This Blog was the first one I started when I discovered blogging ! Sadly I can't continue my life has completely changed in the last 2 years. When my husband Rick was diagnosed Parkinson, and he had more and more difficulties to walk, we moved into an apartment.

The only cat who moved with us was little Rosie. All the others who lived with us in our house a cheerful inside/outside cat life passed away little by little. Arthur fell asleep forever in March, he just didn't wake up anymore. He was too old. It was better for him because he would never get used to an inside life. Rosie, now 15 got used to the inside life immediately and has completely changed. She is not shy anymore, she became a social cat, but she never leaves the apartment even if the door is open. She only goes out on our terrace when I am there too. Then came the lockdown and Rick's disease got worse and worse. He had to be hospitalized as he suffered hallucinations and I couldn't handle him anymore. After the hospital he was for nearly one year in a retirement home, where slowly slowly he also got Alzheimer. He also died in his sleep just like his beloved Arthur. 

Rosie is not an adventurous cat. She sleeps the whole day in her basket and runs around during the night. 

Rosie's inside cat life as only "child"

The cats who shared my life

I kept my main Blog WRITER CRAMPS in case you want to follow me and Rosie. I try to blog but sometimes I am just without any energy it is not easy to live without the man who was the love of your life.