My upside down selfie came out very well !

I have to listen what he says

No time for selfies I have to clean my paw !


Spending the whole day outside in the warmth of the sun, is finished. It's cool to cold now in the mornings and in the afternoons it's only a little better.

Rosie adjusted her lifestyle and choose the warm radiator to sleep on

Kim has difficulties she wants to sleep in the grass but it's humid now and she has to return into the house, in "her" bathroom where she spends her days. I tried to show her another place to sleep and closed the bathroom door, put her little carpet at the entrance where she used to stay before, but she sat in front of the bathroom door and meowed heartbreakingly. And as usual she won. I have to find  a compromise, it's getting really annoying with a cat who sleeps on the toilet carpet if you have to go there.

Rosie since grown up nags the poor Arthur, here she doesn't allow him to go inside. And good tempered Arthur waits until the way is free !

These are probably the last pictures of Rosie and Arthur using the garden furniture, before we have to put them together and cover up for the winter.

Fortunately the bark is still a bit warm and Arthur enjoys the sunshine there.

Compared to the past the weeks are rather boring. When I got the word "potential" to knit a story around this word, immediately Arthur came into my mind and I made a resumé of Arthur's talents and potentials here



I wanted a profile selfie and it worked quite well !

Hey ! you took the camera away too early !!

Where is the button, ah, yes now I see !


For the moment Rosie et Kim are always at the same places and don't move, or yes they move one from the sofa to my bed and the other (Kim) from the garden to the bathroom. Yes she is still there and we don't know how to convince her to choose another place ! She is very stubborn.

The only one who doesn't behave as if he would live in a retirement home is Arthur !

He still walks around when it doesn't rain and when I come home rolls on the red gravel and gets pink !

and he is still stealing food ! Mr. G. showed him that he didn't eat meat but only a waffel, with the result that when he went to the kitchen and left his waffel on the table, Arthur didn't miss the opportunity to bite off a little piece !



Ok, that's the right pose !

Today I look good

you distracted me !!

Never made a selfie, the camera smells good (says Iris my friend's cat)


The daily "autumn" season routine has now influenced their life style. Kim seldom sleeps on the grass, it's mostly a bit wet.

She still sleeps in the bathroom and blocks the access to the toilet ! Thinking it over it's not so bad because Mr. G. HAS to do some gymnastic, he is so lazy in this respect.

Arthur lays on the heating and watches what birds are sitting in the hedge, if there are some, a part from magpies and crows there is nothing, I think they have eaten all the little birds.

The only adventure Arthur had this week which made me laugh, was when a group of Jehovah witness rang the bell and when I opened the door I saw 5 women standing there with their brochure, looking grey and dull, the only one who didn't fit in this group was Arthur who had chosen to sit amongst them, as if he wanted to convince me too ! The women were a bit surprised that I had to laugh when I saw Arthur there, bringing Jehovah's messages ! I told them in German that I don't speak French, wanted to let Arthur in and close the door, but Arthur escorted them to the street and followed them a bit. He is a very polite cat !

Besides taking care of her beauty, and eating, Rosie leads a lazy life, from time to time I see her climbing over the hedge and inspecting the neighbor's garden.

 photo IMG_6422_zpst896lb1h.jpg

But her favorite occupation is still sleeping on my bed.

Nicole's little Isis had broken her hind paw, but now it's healed and the bandage is taken off. She is back to her old self and is now 100 %  feeling home ! Meanwhile she has inspected all corners of the house, and poor Nicole is not the master of her home anymore, it's Isis.

Isis with her charming cross eyed look let all hearts melt

she plays and runs around, and doesn't go out. Which is very good because Nicole needed an inside cat. Nevertheless she sits on the terrace wall and looks down one floor and we always fear she would jump, but she stays there and observes what's flying around.

She is such a sweetie !

Things you have to learn about cats !



No, I don't take a selfie today, you do my portrait with my mousie !!

Where the heck is that button ? Oups it went off !

too tired today, can't even lift my head !

Another week went by and my cat family is adjusting to the now cooler weather.

Arthur inspects our garage in the hope to find at least a spider or something to play with, but he had to give up, there was nothing but cobwebs.

Whenever I come home Arthur appears, I don't know from where, but he is the only one who seems to be happy that I return !!

and to show me his joy, he rolls in the red gravel and changes color, he becomes a ginger cat for a change. Isn't he nice !

Kim seems to have a cold and sneezes often. On Monday I will take her to the vet. Stubborn as she is there is no way to keep her inside, she insists to sleep on the wet grass !

Rosie had found a bracelet I had lost on the terrace and first I wondered with what she was playing then I saw what it was.

Apparently she was exhausted after that, and I found her in "snail" position sleeping deeply on my bed !



I am in a hurry I smell chicken in the kitchen !

I think and think and think .....


There weren't big happenings this week, except maybe one. The cats are laying around, inside or outside and are not very inspiring to get my energy back !

Kim still squats the bathroom and makes us do gymnastic

Rosie interrupts her 22 h marathon sleep to do some leg washing. Or maybe she does her yoga at the same time to keep her bones fit for mouse hunting.

Sometimes she just sits there and looks what I do ! I feel watched.

I had bought 2 different bags of cookies for coffee time. They lay in a basket on a little table in the living room. One morning both bags were torn and open of course and half of the cookies lay on the floor mostly in crumbs !

Dear Arthur had helped himself during the night and had eaten some biscuits ! Unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures of this event, as Mr. G. had already cleaned up the mess !

Do you know a cat who eats sweets ??

Of course Arthur hadn't done anything and was innocent !