Last week was a terrible week ! After having read all comments I have got for "Cats on Tuesday", I finally decided not to wait a second more and take the still not eating Arthur to the Vet.

He was hiding the whole day in Mr. G's desk and even his favorite food he didn't eat. He also was rather apathetic and looked sleepy.

In the evening we put him in his carrier and I drove him to our vet lady. During the whole trip Arthur sang operas in all tones ! My head was exploding when I arrived and went with him into the waiting room. There 2 dogs started pulling at their leashes, but Arthur hissed once then took his King Arthur position to make clear who was the boss around here, which made the two dogs lay down at the feet of their owners.

Arthur in his cage was waiting his turn. As soon as we were in the consulting room Arthur changed into another cat. He growled and hissed, I had never seen him like that before ! His ears flat on his head, the mouth open ready to bite and all claws out ! I tried to calm him down and with special gloves pull him out of the cage, but he attacked me and scratched and bit he would have torn off my hands ! I thought I would deal with a wild tiger ! No way to get him out. Finally the vet had to give him a shot through the grids of the cage to put him asleep, there was no other way to examine him.

I was shocked, really, I never ever had believed that my sweet, cuddly Arthur could be such a dangerous cat ! He never had behaved like this before at the vet, it was just the opposite, he was very social and friendly. Probably he remembered the time when his tail was bitten and he almost lost it and he had to stay there for 2 days.

Anyway, we had to wait until he fell asleep.

It took quiet some time, we managed to get him out of his carrier, but he wanted to jump off the table. Finally he was still. She took blood and examined his teeth and everything else, but couldn't find anything special.

I took him home still asleep and waited that he woke up again. Now we had to wait for the next evening when the vet would call me to give me the results of the blood test.

It was horrible for me. Each time I saw him laying there I thought the worst. At 6 pm I got the so expected phone call. Nothing special every test result was in the normal limit. So she asked me to come back the next day and she would give him a shot against infections. That's what I did. This time he growled and hissed already in the waiting room ! No way to get him out of the cage. She had to give him the shot through the grids again.

But then on the way back, I let him out of the cage and he settled down in the back of the car.

He performed a show for all other drivers and was happy to sit there and be driven around. My normal Arthur was back !

at home he went off the car, rather reluctantly I think he wanted to continue his sight seeing tour.

and the next day the miracle happened. He woke me up for breakfast ! that hadn't happened for a long time. And then he ate like a horse ! a whole can of chicken and chicken liver, after that minced meat with an egg. At noon he was again hungry and in the evening too !

During the night he even tried to get into the bin because I found the empty can and other rubbish in the middle of the kitchen !

and here he is waiting that Mr. G. starts to eat so he could steel in his plate !!

I am so relieved ! Now I will fatten him up until he is back to his normal weight again. He probably had a stomac infection. Who knows. Unfortunately he can't speak !



Today no cat cartoon, because I am not in the mood to let my cats make discussions. I am still worried about Arthur.

I took Arthur to the vet on Tuesday. (I will write more about it in Cats on Tuesday).

As you can see he lost a lot of weight more than 1 kg (2.2) lbs which is a lot for a cat.

He is quiet apathetic and spends a lot of time on the heating. He didn't want to eat. After the visit to the vet and a blood test, he has nothing serious, but can you give me some ideas with what I can feed him that he gains weight again ? Yesterday I gave him minced meat with an egg, and this he ate and apparently didn't vomit either. He also got special food from the vet, but he doesn't eat it.

Arthur was probably a farmer's cat in his former life, he loves everthing on our plates and is rather picky when it comes to specialized cat food. He doesn't like dry food very much either.
Does anybody have an idea to get him to his old self again, like on the above picture ?




It's cold and rainy again outside and the cats want all to sleep on the radiators. There are only two in the living room. Poor Arthur tried the first one, which was occupied by Pookie

and he had no more luck on the second one, where Rosie lay in all her beauty. Both girls chased him away. It's hard to live in a Harem, thinks Arthur !

He behaved a little strange since a few days, I think he had a serious fight with a neighbor cat. His ear is scratched and he also has something at his right front leg. He hissed when I tried to check. He also didn't eat and I was really worried and thought about taking him to the vet.

At one time we couldn't find him nowhere in the whole house. We looked everywhere and suddenly

Mr. G. found him here in his desk, he had thrown all the papers on the ground to make himself a comfy space. He slept there for two days !

Pookie kept him company

Mr. G. tried to feed him with small meat cubes, but even that he refused.

He sat in the kitchen and looked miserable. Nurse Pookie besides him. I tried to give him the diet food of Rosie the "Hills" sensible stomac, and .... he ate, was I happy ! Now he seems to be better and yesterday he stole a big piece of chicken from Mr. G's plate while he was looking for salt in the kitchen. We were so happy that Arthur stole again, that Mr. G' didn't regret his part of chicken. I think Arthur had just to recover from his Waterloo battle. It doesn't happen very often but sometimes he has serious scratches or was bitten, I wonder how the other cat looked like !





Arthur was very much offended because it rained and therefore he couldn't visit the neighbors, they were all inside. So he decided to sleep in my wardrobe, which I didn't know.

My desk and chair are just in front of the wardrobe and I got a shock because suddenly something rumbled in the wardrobe ! I opened the door and found Arthur who had scratched himself behind the ears, and was now busy with grooming ! My poor heart !

We had to put the heating on, and each time I looked at the radiator there was another cat sleeping on it. I think they just waited that the one who slept there leaves !

Pookie too is not very happy about the rain, but she suffers less, as she is more and inside cat.

Not knowing what to do, they wait for Mr. G. to come for lunch. Arthur expects his mortadella !

But then, suddenly for two days the rain stopped and the sun was shining !

Rosie looked for mousies

and took a sunbath

Arthur tried out the new barks and rolled in the red gravel to dye his fur in ginger.

Pookie too, thought it's too warm to stay inside and joined the others.

Only Kim didn't realise that the weather had changed. Sunshine or rain, she sleeps always on the grass !