While Pookie, Kim, Lisa and Arthur are very busy with doing their sleeping marathon and everybody wants to be the winner for the "who sleeps the longest" award, Rosie is busy. Busy with her mousies, busy to inspect drawers and plastic bags.

But then suddenly she had enough of playing around alone. She looked at me, saw that I was scotched at my screen and didn't move

so she decided to look for another victim to play with and found

deep sleeping Arthur. In fact I had found him in this position when I came in the living room this morning and got a shock, I thought he was dead ! But Rosie proved me that Arthur was very well alive and attacked !

Poor Arthur woke up and found himself face to face with his beloved Rosie (maybe at this moment not so beloved after all)

After having washed him for a short while, she bite him tenderly in his cheak

Maybe it wasn't that tender, because Arthur didn't look too happy.

So he got up and jumped on the floor, recovering from his sudden wake up thinking already about the next (quite !!) place to nap.

As Rosie was not busy anymore I asked her to pose for me for a nice Valentine's picture. Rosie wasn't in the mood now she wanted to sleep and here is the result !

PS. My blogfriend Toni had to take the terrible decision to have put asleep her cat Baghira. She has no cat blog and doesn't participate in cat blogworld either. But she is so sad that I thought we cat lovers should visit her and comfort her a little.

As many are complaining that their cats are only sleeping whole day, I made this award for our sleeping marathon cats. Please feel free to pick it up for your cat.



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Yesterday I decided it was washing day because the laundry basket was more then full. Arthur who was busy in doing his sleeping marathon woke up when I opened the machine. That's a day he likes. So he forgot that he was tired and ran over to me in the kitchen and while I put the laundry from the basket into the machine, he decided to help me.

Arthur jumped to help me

He pulled out one of my bra, apparently he likes them and started to carry it under the kitchen table. I was afraid that he would disappear with it through the catflap, so I tried to get my belonging back and save my bra, I didn't want that my neighbors got a closer look on my underwear. Arthur disagreed and while I was pulling on one side he pulled on the other and got almost angry. Finally I managed to get it back and quickly put it in the open machine.

Arthur was very upset and watched me like a statue while I filled in the machine. When the drum started to spin he looked at the glass door as if it was his favourite TV show and even jumped against the door. He scratched like mad and tried to catch what he saw. But after a while he gave up. Very disappointed and offended he walked away.

He is very offended !

I really was very surprised by Arthur's unusual energy showing that he was still alive but then I saw him collapsing on the sofa exhausted from this effort and he fell into a deep sleep.

Apparently not deep enough because when I took the laundry out he suddenly showed up again. He smelled at the wet laundry and was impressed. It smelled so good. He helped me again with filling in the basket : I pulled on one end he on the other. He didn't give up so easily and sometimes I lifted him up as he hung clipped to a towel. I thought that this is a good exercise for my muscles. Finally he gave up, turned around and directed himself immediately to another napping place, tail up of course. He also has his pride. I got the impression that he was the winner in this duel. Later I only saw him with his nose in the food bowl, otherwise he slept in different places and still does.

And that's what I saw the rest of the day !

Rosie wasn't interested at all in the washing machine, she played and played with her little mousies.

and here we are in the evening watching TV, Rosie is exhausted

look how she sleeps on my lap !



WCB is at Tuxedo Gang Hideout
Carnival of Cats at Bad Kitty Cats

When he doesn't sleep Arthur moves around slowly like a snail and looks desesperately for what he could do without any effort.

Jumping on the table is already too much spending of his energy, but on the other paw hand he has to check if there is something interesting to eat.

Why not a little drink from the tap ?

or checking if there are some new DVDs

a little wash is necessary from time to time, not too much !

before he looks at me with sleepy eyes

and falls asleep wherever he feels like

Besides the bed

on the bed

or on the floor

His female companions were even worse this week, they slept the whole day on all available beds. Even Kim gave up her outside life and moved in again.

Only little Rosie is still active and plays the whole day. Fortunately she has a lot to do with her mice otherwise she would get bored in this dormitory !



Yesterday was cleaning day and I had collected all of Rosie's mice from around the food bowls in the kitchen to the armchair in the living room where I had put them on the seat.

Rosie watched my doings with suspicious eyes and apparently didn't agree !

Why did you put my mousies here ??

Now I have to count them all, didn't you forget one ??

OK the count seems to be right !

But now you don't touch them anymore ! !

I will sit on them !!

This morning when I came in the kitchen to feed the little darlings what did I see in the first place ? The seven mice were again around the bowls !



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Arthur is bored, during winter season he has no social life as people avoid to stay outside. So between napping and eating and playing with Rosie sometimes he has nothing to do and he gets fat !

For example he lays at the front door and thinks it over : "Should I go out or not. If I want to go out this door I have to meauw until somebody opens the door, no that is really too tiring !"

Then he sits for a while on the washing machine and observes the world around him and finally decides to try another door, this one is always open because it leads to the basement and there is the cat flap.

"Should I go or not ?"

Finally he decided that going down the steps is too tiring too.

and thinks and thinks it over again. But then suddenly he heard the noise of the window door and making a superhuman catly decision, he ran outside !

Finally somebody in the garden ! Now he had to see what Mr. Gattino was doing there. It had been very stormy and our wheeping willow had lost some branches.

after watching a while

he took the opportunity to do his business in the nature and not in the basement in the litterbox.

Of course this needed a clean up. A little washing session was necessary

before he collapsed on the table to join dreamland, exhausted from this effort ! I should ask our neigbors to go outside and dig in their gardens at least one hour per day to entertain Arthur !

Little Rosie doesn't have this problem. She probably hardly remembers what summer means because she was a little kitten at that time.

Now she leads her little happy cat life playing whole day and

gathering her mice around the food bowls during night

She loves to play with my slipper

and falls asleep on it.

I also have very bad news. Our dear member Caesar died on Jan 20, leaving his little Princess alone. As you can imagine it must be a terrible loss for his family. Please visit them it may give some comfort.