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Lisa (17)becomes more and more a pain in my neck ! I had never had such problems with the 3 cats I had before, when they were getting old. Lisa behaves like a spoiled Lady in a retirement home who terrorizes the staff !

If she would be a human she would ring the bell all 5 minutes to ask for something completely useless only to have people run for her. She would claim for food every half an hour and pretend that she wouldn't get enough to eat. She would complain whole day about anything and everything ! and sometimes even pee in the bed.

That's why we decided to give Lisa the "Happy Pill" again because she meows night and day without any reason. It's not a yowling anymore, it sounds like brrrriiiiittt, brrriiiitt non stop.

But Lisa is very clever ! She now refuses little piece of chicken or of minced meat because she suspects a pill inside which we had done before. So we try to give her the pill through her mouth ! And that's a show ! While Mr. Gattino holds the tiny pill between his fingers and stands there a little lost, I am running behind Lisa who, of course hides under everything available. Even when I try to catch her by surprise, this little bitch feels what I have in mind and disappears like a flash ! When finally I got her and the pill is inside, she would walk away very offended and retire in her basket, while both of us fall on the sofa completely exhausted ! These are the joys of a retired couple !

As you can see her fur becomes more and more thin and her hindlegs have bald spots. Here after having meowed for an hour and terrorized her humans she sleeps happily.

Then, as she woke up she went with me in the bathroom where she observed with eager what I was doing there.

Her belly is completely hairless and hangs under her like a little balloon

here you can see it between her legs.

Then she kept me company by squatting MY chair and doesn't want to go away of course. One thing helps ! The little orange octopus or a little white mouse, then she would play and play like a kitten ! A friend told me that old women sometimes fall back into childhood ! I believe her.

Observing this whole show with very lazy looks

all three of them probably think that it is our fault to give in to all her caprices (or nearly) ! I push a big sigh ! Getting old ....


Gattina said...

Sorry I had scheduled the post for midnight but was wrong with the pm and am, lol !

Anonymous said...

Poor Lisa...poor Gattina! Lisa's behavior sounds a lot like that of my 2 year-old daughter, so I can sympathize.

I know what you mean about cats being psychic about pills. I am supposed to be giving White Kitty antibiotics at the moment. But every time I look at her with the thought of the pill in my mind, she runs aways and hides under the bed. How does she know?? So far I have not gotten a single one into her!

Anonymous said...

I hope all will be 100% well.

CRIZ LAI said...

Ok.. that's the sign of getting old with the wrong scheduling. Haha! Well, I often did that too. It's not old age but the stress from the body and mind. Luckily, I did not schedule my posts wrongly when I was away for a week. :P You ought to come visit my COT this week. It should help you to relax a bit.. haha.

Anyway, Lisa is behaving weird again? Poor you. I hope you get enough of rest from her nonsense. I think something is surely stressing her out. Maybe she needed more attention now than ever?

Jessica is also behaving weird too. She had never peed on my sofa before but now she did. Each time I got it clean and sprayed some pee repellent, she will do it over and over again. It's tiring and the sofa is not light at all to be dragged out of the house to be dried under the sun.

Any great ideas for me to solve this problem?

Luna und Luzie said...

Oh ...poor Lisa. I also think it is better to give her the happy pills again. I know that to give cats a pill. it is easier to give a dog the pill because he is greedy and if I show him a piece of sausage in one hand he snaps the sausage piece with the pill of the other hand and devours it quickly.
I had a cat before that was 13 years,Dixie, she was like Lisa before she was killed by a car. Please be careful if she go out of the house.
Good luck with Lisa!

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Oah Dear Gattina,
Mommy is never an easy job, let me give you a big big hug!
She is turning back the age like baby need 99.9% take care, I can see that~~~~~
I am purring and praying for her hoping she is doing relax and easy~~

And your camera skill is improving very very big~!!! I love watching your photos so so much~!!!!!!!!

Big big hug to you again.
Best Regards

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Poor Lisa. :( Getting old isn't easy!

They do sell cat "pillers" which make it easy to give us cats pills. Our humans have used one, and it works really well! You can see one here: Pet Piller. You may be able to find one in a local pet supply store or from your vet.

Anonymous said...

Yes, getting older isn't easy for Lisa or for you! When Mom has to give a pill to any animal she first crushes it, then pours it into a syringe, then dilutes with warm water and mixes it up well. Then you just squirt it in! It is very easy for the giver & the taker. Ask your vet for a syringe (without the needle, of course).

Anonymous said...

I know how expensive it is, but there has to be an organic reason for Lisa's illness. More tests. But it can be a prohibitive expense. But she is happy with you and the pills will help her anxiety. Don't worry about the scheduling! I've been learning a lot about time with blogger, too!

Anonymous said...

Nice too how you take care you and Mr Gattino on Lisa! I go back to school now! I come back tonight for a longer comment!

Irishcoda said...

Poor Lisa and poor you and Mr. Gattino although I had a good belly laugh reading about Lisa's attempts to evade the happy pill. It reminded me a song of the Rolling Stones, "What a drag it is getting old" and about "Mother's little helper".

Deana said...

No doubt about it...getting old sucks! I feel sorry for Lisa and you guys too. It would have to be wearing on your nerves.

That is why so many kids stick their parents in the nursing home I guess!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

I am also 17 but I am not demanding.
It is really hard to be old. I have mommie and Blizzie and even daddy always doing things for me, sometimes I appreciate it and sometimes I act as if this was something that they must do!

I hope Lisa feels better soon.

<3 and purrs-Princess


Having an old cat is very hard,
you love them so much when they're
part of the family for so long.
I guess Lisa needs your love and
caring so much more now and she's
letting you know that. That
independant young kitty is gone.
I dislike pilling too... have
you tryed the (pill gun) the vets
use them so they don't get bites?

catsynth said...

It sounds like Lisa is quite a challenge these days, but it's also clear that this old cat gets a lot of love.

Christine and FAZ said...

Our old girl Bebington went through very similar problems as she got older. Sadly because she was a pedigree (they don't live as long apparently) she only made it to 14. 17 is a wonderful age for a cat and she is still quite beautiful despite the bald patches.

Ana said...

I see you are having a hard time. I am sorry I cannot help you, I rarely have sick cats and if they are they want to be alone, also they are pretty young. However, wish you all the best with Lisa!

Unknown said...

Poor Lisa and poor you and Mr. Gattino....((((hugs)))for all

Luna & LLanca
----/-o----\\---- ___/------
---`,o---_/--o .--`---------
-\\|-o--.-`----`\\---- ---
--\\-_-o---O----|.... …….
---(---o---.-`--) .............

Suzanne R said...

The happy pill seems to be a necessity in order for you to get any peace or rest with Lisa at all. I think it's lovely the way you both care for her. LOL about your comparison with her and a cranky old resident of a nursing home, though. I hope it helps somewhat to remember the younger, happier days you had with her.

Stevie is my oldest kitty at 13. She, too, has that funny pouch of skin hanging down. I think it's from the way the vet spayed her. I don't go to that vet any more. She is quite cranky with Socks and Silver, although there have been cats in the household that she tolerated. She has outlived them, though. I will have to remember the happy pill and all of these tricks for getting her to take it if she becomes like Lisa as she ages.

The Cat Realm said...

Ohhh - we are sorry you have such trouble with Lisa. And as we cats are telepathic she will of course know when you want to give here a pill, hehehehehehehe!
We will be deserted soon for the rest of the month and will post about it Thursday, after the peace globe.
Emil and Mrs. OZ

admin said...

poor Lisa...perhaps it's like the sign of menopause? ;)

love you all...

in peace & harmony,
-meaouwy troops & their beloved humans-

Anonymous said...

Lisa sounds a lot like Bounce. He is 16 now and has taken to yowling very loudly in the middle of the night. He wakes everyone up at 5:30 every morning yowling for water and wants water every 5 minutes. He demands to have it dripped from the faucet!

Like Lisa, he always begs for more food and eats like a little piggie!

I can definitely sympathize with you about these older ladies and gentlemen.

Samantha & Mom said...

Oh my, such fun!! We bet she is enjoying every moment of it!! (hehehehehe)
Your FL furiends,

Anonymous said...

Lisa sounds like my little sister Dorydoo! It's very difficult to give her medicine or supplements of any kind because she always anticipates them.

I, on the other hand, am a piece of cake. :) I'm taking medicine because of my recent dental work, and Mom mixes it into my chicken baby food, and I lick it right up! *smile*

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Poppedijne said...

Yes the pill story is well know to me too!! The cats have a third eye when it is time to give a pill.What do you mean with the "happy pill"??Is it a sort of Prozac for cats?? If I read your story it seems to me that your old cat is getting senile.It happens to cats too. The forget where the toilet is. They forget that they just got food and claim more...I hope it is not so but I wonder if it cold be???
All the best with her!