I think that's a nice selfie I am in a good mood today

I was looking for the button

Even on Sundays I have to work and make selfies !


The sun came out and my cats were happy !

Arthur found his stone friend again and probably told him his adventures. His friend was so warm from the sun that he kept close to it. And tried to play, but his friend didn't move !

He decided to warm up his old bones on the warm tiles

Rosie observed the shrubs to see if some bird would land there.

not even a mouse was hiding in the grass

Then she saw Arthur with his buddy

and jumped towards him

Arthur happy to find somebody to play with ran after her, but Rosie was not ready to play with him and hissed !

Then they both went inside and chose a napping place. It was about time if they wanted to reach the cat napping record of 23 hours per day !

Kim didn't go out she slept in her corner at the entrance.



I wonder if due to my old age I have now shaking paws and that's why the picture is blur ??

Do my selfie yourself, I am busy there is something in my tail !

Oops you took me be surprise !


The weather warmed up a little and even sometimes the sun came out

Arthur took the opportunity and took a sunbath sitting outside on the window sill

and that's the view I had looking out from the sofa

For the moment he has choosen my bed to nap

and during the night he checks if there is something interesting in the garbage bag which Mr. G forgot to put in the basement ! I started the day with cleaning the kitchen !

Rosie had caught a mouse again and had left it in the  water bowl, I don't know if she wanted to give it a bath or just drowning

Her watch tower is the chair from which she observes what we are doing

and sleep in peace of course after a busy day and night (?) !

Kim for once left her corner at the entrance and had a look into the living room, but she didn't come in apparently she thinks it's a dangerous place because it's quite a long time that she hadn't done her marathon naps there.



Today I want to remain incognito !

I can see myself ! Should have cleaned my eye !

It's a fur selfie, just to show you how my fur grows during winter ! and she has nightmares when I loose them. It looks as if it had snowed in the whole house

I did my best !


While I aerated my room, Arthur checked the weather from the window sill

He decided that it was too humid and cold outside and returned inside. I could close the window, I shared his opinion.

To keep him busy, he annoys Mr. G. But when he found out that he had nothing which he could steal or eat,

he settled down for a little nap, or rather a big one !

Kim interrupted her 24 marathon nap and ate a bit, she drinks a lot which is normal at her age she doesn't complain so I think she is OK.

Rosie must be very busy during the nights because twice this week she has brought a half eaten mouse home and had put them in the food bowls. Fortunately she doesn't bring them into my bed !

Often she sits beside me and looks out of the window. There is a new cat in the neighborhood, I couldn't find out to whom she or he belongs. She has the same pattern as Rosie but has long hairs. So far I couldn't get a picture of her.