This is Pookie, the innocent, old, with hind legs problems after she had shown us that she is not that old and not that disabled either ! She came into my room with a bird in her mouth of course still alive, I screamed for Mr. G. to save the little bird, he arrived and ran behind her forgetting too that he can't run anymore (at least not fast). He pursued her til the basement and the garage, but Pookie was quicker and disappeared with her bird. Later when I went to the garage it was full of feathers everywhere and all I found was two little bird legs ! In one way I was sad for the poor bird, but that's nature's rules but happy about Pookie that she isn't as bad as I thought she would. I think I have to play a little more with her !

Rosie enjoys outside life and goes for mouse hunting, uses our graveyard without any respect as a litter box, eats grass to clean her stomach but comes inside to barf on the best rug !

Arthur spent his time with helping me in the garden again, and is socializing in the neighborhood. My neighbor had her 3 and 5 year old grandchildren on visit and what did Arthur do, he went over to play with them ! And the other day somebody rang the doorbell to sell me I don't know what leaflet and when I opened the door who sat besides the man ? Arthur ! Fortunately he hasn't learned yet how to ring the bell !

Living with cats is never boring !



Now it's a week that I am home and after some very rainy days the sun finally came out since the weekend.

Arthur became a very busy cat with all the garden work around ! He helped me to pull out weeds, happy that I digged out holes for him and he couldn't understand that I closed them. Therefore he opened them again. He checked my utensils and was very interested in my gloves. It is hard work when Arthur helps ! There is earth everywhere on the white tiles !

Fortunately after a while he had enough, took a sunbath and then settled down on the gravel in the shade of the car.

Kim disappeared inside as soon as I showed up with my garden equipment and went inside. As soon as I had finished she went out again. She is an remains a strange cat !

Rosie preferred to watch my work from inside through the window. The new neighbor's dog was in the garden and she isn't used to him yet. He looks through the hedge, but doesn't bark at her. But still, for Rosie's delicate nose a dog stinks !

Pookie seems to be happy that I am back, she leads her old lady life, mostly besides me on the sofa, when she is not claiming for food ! Which happens each time when she sees us moving around. She has become a little skinnier, but not too much and still climbs on the sofa or beds with a little difficulties, but that happens to us humans too !



Yesterday evening I came back from my one week holidays in Normandy. I have been there with a friend and her dog Charlie (I dared !) Of course when I came back home, my cats seemed very small to me !

Pookie looked at me and continued her grooming

Rosie did the same,

and Arthur probably asked himself why is she already back ? He got so spoiled by Mr. G.

Kim I haven't even seen yet.

I was quite disappointed about their warm welcome, I had the feeling that they hadn't even noticed my absence !They didn't even realize that I had dog smell all over me, or maybe Charlie doesn't smell.

On the other hand, (or paw) I was so tired that I didn't care either ! I had 450 km 280 miles) driving behind me through little villages and fields with tractors and small roads, as we had time I didn't want to use the highways in France because they are expensive if you are not in a hurry.



This post is scheduled, because when you read this I am in France for a week. I will be in Normandy just in front of the English South East coast, only separated by the channel.

I am going with my friend Nicole and her Golden Retriever Charlie, he just fits on the back seat ! He is the friendliest dog in the world and will act as body guard.

Arthur, Rosie, Pookie and Kim have nothing against him when he comes for a visit. They just continue their nap and maybe open one I to have a look at him. The first thing Charlie does is checking the food bowls with the hope that there is a little bit left. Rosie didn't mind that he had chewed and torn into pieces 3 of her little mousies, as he had chosen the once she anyway didn't like.

We had all bushes and hedges trimmed and Arthur checked the finished work and sniffed the good smell of the cut branches. That the chainsaw made such a terrible noise didn't bother him.

My cats except Kim of course who runs away when she sees me with a camera (not even with the brush) were kind enough to pose for me for an alphabetical photo meme. I needed pictures for the letter "P". Rosie posed for perls, Arthur for paper and Pookie for pills.

As usual they will be happy that I am away with Mr. G they get a lot of extras ! Before I closed my suitcase Rosie checked if I hadn't forgotten something.