Arthur was happy this week ! After falling into a long lasting beauty sleep, he finally found some action !

A big tree had fallen over the street several days after a storm, just like that. Arthur watched the firemen cutting the thick trunk with chain saws, which made an awful noise and woke up the whole neighborhood. It was around midnight ! Besides one dog with his owner, Arthur was the only animal who dared to watch them working ! I am sure he checked next morning if the trunks were cut correctly ! Fortunately nothing serious happened, besides a damaged fence.

When our cleaning lady is on holidays, I am replacing her. To vacuum I had put my little side table on the chair which Rosie immediately used as supervising spot ! It's so nice to watch other people working !

Here she had seen a bird (I had heard the bird and shot a picture in its direction) Rosie came back disappointed and I had no bird on my picture.

Each morning Pookie gets a saucer of whipped cream from Mr. G. She probably gets more than only in the morning I suspect ! Then she eats her breakfast and goes to bed again ! What a hard life !





Our neighbors are on holidays and Mr. G. takes care of their cat Chouchou. Each morning and evening she waits for him as if she had swallowed an alarm clock, punctual at 9 AM at 5.30 PM ! Usually Arthur follows, but of course when I need a picture he is not there.

Since the weather cooled down and has changed, he spends his days always at the same place, that's why I put a little calender besides him so that you can see that the photo is new, unfortunately the year is missing, but I swear it was this year. When he doesn't run behind Rosie, or disappears for rounds to the neighbors, he sleeps at this very spot. I don't know for how long.

Rosie has discovered a new thing to do, that's climbing on the hedge. Usually Yanouk (the dog) is on the other side, but he too is on holidays, so she walks on the hedge. That's also an occupation.

But mostly she keeps me company when I am sitting at my computer and does her 24 h nap.

The same with Pookie, she too is always at the same place, Mr. G.'s bed and looks cute. That's her job she thinks.





The heat wave continues and I moved my "office" on the terrace. Arthur's tent serves me as sun screen.

And while I am "working" I observe my little cats.

Arthur had found half of a bird egg and sniffed it very thoroughly but it wasn't interesting enough and he left it with his usual generosity to Rosie.

Rosie sniffed too, and even tried to eat it, but apparently it didn't taste good enough so she left it too and turned to other activities such as

laying lazily in the heat, just besides our pet cimetary or she climbs in the trees and watches the world from there.

One evening we made a barbecue and of course Rosie and Arthur came and waited for some meat but as it took so long Arthur gave up and went away. Pookie and Kim didn't show up.

Mr. G. tried to get the cats moving and wanted to amuse them with soap bubbles, but they were not interested at all as you can see, so he amused himself.

He also prefers to stay inside and "work" at his computer in his office. One afternoon he heard terrible loud snores behind him. He looked at the sofa but there was nobody not even a ghost who snored. He got up and looked from where the snoring was coming and found Pookie squeezed in a little corner behind the sofa where apparently it was cool enough to sleep deeply and well. It's really amazing that such a little cat can snore like a man ! Sometimes I suspect Mr. G. and it was Pookie ! See ...





The heat wave continues and we get used.

Kim had her social day and gave us the honor of her presence and came even towards me when she saw me with my camera. The completely black fur of Kim has changed and there are white and brown spots in it now. Strange.

Arthur the caring cat was afraid that my slippers would cool down and kept them warm for me although we had 30°C (87 F). It is in his nature to be kind

while Rosie airs her belly

When it cools down she goes mouse hunting. Without success so far. I saw her disappearing in the bushes, layed on the grass and played paparazzo.

Cats keep you fit ! (when they are not sleeping 24 h !)