When I arrived home from France on Friday afternoon, the only one who greeted me when I got out of the car was Mr. Arthur.

He welcomed me by rolling at my feet and seemed to be happy about my return after 6 days of absence.

Kim lay as usual in the grass and wondered what I am doing there when I tried to call her to say hello. I bed she hadn't even noticed that I wasn't home, as long as she has Mr. G. to fill in her stomac.

Pookie just lay on her back to say hello, but didn't find it worthwhile to get up and prowl around my legs.

Rosie peeked from under the table just to see who was there before she jumped down to say a little meow.

Then they all gathered in the garden (except Pookie of course) to held a meeting about how to behave now to show their disapproval, except Arthur who was happy because Mr. G. gives him everything he wants.

But during the night Rosie purred and purred in my ear and woke me up several times with sweet little, but wet kisses and was surprised that I wasn't so happy about it. I even dared to push her away ! What a crime.

Please don't forget to visit each other !





Pookie is checking my suitcase, she is the only one who feels that I am going away. She does it each time I travel, she sleeps on the suitcase as soon as it is packed.

I am visiting my blogfriend Claudie in the South of France near the "Côte d'Azur"(French Riviera).

See you next week !

Please don't forget to visit each other !




Instead of spring we almost have summer weather ! Late morning we already had 20° (68 F)!

Of course Rosie is exploring the garden, looking for other mousies than her green and red once. So far she didn't have any success. Good for us because she always brings them inside.

But even when the sun is shining Mademoiselle needs a litte nap

For Kim it's no change as she is always outside, but at least now, when I am also there she comes to say hello, and Mr. G. is even allowed to brush her ! Unbelievebale the package of hairs coming out every day, although I had been at the groomer with her not even a month ago !

Arthur likes it complicated, here he takes a nap half on the sofa and half on the table, while we watched TV.

He too is mostly outside and takes sunbathes like here, but he has also found something else to do !

Since my neighbor's dog Yanouk died in August and Dominique leaves her terrace window door open, Arthur has found a private TV with a special channel only made for him.

He goes inside Dominique's living room and sits there in front of the table where her two little birds are chirping in their fortunately huge cage. So far he is only watching and the birds don't bother, I only hope that he will not jump on the cage some day. Anyway Dominique gently chases him outside, but Arthur is like a boomerang, he always comes back. A few days later she found him peacefully sleeping on her bed on the second floor !

Despite the warm and sunny weather Pookie prefers to sit near the cat flap, in case there would be a catastrophe, she only stays in the garden when I am there too. She really is a self chosen inside cat !





During the night Rosie had tidied up the house and had prepared a mouse cocktail for Pookie.
Unthankful Pookie didn't appreciate at all, she prefers fresh water !

One evening I saw Rosie hypnotizing the ceiling for a long moment. I wondered why because I couldn't see anything. Finally I got up and saw a mini spider sitting there and Rosie probably waited that it would drop down. I don't know, if she got the spider because I gave up waiting after a while.

Fortunately Arthur didn't show up while I was painting our mailbox in black, otherwise he would have helped and I would have a black cat now, he only came inspecting when everything was finished and also dry !

Mr.G's Mortadella

After having eaten again half of Mr. G's mortadella, (I suspect him to leave the plate on the table on purpose for his little darling), Arthur with a full stomac takes a sunbath on the car roof.