Wait a minute I am getting ready for a perfect Selfie !

@&§#$% I pushed too early !!

Put that thing in the right place, I won't get up for a selfie !

me neither !

That's the first time I use the tablet ! I am proud of the result !



Pookie in "grunch"

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It had been a very long time since Rosie hadn't put her mousies in the food bowls. I thought she might have forgotten that, once she did it every day.

So very much to my surprise I found one this morning in Pookie's bowl ! Maybe she starts her spring cleaning ?

Meanwhile it seems that she is still deep in her hibernation.

Arthur used to play in the snow. That's over now. Maybe he is getting old bones and the snow is too humid. Anyway he prefers to sit on the warm radiator and admire the white landscape.

His favorite occupation is to tease Mr. G. and with a lot of success. He jumps on the table, checks if he eats something interesting and then would sit exactly there to cut the view on the TV and poor Mr. G. has to twist his head. So each evening Mr. G. is shouting and pushes him from the table but like a ping pong ball as soon as Arthur is on the floor he jumps up again and they continue their game, while I continue to watch my movie and I smile.

Kim sleeps in different places the whole day, her only jogging is from one napping place to the other.



I keep my eyes closed in case this flash goes off !

Not on a tablet, but I am too lazy to open my eyes I know by now where the button is !

Me too !



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My cats were shocked when I opened the shutters and they saw the world in white for the first time this year. And as you can see not a single paw print in the snow ! They don't like snow at all !

Arthur went a little outside, but only there were the snow had melted along the house. Then he sat on the kitchen window sill  and looked inside.

Most  of the day he now spends laying close to the radiator and does energy saving.

Since a few weeks Rosie has selected the top of the sofa as her personal place ! Nobody is allowed to sit besides her !

Arthur after a trial to jump up, got a hiss and gave up

Even Kim was rejected ! Usually Kim is accepted by all cats.

So for once she sat on the table (that is new) and I could take a nice picture of her.

She had loved snow in the past, but now she doesn't like it anymore.



Don't expect that I open my eyes, pushing the button is already hard work !

That's a nice selfie ! I needed one for spring to put on Catfacebook to find a new partner !

This time I look quite good for my 17 years !



I was somewhere in the house for a few minutes and when I came back to continue my blogging, I found my place occupied. Arthur showed his best side ! He was peacefully sitting on my keyboard and looked out of the window. At the same time he created a completely unknown program made the letter so large that the text almost disappeared so before he helped me more I put him aside but he wasn't very happy !

I had found this cute little case for my camera. Nobody would think that there is a camera inside. Pookie modeled for presentation

and Arthur suddenly had a new face

As January is a dull month, even the mousies are hidden somewhere and recuperate from Christmas, Rosie takes example on the proverb "He who sleeps does not sin" only it would be "She who ..."
and that's what she is doing the whole day.



OK, I did it, now I hear somebody coming !

Push yourself ! I am on strike !

Ooops, only half of my face !



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My cats spent Christmas alone together, well fed by my neighbor who does this already ever since we live here which means 41 years ! Of course the cats have changed over the years.

When we came back from Amsterdam where we had celebrated Christmas with our son

Pookie inspected my suitcase with the hope to find something eatable in there, but there was nothing not even a Dutch mousie !

Arthur is a stubborn cat ! I had to leave to meet with a friend for lunch and had left the car door open while I put on my shoes. Arthur, had decided to go for a tour and had climbed in the car and settled down behind. I tried to get him out, but there was nothing to do. He never does that when I go shopping, he waits that I have an appointment ! I couldn't take him with me which I would have done normally,  so  I sat in the car and turned on the motor. Arthur didn't move, he was already in sleeping position. I drove out of the garage and on the street. Arthur didn't care. Finally II opened the back door to chase him out. He got very angry when I pushed him and hissed and growled at me ! Then very offended he disappeared somewhere in the house.

The next day I tried to invite Arthur for a car tour, but of course he refused to go in the car !

This time I didn't keep the Christmas decoration until the 6th, but we put them away on Sunday.

Rosie checked the new decoration

Arthur and Kim had a last glance on angels and Christmas trees

before they settled down together for a 24 h nap

Rosie followed too

To my knowledge they didn't make any New Year's resolutions. 



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