It is well known that a cat sleeps a lot, but even a cat has enough when he can't go out for his little walk. Especially Arthur !

He was so happy when the snow had gone and the sun was shining a little, so he sat on his favorite place on the wall in front of the house, watching and hoping for people to go by and admire him !  He also waits to tease dogs, but besides some cars nobody showed up. What a disappointment. Even the mailwoman didn't stop and he couldn't walk her along to the other mail boxes.

Rosie not so keen to go out in the cold, used the 5 or 10 min sunshine to take a sunbath on my bed and did some spring cleaning of her fur.

And then it happened again ! It had snowed the whole night and Arthur, very disappointed looked out on this white boring stuff. However he quickly went outside and did his business, watching that nobody looked at him !

Pookie doesn't bother so much about the weather, she anyway prefers to stay inside ! For the moment she mostly sleeps on the sofa in the living room and watches through the window the birdies outside. Besides magpies which reminds her Rosie there is not much to see.

Our living room looks more and more like a dormitory and Arthur's favorite place is in front of the radiator with his nose nearly in it !

Rosie the only one who loves sleeping in a basket, keeps me company when I am at my computer. Since a few weeks she has started to "talk" a lot, especially when she had been on a little tour. She then comes back and makes loud singing purrs like a little bird (I know that birds don't purr, but it sounds like that) and then I have to pet her before she chooses a place to sleep. Unfortunately during the night she does that too and wakes me up of course. I hope it won't last for long.

Kim, still inside cat takes the bad weather with philosophy and spend her days between Mr. G's bed and the living room, where she overlooks us all !



I think without Arthur we would lead a rather boring life ! He keeps us entertained and busy all the time.
This week when I came home and unloaded the groceries in the garage, suddenly a white flash jumped out of a carton box and meowed loud greetings ! I almost dropped my bags I hadn't expected that !

As it had snowed again he was rather disappointed and was looking for some occupations. His favorite one and which gets worse and worse is stealing things ! Mostly food of course. I had prepared 3 slices of toast for my lunch and saw only two. Of course I accused Mr. G. but he pretended that he was innocent and that probably I had only toasted two, as I am so bad in calculations. So I ate my two and found the next day a piece of toast and lots of crumbs in the middle of the living room. Arthur had tried to eat it during the night ! But that was not all, I had prepared salmon with pasta turned around to get a spoon or something, and when I looked at my pot again, I just saw Arthur jumping down with a piece of salmon ! Of course I couldn't take it from him, then he gets very angry !

He is also worried about his health and was happy to find some grass in the snow to clean his stomach. Then he hurried inside and through up his stomach contents on an oriental rug ! After all, Arthur is a posh cat and knows what he deserves.

But how could I be angry with this cat when it lays like that on my lap while I watch TV ?

and insists to be on family pictures ??

Rosie too, was quiet upset about the snow, she looked after birdies, while I was making my bed. But there were none around, so she returned and played with her mousies which she continues to place in the water bowls.

Pookie had lost her collar so I bought her a new one in red I am not sure if she enjoyed it, because in the beginning she scratched to get rid of it, but then forgot. After all she has always worn a collar with our telephone number inside.

Kim has changed her lifestyle, she is now an inside cat and tries out all napping places even on my bed together with Arthur. That, she had never done !

Cats are always full of surprises !



The whole week Rosie and I had a secret fight about her mousies !

Her mouse bathing became worse and worse. Now it's not only during the night she puts a mouse in the water bowl,  but she also does it during the day, each time I have taken it out ! I am overworked with picking out the mouse, put it on the radiator only to find another one (always green) again floating in the water. I wonder if I should take her to the psychiatrist maybe she suffers from a childhood trauma !

Besides sleeping around she watches TV with us and keeps a suspicious eye on Pookie who does the same.

Only Pookie prefers to watch us and not the TV,  probably she thinks that watching for an upcoming old couple drama in life is far more interesting. Considering her peaceful attitude, the drama didn't happen.

Arthur keeps a closed eye on me while I am sitting behind my computer, or does his 24 h naps as the weather became cold again, when he is not asking for food of course.

Since she has no knots anymore Kim seems to be happy, even allows us to pet her a little and otherwise does her job as decoration.



The highlight of this week, was taking Kim to the groomer ! To catch her and put her in the carrier is real hard work, which leaves us red faced and breathless when finally she sits in the carrier.

She sang the whole way long like Celine Dion, only a little false. But once on the table she is happy ! She purrs and makes pasta with her paws and is very patient.

Isn't it unbelievable how much hair she produces in only 3 months ? I am convinced that she was a sheep in her former life.

Due to the bad weather, Rosie keeps herself busy with her mousies ! She carries them around and throws them in the air and runs behind. And she also still gives them a bath each night !

The last days I found the fat once swimming in the water. I also made a scientific discovery ... cat's are not color blind ! She only bathes her green mousies, never the red, yellow or black once ! Green must be her favorite color !

Arthur takes forces for the hopefully arriving spring ! He spends his days mostly sleeping on my bed,

or watches birdies through the window,

when he is not asking for food !

He is supposed to be a shorthaired cat, but still managed to produce two big knots on his back near his tail. We tried to cut them off, which was quiet a comedy. I wore garden gloves and hold him up and Mr. G. tried to cut the knots out of a struggling angry Arthur. Arthur is a good tempered cat but not when it comes to his fur ! There he shows his claws. Mr. G. managed to cut a bit, but it's not perfect and we have to repeat the whole procedure !