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Arthur is a very helpful cat ! Here he is busy to assist Mr. G. with shaving.

When this was over and he couldn't help me to do the beds he probably looked for another victim in the neighbourhood to help out there.

Rosie is more interested in household stuff. Although my new computer is not really a household thing. But she had to check that everything was nicely assembled.

and watched over the instruction sheet.




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It is such an unusual summer this year that people now complain it is not raining enough. My cats don't share this opinion and still enjoy the warm sunshine.

Arthur loves to warm his belly on the bark while he is thinking what he could do next to please his owners and the neighborhood. Even Pookie came out and sits carefully besides the cat flap.

Usually cats get slimmer during summer because they are moving more, but apparently Pookie is the exception because she gets fat ! But better fat and happy and enjoying a perfect health, then slim and sick ! Pookie is not the anorexic type of cat ! She is very lazy too and loves to do marathon naps on Mr. G's bed.

Rosie the little bitch, loves to hide in the bushes, suddenly jumps out or just stretches out a clawless paw (fortunately), touches your leg and scares you to death. It's a miracle that I am still alive.

and then she rolls around in the sun and is the loving girl

Even Kim for once joined the others and her tail was immediately inspected by Rosie but apparently she couldn't find anything suspicious

because a few moments later they both sat side by side and watched the green grass. No birds or mousies in view ! What a lazy day !

Meanwhile, Lisa (18) crowed inside, as usual without any reason. She doesn't go out anymore or just a little, because she is deaf and therefore careful. Yesterday morning a bunch of crows overflew our house and I thought it was Lisa with multiple echos !

Please don't forget to visit each other !!





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Each morning there is a big cat meeting in the kitchen. Everbody wants to have breakfast !

Always the first one is Lisa (18) who croakes loud in the office where she is locked in during the night, otherwise she would croak the whole night through. As soon as the door is open she hurries as quick as she can into the kitchen and croaks for food ! She can't meauw anymore

and she can't bent down. So she eats in a funny way with her legs spread apart, and her still quite fat belly hangs down on the floor. She is always hungry !

Rosie is more difficult she watches the others before she checks what is on the plates today, and usually only eats some dry food. But over all she checks if her mousies are still around and in the food bowls and if the kitchen looks tidy and clean !

Arthur doesn't care at all how the kitchen looks like, before sniffing at the bowls he jumps up and looks besides the sink if he can't find anything better. He was not happy at all that he found dog food, what a shame ! But then he remembered Yanouk our neighbor dog and thought it is probably for him.

Therefore he checked the dry food which I had no time to put on the floor. Arthur has his favourites, for weeks he only would eat one brand mark and then suddenly stop and start with another one for weeks. To me to find out which one is just right for his Highness ! One thing is for sure he won't starve thanks to all our neighbours !

Pookie too was scandalized to find dog food ! and she doesn't like Yanouk the dog at all ! She too had to check if there was something better up there !

As usual Kim is always missing. She doesn't like to be in a crowded kitchen, she waits when nobody is in there and has breakfast then.



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Sweet looking Rosie is not that sweet at all. She can really be a little bitch. She would never miss to give a slap on Lisa when she walks peacefully near her but wouldn't dare to do it with Pookie because Pookie fights back.

I saw her in our garden watching a little guest who came along, then she jumped up, hissed and chased the little guy out of her territory.

Then she disappeared. I didn't see her anymore, but suddenly

where the arrow is, I saw something moving

Rosie looked at me well hidden behind the leaves

of a bush, and made her innocent big eyes !

Then she squatted Kim's tent, so that poor Kim didn't dare to get her out. I never mingle in these little cat quarrels, I think it's better they handle it amongst themselves. As long as nobody is harmed of course.

Arthur was very much bored because no neighbour was working on the street or in a garden so he came in

rolled on the carpet and yawned. He looked so cute that I took a picture and see what came out Arthur as Dracula !

I gave him this mouse to play with but he showed no interest at all.