Sorry I have a dirty nose

My face looks so skinny, but I haven't lost weight

Each morning when I wake up I have this view !

I can't tell any funny story for the moment, as Rosie has fallen into a temporary (I hope so) winter sleep and only gets up for eating and her business !

Arthur is declining each day a bit more. He still manages to jump on the sofa and a bed, but not on the table anymore.

One eye has gotten worse and instead of only watering there is probably an infection. I have to go to the vet. His appetite is still very good he eats quite a lot, but becomes more and more bony and now he is also completely deaf.

What is very annoying is that he doesn't use his litter box anymore maybe because it is in the basement and he has to go down steps. I will put him one in the kitchen and see.

And here is how they spend the whole day !



Here is a reluctant Rosie, not so keen to make a selfie. It is not better with Arthur, they are both in a marathon sleep, due to rain and cold weather !

Not so bad

But no way to get out Arthur and to pose ! That's his last sleeping place ... behind the logs (fake)

Rosie prefers the heating

I have got this little wallet, looks like Arthur

Now he has two faces !

or he holds it between its paws !

Arthur doesn't know what to eat he also looks dirty, he doesn't groom himself very often. I should give him a bath, but he will kill me !

Has anybody an idea how to clean an old dirty very reluctant cat ? Especially around his eyes and nose !

 He loves this little fur rag close to the heating and warms up his old bones !

Some days he eats like a horse and some days he is very difficult, but he carries on his now very calm cat life.



Yesssssss, I did my selfie !

Honestly I am too tired for pushing the button !