Have you ever met a cat who is NOT used to toddlers and who loves them ? Arthur is always full of surprises !

We had our 21 months old grandson Toby on a visit and Arhur was delighted ! He tried to play with his toys, sometimes Toby didn't agree, they shared a Brussels Wafel together, but when Toby wanted to take the piece back, Arthur only growled. I think they both found a silent agreement !

He showed Toby how to dig a hole and then make his wee-wee and he rolled around in the sunshine to show him how happy he was.

Rosie disappeared for the whole day and Mr. G. was very worried.

She spent the day behind the hedge and watched from far (we suppose). As soon as Toby was in bed, she appeared again and faked as if nothing had happened. The next morning it was the same !

Pookie hid in Mr. G's room, mostly on his bed ! and also only appeared when the air seemed to  be clear !

When they left, Arthur sat there and watched the car leaving, he looked quiet disappointed. He would probably have waved with his paw, but he is no Disney cat (yet).

When we were back in the house, he started to play like a mad with one of Rosie's mice ! Now he is back to normal and feels probably bored. He tried to play with Pookie who send him to hell. Rosie wasn't in the mood neither. Poor Arthur !





Since a week we fell from one extreme to the other ! It was far too cold for the season and now it is unusually hot ! Up to 38°C (100 F) without airconditon it's hard to bear !

Arthur chose the bathroom and collapsed on the rug, he only gets up when his stomac claims, strangely not so often in this heat !

He also watched mischievously through the hedge poor Charly being bathed with the garden hose after he swam in a dirty pond. Arthur only holds his head under the tap, when he wants to drink, but only when he wants ! If we would try to give him a bath, he would kill us !

As long as the heat is bearable, I blog on the terrace supervised by Rosie who loves watching me. When I have finished and the box (against the brightness) is free, she uses it as bed. Of course I didn't manage to take a picture of her ! When she saw me coming she jumped out !

Otherwise she lays under the bushes in the shade and waits for mousies. She managed to kill one this week and I found it more or less in pieces in poor Pookie's food bowl. Pookie was not happy !

For Pookie, cold or hot, that doesn't make a big difference, she lays around the whole day, and even outside when I am sitting there at my computer ! In a sudden energy attack, she even catched a butterfly !! What an event. Now she has to rest for the week.




Pookie intended to participate in the Olympic games with a new sport the

and also

while still half asleep, unfortunately she missed the whole games because after her grooming she was so tired that she slept through the whole Olympics !

Arthur as usual uses his charm

to get what he wants : Lasagne ! He loves it. He must have Italian blood in his veines, everything which is pasta he loves.

We had an ice cream at my friend Dominique, together with Nicole's dog Charly. Arthur also came to have a look in the garden where the dog sniffed in all corners, and wanted to say hello to Charly. But Charly isn't used to cats, wanted to play and ran after Arthur. Arthur didn't bother, he just climbed through a hole in the hedge, and peeked through the hole without any move teasing poor Charly. It was so funny to see.

Rosie is happy about the sunny weather, does her stretching and watches for mousies to catch. This week without any success !






I am on my way back home, after 10 days  with my friends Anne and Douglas living in Eastbourne (UK) at the sea.

Last year when I was there, they still had 3 cats. But due to their old age Pepsi died shortly after Christmas and Lilli in March. Very sad for my friends but both cats were nearly 19.

Now there is only Sophie left. Sophie is a real cuddle cat, but she too is 18 years old and became a little bony. She leads now a very quiet cat life, sits mostly under the car and watches the street, she still eats quiet well, sits on all available laps, but is not the same like last year anymore.

Here she is, quiet difficult to take a good picture of her because she always wanted to sniff at my camera !

On Sunday we were invited for lunch and I met Dolly. When I saw her first I thought it was Kim ! they look the same !

Dolly has her own bedroom in the kitchen cupboard, where she spends her days when she doesn't go out to do her little walks around the house and the garden.

A very special bed, besides the bin.

Dolly lives together with Rushka, a very friendly dog, he has some difficulties to walk, he is 12 years old, but still brings a ball to play with him.

Now I am curious to hear all the adventures Mr. G. had with our 4 cats. Arthur certainly kept him busy !