I am on the way to Italy the Lake of Garda (last year) where Mr. Gattino is coming from. We will stay there for 10 days and coming back on July 11.

Of course I have to leave my little darlings at home, but my friend and neighbour is coming over 3 times per day to feed them and keep them company. My cats know it. As soon as the car has disappeared they are all standing in front of her door. She told me that it is very difficult to cross the street with 4 or 5 cats in her feet !

I suppose while we are away they will give a party for the cats in the neighborhood

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They are all coming !

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For CATS ON TUESDAY, please go to Andrée at Meeyauw she is so kind to host COT in my absence.

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Bisous = kisses



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Lisa is a terrible cat ! She terrorizes us, her humans ! She has found out that when she makes her plaintive noises she had done when she suffered from anxity, either one of us would run to see what happens and then pet and feed her.

Now Lisa feels so good that she loves to wake us up during the nights. Last night I woke up because she meowed so strangely, it sounded so sad that I jumped out of my bed, to see what happened to the poor girl. The poor girl was very satisfied of the result, followed me purring in the kitchen and ate a bowl full of food. I returned to my bed and tried to fall asleep again. But Lisa didn't want me to sleep, when she had finished eating she sat in the middle of my room and started again. First soft and plaintive, then angry and then furiously louder and louder ! It sounded like a mixture between meauwing and croaking like a frog, a very special noise indeed. I didn't move. I heard her scratching at the closet, then at the door and as I still didn't move, I heard her pee !

I said : "Lisa stop it !"then louder LISA !!! and as this didn't help I throw a book in her direction. Lisa didn't bother, she just continued. I switched on the light, Lisa stopped and looked at me happily. If she could smile I am sure she would have smiled from one ear to the other. I switched on the light and looked at the damages. I was considering a murder ! But then suddenly as if she had read my thoughts she stopped and disappeared. I cleaned up, and now fully awoken returned to my bed. Next day, Lisa slept the whole day peacefully while I was swearing silently, each time I saw her laying in her basket !

This night I woke up all by myself to go to my litterbox. Lisa didn't show up. Strange. I looked in the whole house because I wanted to avoid that she would wake me up later when I was asleep again. She slept peacefully on the sofa. I said : "Lisa come on and eat !" She looked at me as if I was just escaped of a mad house and didn't move. Ah ! I thought, not with me !! and I pushed her from the sofa. Slowly she followed me in the kitchen, I fed her and returned to my bed. I had taken my revenge ! I woke HER up ! But at 5 am she was there again. I think I will always be the looser !

The fur a little thin, but still in good shape, she

assists me in the bathroom

She started playing a few weeks ago, exactly as if she was a kitten !

and while I have dark rings under my eyes, Miss Lisa enjoyes a nice morning grooming !

Arthur apparently had put earplugs in his ears !



Can you imagine that this cute little Rosie here watching birds, can bite you ??

That happened to me last night ! I was sleeping peacefully in my bed, when suddenly Rosie climbed up on me and purred in my ear. Half asleep I petted her and she purred and purred like a good oiled motor. But suddenly she stopped and bit me hard in one of my hands which I had folded on my belly ! I screemed (it hurt !) and switched on the light just to see Miss Rosie's tail disappearing through the door ! What had happened ? I don't know.

In the morning I immediately googled "Biting cats" and got the answer ! Cats are biting for many reasons, but the one which fitted in my case was, they bite you when you pet them too much ! They get fat up ! I was offended ! She woke me up for cuddles and as a thank you I got bitten !

And of course today she is as sweet as usual !

That's quite new to me, I never got bitten by one of my cats ! Now I know that Rosie has "petting limits" !!



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and here it is ! I even got a flower bouquet and a bottle of Champagne from Opel !

and while I was trying my new car, Arthur had found another napping place !

I did some changements in our living room and had moved the cat house :

After this hard work Rosie collapsed on the sofa



Today, exactly one year ago I presented our new family member Rosie to you here ! She was the first cat I found through Internet and thought I am a modern woman ! I wanted a tuxi, the first in my life and I found her !

She was such a tiny little thing, just the size of a remote control



always ready to play

Arthur became her favourite toy and he is happy that finally somebody played with him. He was getting bored with his "old" sisters !

Rosie made him young again by chasing and playing with his tail all the time, he doesn't like it especially but meanwhile gave it up to protest !

They are always together. Lisa didn't say anything to this new family member as long as Rosie doesn't eat her food and goes out of her way. Kim I am sure, hadn't even realized that there was one cat more and Pookie, sad to say, never forgave me to have brought Rosie in the house. Since this day she never spends a night on my bed again and hisses at Rosie when she sees her. I have tried everything, but she just can't forgive and forget.

Little Rosie sleeping

and here she is today, a sweet beautiful tuxi cat !

Rosie got her first good wishes !




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Usually when one of the cats wash behind their ears it rains the next day ! They are far better than our official weatherman. But this time fortunately Pookie was wrong !

She cleaned and cleaned her ears but the next day : A miracle !! after days and days of cold and grey weather the sun was shining as if it was payed for !

Of course this fact inspired Miss Rosie and Sir Arthur to fight a battle on the grass !

Arthur has not an easy life with Rosie, she wants to play all the time, but bravely he does his duty as older brother

and on an on it goes, until both needed a rest !

but it didn't last very long, then Rosie attacked again !

Suddenly I had the feeling that now they got really angry at each other ! So I clapped in my hands and both disappeared in different directions.

Exhausted from cat battles and world discovering, Rosie collapsed on my lap in a quite funny way. Like this she slept the whole evening ! I found this view rather funny !



Each time when Rosie washes herself behind her ears (her siblings too) it rains !

and as Rosie is a clean cat and likes to do her toilet very often, it always rains here ! She is much better with her forecasts than our weatherman !

No way therefore to go out and play with friends. Rosie hates rain. Not like Arthur he loves it and to my big pleasure returns home wet like a cat sponge !

Unfortunately dry or not he has choosen this place for his nap since a few days and as there was nothing to do for Rosie she decided to play with his tail.

Did he loose a piece in there ??

Can't find anything !