Except Rosie my cats weren't very cooperative to shoot selfies !

Rosie looked out of the window

Kim just lifted her her head out of her tail and was surprised

Arthur was angry because he was grooming himself from top to bottom !

None of them were disposed to push the button today !


It is hopeless, each day we could do a "copy and paste" weatherforecast !

Rosie does some exercise and looks out of the window, then she would run around like mad making noises like a wild animal,

has views on Arthur who is busy to entertain his precious white fur

And then she collapses on the sofa amongst the wires and cables of my chargers and earphones. It's a mistery why she likes to sleep on cables. If I put a piece of paper on them it makes her even more happy.

Sometimes she joins Arthur near the radiator, where he is laying the whole day long.

and Kim after her spectacular seizure last week plays the doormat again.

Can't say that cats are entertaining !!

unless of course this happens !



When you are wearing a white fur coat and go out, checking under the cars, you need a thoroughly washing very often.



I needed some help, she interrupted my winter sleep

I had convulsions, and go to the vet. So this is my selfie in the carrier (story below)

My little cat family still suffers from the bad weather sequestration, as they don't want to get wet (except Arthur) they stay inside and observe the rainy world from inside.

Rosie changes her napping or resting places often,  here she hopes that another cat would walk by or maybe a bird sitting on the hedge.

Or she sleeps in Kim's Ikea bed in Mr. G. room and not in hers which is in my room. Kim doesn't care she anyway does never sleep in this bed.

The last choice of Arthur was the bathtub after Mr. G. had taken his bath. There was still a bit water in it, but Arthur didn't care. I think I have to do an extra post with Arthur's funniest sleeping places, as he even once slept in the dishwasher !!

Kim is still in her corner at the entrance, but yesterday she gave us a lot of worries and we thought that this was her last day ! Mr. G called me in a hysterical voice to look at Kim. Kim was there in convulsions and screaming ! It was horrible to see how she struggled from one side to the other, fell on her back tried to get up etc. Suddenly she fell on the side and stopped screaming. Meanwhile I had called the vet who told me not to worry too much and bring her over. I still was in my pyjama put Jeans on and my coat, we put a protesting Kim into the carrier and I hurried to the vet.

Kim was completely normal, the vet did a check up and told me that it can happen with old cats (18) that they have such attacks, but they don't suffer and I just have to leave her alone. Kim was in perfect health except that she doesn't hear anymore. Even her weight was quite high 3.600 kg (7.9 lbs) and I never see her eating ! I returned home and tried to relax !




Arthur as punk



I am a modern cat therefore I show you my new mousie in my selfie !

Miss Kim had become 18 on Christmas, and wasn't keen to lift her head for a selfie.

Take my paw and push the button, I have a lack of energy today !!


Arthur on one of his excursions through bushes, hedges and fences had lost his collar with our telephone number and I had to buy a new one. I will probably find the old one somewhere in our garden when it's warmer and less wet.

It is black and white and I think he looks quite elegant with it.

A part from that, his favorite occupation is to check what is in Mr. G's plate and of course if there is something interesting on it he steels it without any bad conscience. Mr. G. sometimes forgets that Arthur is such a thief and doesn't put the cover on the pot, so Arthur took out some raviolis which we found half eaten on the floor ! At least besides sleeping on the sofa or in front of the radiator he does something !

Rosie still loves to nap on the cables or the remote control, I had put a blanket there but she prefers the computer

sometimes of course also my bed. This week she had been quite busy because she had brought me two mousies, not the same day or rather night, because I just avoided to step on them. She mustn't have been hungry, because both mousies looked as if they died of a heart attack ! Normally she brings half eaten mousies home, which Mr. G. throws in the toilet.

Kim still spends the whole day and night in the corner of our entrance ! And she insists to lay on this old rug, I had put a warm blanket in the corner but then she slept on the tiles. Therefore the rug is back. We realized that she is nearly deaf ! That's like Pookie, she also became deaf before she passed away. I never had that with a cat before. But otherwise she is OK, eats and drinks and has her shiny fur so there is nothing to worry about !



Rosie the computer cat !



I am sleepy, New Year or not !

I am too old to get up today, come back tomorrow for your selfie

My first selfie of 2018 ! and I have a dirty nose !!

Rosie's activities in this bad weather is going out, doing her business coming back and chooses a sleeping place where she stays the whole day.

I can't show any Christmas pictures because as soon as there are visitors she disappears. And Toby was there !

Kim had to move from the entrance and slept again in Mr. G. room, but now that all festivities are over she moved back again and blocks the entrance !

Poor Arthur makes his walks and comes back wet like a sponge. I have to dry him with  kitchen paper unfortunately that happens also during night when he jumps on my bed !

He spent Christmas with us unfortunately my camera broke and I forgot that I could take pictures with my smartphone. Anyway he was disappointed that we didn't have a turkey, but got sick with shrimps and barfed through the whole house ! What a nice Christmas gift.

One evening I left a box with cookies on the kitchen table, he managed to pull out 3 cookies which he ate and the rest were crumbs all over the kitchen ! My fault should have closed the box better but I never thought that he would eat these cookies !