No time for selfies

OK, OK, I try to make my eyes bigger

Chicken first, Selfie after !

There is something in the air ..


We are still sitting in the rain, somebody had told me when I was a child that angels are crying when it rains ! Then the angels have all a depression or a burn out ! They should cry all over the world and not only here and in Australia not at all, there apparently take a break !

Therefore my cats lay around and sleep or dream or whatever,  but they are not very active.

Rosie does stretching exercises on the scratching board or tries to answer the phone !

Arthur besides sleeping and eating (a lot) has discovered a new occupation ! He tries to scratch his paws in the water bowl ! As the bowl was small he managed to pull it with one paw in the middle of the kitchen and of cause water spitted all around. I thought I will be more clever and put a very big and very heavy bowl instead the little one. The result was that he splish splashed like crazy the water out of the bowlwith both paws and the whole kitchen was full of water. As he had walked on the wet floor and went in the living he left dirty foot prints all over the tiles ! I had to clean wherever he had walked ! Has anybody ever had a cat who did this ?

Now I think I will put an absorbing fabric under the bowl or I have to put boots on his paws but I doubt that he would agree !

Finally in the evening they watch TV with me, one to the left, one to the right !



I want a selfie of my doll too !!

I thought I could make my eye as big as Rosie's but it didn't work !

I am proud of my owl eyes !!

Enough !! no selfie anymore



As long as we have the climate change, the Global warming, and other warm ups or cool downs on our earth, my cats take it easy and mostly sleep until better times.

Arthur rests on one sofa

and then on the other, it depends on the climate change. Anyway he doesn't care that much because he doesn't go outside anymore. Maybe in spring if ever we will have spring he will go a bit on the terrace

Rosie also lays around and waits for better times, no mousie hunting, no chasing butterflies what a boring time ! Not even a snowflake to catch !

Fortunately there is the TV and my lap, not big enough for both, but they found an agreement, one to the left one to the right.

and something extraordinary happened ! Since maybe 16 years Rosie and Arthur have never slept together side by side. When she was little yes, even between his paws. And now that he is so old she lays besides him. Or she feels that he will not be there as long as she will or it is pure coincidence. 



I wished spring would arrive

No, no, no selfie today !

Me two years ago

and now, a bit older,  a bit slower but still a pain in the neck !


Although Arthur looks as if he wouldn't finish the day, he still is a pain in the neck and suddenly full of energy. Each time Mr. G. goes into the kitchen he meows until he gets something to eat, even if he had just eaten 10 min before ! It's like a game ! He then eats a little piece and walks away. The bowl is full. Mr. G. leaves the kitchen and when he comes back he is still followed by Arthur who meows again for food.

This makes a lot of noise, because Arthur has a loud voice and Mr. G.  too ! So one meows and the other shouts "shut up, I just fed you" and there is a whole conversation going on ! Arthur always wins ! Slowly I get crazy, the old cat makes fun out of his old servant and when I compare their comportment they are like twins !

Reading a notice together

Both like chocolate cookies. Mr. G. left a basket with cookies on the table during the night with the result that Arthur had taken them all out and apparently had tried them all. The whole living was full of crumbs. I am the cleaning president of the house.

Arthur also still loves guests, the more they are the better it is ! Then he walks from legs to legs or leather shoes to leather shoes and selects one on which he could sharpen his claws. Unfortunately that doesn't work anymore, I mean it's sad for him but good for the owner's shoes.

Of course he also plays the victim which is never fed and starving. With hungry eyes he stares at each guests who of course can't resist and he gets a piece from whatever. I don't say anything anymore, the last days or weeks of his life he should eat whatever he likes.

anything eatable ?

and he is still fit enough to jump on the new TV furniture to check the cables behind !

Rosie is the opposite, she runs away when guests arrive and spends most of her time on the sofa, on her scratch board or besides my lap to watch TV

Nothing on TV !

Observing me while I do my Yoga exercises