My upside down selfie came out very well !

I have to listen what he says

No time for selfies I have to clean my paw !


Spending the whole day outside in the warmth of the sun, is finished. It's cool to cold now in the mornings and in the afternoons it's only a little better.

Rosie adjusted her lifestyle and choose the warm radiator to sleep on

Kim has difficulties she wants to sleep in the grass but it's humid now and she has to return into the house, in "her" bathroom where she spends her days. I tried to show her another place to sleep and closed the bathroom door, put her little carpet at the entrance where she used to stay before, but she sat in front of the bathroom door and meowed heartbreakingly. And as usual she won. I have to find  a compromise, it's getting really annoying with a cat who sleeps on the toilet carpet if you have to go there.

Rosie since grown up nags the poor Arthur, here she doesn't allow him to go inside. And good tempered Arthur waits until the way is free !

These are probably the last pictures of Rosie and Arthur using the garden furniture, before we have to put them together and cover up for the winter.

Fortunately the bark is still a bit warm and Arthur enjoys the sunshine there.

Compared to the past the weeks are rather boring. When I got the word "potential" to knit a story around this word, immediately Arthur came into my mind and I made a resumé of Arthur's talents and potentials here


Summer said...

I can't believe Arthur is 16 years old! He has so much character... I guess that part of him will never grow old. Kind of like with Binga.

M Dawson said...

I love Arthur is is the sweetest cat!

Happy Sunday selfie and thank you for some lovely pictures :-)

Erin the Cat Princess said...

How quickly we have gone from glorious if sweltering summer to wrapping stuff for winter. Love the selfies this week, and as ever, they all make us smile, especially Rosie who has the best place to rest and a friend to lean on who wont run off, MOL

The Chair Speaks said...

We love how Arthur and Rosie slept with that kitty figurine! Purrs and hugs!

pilch92 said...

Great selfies from all. Kim is a kitty that knows what she wants :)

Photo Cache said...

hello kitties. The upside down selfie is pawsome. We should try that next time.

Emma and Buster

William Kendall said...

Utter cuteness!

meowmeowmans said...

Rosie, your upside sown selfie is brilliant! And Arthur, we love how you are so good natured. :) Kim, stay strong -- good job letting the humans know that is YOUR bathroom rug. :)

Cleo said...

Oh my, I sure would love Arthur's number! He is one mature cutey. It's getting cooler here too, but it's supposed to be in the upper eighties again by week's end. Enjoy it while it lasts, I say.