There is too much sunshine

Hey, give me a piece of your chicken leg !

I try to clean my nose !

Yummy, a spider on the ceiling !



We humans are still under lockdown, while the cats enjoy the freedom, can meet as many cats as they want to and empty all the bins in the neighborhood, while we are only allowed to meet four people (and always the same ?) and the restaurants are still closed.

Unfortunately the cats don't care at all and continue their cat life as usual with the same routine.

Isis rolling around in the sunshine

sleeping on her cat tree also in the sunshine

and shows her cute little paw with a big claw !

Rosie still sleeps on her scratch board and continues to play with my pink curler, she is not interested in the yellow or green once ! No idea why.

sometimes she goes out for a little walk, but usually comes back very quickly.

No wonder that we too are always tired !

I found a solution to make my cat look more active

I think I will do the same with Mr. G who also is affected by a terrible laziness. To be honnest I am not better !



Another lockdown week went by and of course it should have been Selfie time

Rosie preferred to look at the mousie instead at the camera lens

and then decided that the flower suited well her face ! In fact she has realized that she wears permanently a black mask but not the way the humans do for months now !

Here she was in a better selfie mood and wanted to show us her beautiful eyes !

Isis wanted to show her feather toy instead of being alone on the selfie

and then she sat under the chair to make it difficult for me to put the camera in front of her nose ! My old bones cracked, which didn't bother her she even closed her eyes !



What should cats do when one day it is cool and the next day they want to take their fur off because it is so hot ! Rosie complained that nobody had yet invented a cat fur with a zip ! That would be so practical in this moody weather.

She had an energy attack and Mr. G. called her the flying cat because she jumped over all the furniture in the living room and then through all rooms with a mad look in her eyes,

and then she collapsed besides me while I watched TV and she slept peacefully

The next morning when I woke up I found her like that at the end of my bed, but in front of my bed lay a dead mouse with her heart hanging out ! A real pleasant view when you just wake up !

Isis too suffers from spring lethargy and sleeps most of the time, even when I come for  a visit she stays in Nicole's bed

and I only could see a fur ball

A little later she moved into her car

and apparently drove to her restaurant. Cat's are allowed, humans have to eat at home !

when we sat on the terrace instead of looking down on the left or right side of the flower pots she choose to squeeze herself between the two !

Before I left, she quickly had a little pedicure !



The sun is shining I think I can go out for a little mouse hunting !

OK, first the selfie

This lockdown makes me so tired !!

Fortunately I have my little friend who always agrees with me.



Rosie got some energy back and rolled around happily on the patio on the warm tiles

before she took her siesta with her little doll which she loves very much.

The one outside she loves too, I don't know about what they are meowing !

Rosie had a good idea she posed as a still life for me !

In a month, she will become an inside cat, for the first time in her life ! She is 12 years old now. We will move into an appartment. I hope she will get used to it, she has a terrace on the third floor which we will close with a fence. I don't want her to jump down. She is not used to a 4th floor ! But we don't have the choice, she wouldn't want to stay with other people and we would never let her go either ! Anyway she loves being inside and never goes far in our garden.  We will see.

Isis my friend Nicole's cat doesn't have any problem with staying inside. She had been always an inside cat since her birth.

But she also loves to stay outside on the terrace on the second floor, roll around or watch the birds, but she has never tried to jump down, she once fell down from the little wall into the neighbors garden, and was so shocked that for a while she never jumped on the wall again. Fortunately Nicole could go in the neighbor's garden and pick her up ! Poor girl. Fortunately she wasn't hurt.

Napping in the sun on her cat tree

or on N's bed, is the paradise for her !

But only with a full stomach !



I still love to nap on my scratching board

or besides my little ceramic kitty

again  a Selfie ... I am really not in the mood !

Look ! You scared me  !! you sneezed so loud that the walls trembled !

Our lockdown continues, in fact not ours only mine and Mr. G. Miss Rosie can go wherever she wants to.

But she doesn't she keeps us company and when she goes out and comes back she announces herself with loud meows so both of us screem "Rosie we are here".  She has never done this before. During the day it doesn't bother us, but unfortunately she does it  when we are sleeping too ! Fortunately Mr. G. has incorporated ear plugs and I often sleep with earplugs too, but then she jumps of my belly and checks if I am still alive !

The new scratching board has already been used vigorously as you can see !

and each morning she does some kind of gymnastic and plays the flying cat, she jumps around on all furnitures and makes strange noises until she lands on ther favorite chair !
It seems to me that she loves her "only" child life more and more, because she changes character a bit.

During the week I met N and as usual Isis greeted me friendly and tried to climb in my bag, but it was a bit too small. I couldn't take a picture because my camera was still in the bag.

The sun was shining and after a while of keeping us company she preferred to stay inside and take a sunbath on her cat tree.

Isis is a chatterbox she speaks all the time and answered each question you may ask her with loud meows !

We will continue with staying inside until probably May 18 !