I want to eat first ! and then the selfie ! 

Noooo, not yet ready ! 

Now I am connected !!
The week was exactly like last week, I mostly slept not on the balcony anymore but in a sunpuddel on my private armchair.  

When she goes to bed of course I follow her into her room and observe what she is doing.

Then I check the room

There is something moving I have to see what it is

A spider ! Am I lucky ! I'll catch it right away ! Strange spider it doesn't move is it already dead ? Impossible to eat it it must be  a toy ! Always toys I can't use, but a spider is not so bad. She told me that it was a ring for Halloween, and as there is no Halloween this year she gave it to me. I would have preferred a real one, but ... still better then nothing.

I played a while with the spider and then I settled down on her slippers while she was in the bathroom. I like to sit on them, they have a special smell !

When she is in bed, I follow her and watch what she is doing. Usually she reads a bit on her smartphone before switching off the light.

During the night I tidy up the apartment and put mousie and spider with my bowls ! I am a real good little house(wife)cat !



 My friend Isis not very cooperative and I amtrying to show my huge eyes !



Not much happened this week. Every day it's the same unless we have some visitors, or this  awful woman who goes through all the rooms with this noisy thing pretending she cleans the rugs !


I start my day on the top of my cat tree and look whats going on outside and inside ! That takes me nearly the whole morning.

Then usually I move to my favorite chair where I use to sleep until evening ! I never eat during the day, I only eat during the night !

When they have finished supper, I join them on the sofas for some cuddles. Here I am with the Butler.

Then I go back to her to watch TV for a while on her lap. 

When I have enough I return to my favorite napping place, the armchair !

 After TV they to bed and I follow her in her room

Then I try to find the best place to sleep

And when I have turned around several times I finally find the place ! But I don't stay there the whole night ! I am far too busy. When the lights are switched off and they sleep, I run around and play and meow loud  ! I empty my bowl or nearly and when they get up I start my day again like above ! 





A hard day's life !



What a week ! As I am an inside cat now, rain shouldn't  bother me, but when it hits with a big noise against the windows and it  shakes the trees, I prefer to stay in bed,  she too !!

But finally we got up she had her coffee and I nothing, because I only eat during night when nobody sees me !! Then we  go both together  in the living room and watch TV. 

The best place !

The daily work starts !

We watched an interesting desert animal documentary and the beast which looks so big was in reality a tiny gecko, not bigger as a mousie and I could have caught it without any problem. Only we don't have them here only mousies and insects of course like a nice fat spider, which makes her screem and run away ! Humans !!

One day a man came and throw a box in the entrance, before she could say anything he had jumped in his mini truck and disappeared. Unfortunately I couldn't help her I am only a little cat lady, so I hid under the bed and waited until she had pulled the box in the apartment and left it against the wall. Fortunately this was the only disturbance I had during the day ! 

The next day came this horrible person who always makes so much noise with the vacuum cleaner and other instruments and I don't know where to hide! I just can't stand her even though she would love to pet me but honestly for us cats she stinks ! She  and the Butler don't smell anything ! My Lady in Waiting was of course very pleased that the woman came and asked her if she could assemble the box because the butler couldn't do it anymore. She could and it will be put in this corner on the balcony to put my cushions and other stuff inside. I haven't dared yet to jump inside !

After all these disturbances, I finally could sit down and do my grooming ! Anyway I wouldn't go on the balcony my fur would get wet !

It itched behind my ears, so I had to clean this space, which means that it will rain for the next days ! I am better then the weatherman !



Wait ! I have to turn my head !!

Now it's better !!




I had to change my life style completely !

The first two days I could still sit on my favourite place, watch the lady in waiting and the Butler inside and  the birds and squirrels outside !

and when I was tired from watching I did my little yoga exercises or

I slept besides her. 

The weather changed ! It became cold and it rains and I moved on my favorite armchair with the Mexican plaid which I really love. I even don't do my pedicure on it !

What should I do ? The wind was meowing around the building and made a terrible noise ! Even I can't meow that loud !

So I decided to close my ears and sleep until I am hungry or when the howling wind stops and I will do the same as my friends below !





 Here I am my selfies for the week ! My daily program, play and sleep !




I am a bit sad, because my neighbor the white cat with the black spots has moved out and I couldn't say good bye, but I think I didn't want to ! Anyway I didn't see her anymore, but one morning I saw a man on  my terrace and was of course horrified and hid under the armchair ! They took all furniture out of the neighbor's apartment and carried them over in my kingdom on a lift which was fixed on a truck ! 

And the men had put all my cats in a corner and it was as if they attended a meeting there !

When I had seen this I ran in my lady in waiting's room and hid under the bed !

Fortunately it didn't last long and I could go back to my daily occupation. 

Laying around and watch squirrels and birds ....



and then one day she brought me a nice big feather ! Was I happy, I played with it the whole day (when I was not sleeping, I need my beauty sleep) and I asked hee to bring me more feathers, that's such a nice toy !! 

We still have wonderful weather and it's quite warm during the day, but I can't sleep on the terrace anymore because it's too cold in the nights.