This week was a real black week for us. The worker who had started to repair the joints between the tiles of our terrace let us down and the terrace full of cement dust. With the result that 16 grey paw prints were found througout the whole house multiplied by how many times the 4 went in and out. A nightmare. Fortunately the weather was dry and sunny !

On top of that a pickpocket had stolen my camera on Sunday while I was looking through a bunch of bathing suits ! I don't know how he managed that because my purse has several pockets with zips. Unfortunately there were also cat photos in my camera fortunately only a few.

Arthur is mostly outside now because of the sunny weather and he strolls through all available gardens.

When he has enough he brings four paw prints into the house. Now it's better because Mr. G. has cleaned the terrace with the Karcher.

He has also learned how to open the drawer under the sofa. Then he climbs into it for a little nap and we wonder where he is and why the drawer is open. He is really strong because it's not so easy to open this heavy drawer.

Rosie too loves to be outside now but more during the night when there is nobody around.

and then they are using the cat tree to observe or rest. They were disturbed by the ongoing work on the terrace, cutting the old joints out between the tiles was very noisy.

Pookie good or bad weather leads her usual life, running around through the whole house like crazy in the morning then she has a short look outside before collapsing on Mr. G's bed or in his office to spend there the day.

Kim is again the invisible cat, but she sleeps in my neighbor's garden although she has her little 3 year old grandson on visit who plays in the garden but apparently that doesn't disturb her !

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This weekend was less stressing for my cats than I had thought. Grandson Toby with Daddy were on visit.

Kim had chosen a new place on the sofa just under the painting of the Grand'Place in Brussels.

It was the first time that she slept there since she arrived in our house. She didn't know yet what would come !

Pookie's instinct told her that there is something wrong, the rugs had disappeared and also the cat statues, and decorations, strange things were laying around which she had to inspect.

and then it happened ! Strange noises came from the house ! Alert ! a mini human was approaching !
Rosie escaped into the house like a flash and Kim disappeared for the 2 days our visitors were staying ! She only came in at night for food.

Rosie was offended, she doesn't like mini humans, they are noisy and try to pet her. She stayed in my room, but came out sometimes into the yard, to observe from far what was going on.

Only one cat wasn't bothered at all, Arthur of course ! He stayed cool and allowed to be petted. Toby was introduced to Arthur with the recommandation to be sweet and not to scream, and don't slap him, but pet him softly.

The result was this, they were very cute together. Only once Arthur hissed, Toby probably was showing his love too roughly, but this was the only time during the 2 days.

He actually loved this little guest, because he throw food on the ground and helpful Arthur cleaned it off, taking himself for a vacuum cleaner.

But that wasn't all. One morning I heard strange noises coming from the kitchen, I ran there and what did I see ? Arthur with a big croissant in his mouth running in the garden !

Where he ate it with gusto ! He watched that nobody approached him, he didn't want to share. The few crumps he left were later eaten by a crow ! Now waste in this house !

Now the calm is back again and everything returned to normal life.

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For once when I worked in the garden, it wasn't Arthur who kept me company or tried to help me, but it was Rosie.

Fortunately she doesn't help like Arthur, who digs out the plants you have freshly put in place. She is more supervisor and apparently the earth she sniffed didn't smell good enough.

She didn't like to go on the grass either, maybe because of my red boots.

But then she saw Pookie who played doorman at the kitchen door, and before they both started to hiss, Pookie went away and waited until Rosie was gone.

For a while she hesitated, inside or outside, and decided that she had enough of fresh air.

She warmed up her belly and had found a new cushion for her head.

Then she choose the armchair and fell asleep.

Kim (under the bushes) was so happy that the ivy who had invaded the bushes was gone and she could lay down on the warm earth, just besides our little cimetary.

Pookie choose to make Mr. G.'s bed, before she lay down.

and Arthur's new quirk is sitting in the kitchen and sing without any reason. He always hopes that somebody shows up with new food ! As he has such an awful voice, we are both running to see what he wants and when we serve him some food so he would just shut up, he turns around and goes away.

We are the poor victims of a cat terrorist !

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Each time the sun comes out for an hour or so, Arthur goes out too.

He loves to sit on the little wall besides our house and watch the people especially those who walk their

Then he sits there and laughs his head off, because the dog pulls on the leash, and the owner has all difficulties of holding him back (of course it depends on the dog size) and Arthur thinks that they look like those who do water ski.

He also loves to climb on the car, grooms his fur and then sits and observes the street. He only regrets that the dogs don't see him, because they don't look up on cars, but rather at the wheels to eventually lift a leg.

Mr. G. had finally managed to clean the entrance too and Arthur checks if the tiles are as white as his fur !
Kim loves to sleep in the bark, it's nice and warm there when the sun is shining.

To put the garden furniture on the terrace Mr. G. had removed the plastic which had protect them over the winter. As it was wet we put it on the grass to dry. Arthur was not so sure, because it made a strange noise when he walked on it.

When Rosie saw Arthur she of course had to check this strange thing too, she even went under it and Arthur waited on the other side to see when she came out.

Unfortunately I missed this event, I wasn't quick enough with my camera.

After these new experience they were both tired, Arthur joined Pookie, who had stayed inside as usual, for a little nap.

Rosie also returned home and observed me while I was working on the computer

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