaves like the perfect ladycat, she eats, sleeps and purrs around our legs ! Her last sleeping place is the entrance, but if somebody rings the bell she runs away, not a very good watch cat !