I think that the whole Cat Blogger community knows by now that Sparkle has left us forever, but certainly not in our hearts.

My cats and I want to say good-bye to Sparkle and present our condolences to the family. 




Once again when you read this I am sitting in a plane on my way to Southern France where I will spend a week with my (ex) blogfriend Claudie. She had been with us until Friday in a rather cool weather, and now I will join her into the warmth and sunshine.

Rosie has become a night owl. The naughty girl goes out on mouse hunting (certainly not on Tomcat hunting) and jumps on my belly usually at 4 am which I don't really appreciate. Once I have left the bed she rolls up in her basket and doesn't move anymore only when her stomach claims.

Kim does the same, a little less, she spends most of her days on Mr. G's bed and ignores the world around her.

Miss Pookie still gets on our nerves meowing the whole morning non stop, I tried to make a "selfie" with her, but she behaved like a camera shy diva. At least she stopped meowing !

The only one who is still in action is Arthur !! We had chicken and the rest of it I had put in a Tupperwear, to cool down, forgot to close it and that's what I found in the kitchen this morning. He had eaten all the chicken pieces and only had left one piece, probably he had no room anymore in his stomach ! Good bye our evening meal ! He was so full that he slept the whole morning on Mr. G's office chair, who fortunately was away.

For the moment he does his neighbor watch rounds and I can see him sitting at the front door of the opposite house. Maybe he will ring the bell, with Arthur you never know !





Ever since I am back from holidays, Arthur's manners haven't improved ! It even became worse thanks to the good education of Mr. G. Now when I eat cheese, he jumps on my tray (!) and licks up all crumbs ! What should I do ? I am helpless, I just give him another little piece !

I don't know how Miss Rosie managed to climb in the cartoon and sit in the tent ! I had put both together in the evening and in the morning I found her like that, looking at me. The view of her made me really laugh !

Ol' lady Pookie has found a solution to overcome her handicap of not being able to jump anymore. As she loves to drink from the tap, she just sits on the floor meows until I lift her up and let the water run. When she has enough she jumps down and stops her singing. Meanwhile I am well trained !

Although Pookie always hisses at poor Arthur, she likes to sleep close to him. Arthur is very patient with his girls and doesn't care. Even hisses don't bother him at all ! He just walks away to get on the nerves of someone else.

We had a neighbor gathering, the old neighbors had moved away and are replaced by younger couples with children. I wasn't really surprised when they all told me that Arthur visits them on a regular base, walks inside open doors an tries out sofas and chairs. Fortunately they are all cat lovers and anyway who could resist Arthur ! One of them found him sleeping on the firewood in a basket besides the open fire ! Now they know that Arthur is our cat !




Today my holidays are finished and I return home !


Pusspuss checked what I was doing for the last time

didn't find it very interesting

and preferred to go out to watch mousies and birds.

and tonight I will see my little always exhausted cats again !