When I came back home on Saturday, no cat was in sight. I thought they were all offended because I dared to leave them, or they are not happy about my return with all the treats they got from Mr. G.

The first one showing up was Pookie who usually ignores me for 3 days, but this time she showed her joy by running through the whole house and turning all rugs over.

when we had supper she sat with us at table

and was maybe a little disappointed that we had tortellinis filled with no meat, only cheese and spinach. But she didn't show it of course.

Rosie came later, and didn't show any reaction, but during the night she woke me up several times to purr into my ear, or sleep walking on me. Dominique had bought a belt for Mr. G. to thank him for taking care of her house and birds while we were away and Rosie found this place absolutely great and I thought I could use this picture for a Lacoste advertising !

Arthur had no reaction at all, he looked at me stated that I am back and continued his nap.

He too was a little disappointed about our supper.

Mr. G. had some adventures with Arthur. He was waiting for the water boiling to put his pasta in, when after a while he noticed that "somebody" had switched off the button. As I the usual culprit was away it could only be Arthur or a ghost. As Mr. G. doesn't believe in ghosts, it was Arthur.

While watching TV, he suddenly saw that something was recording. As there was nothing on TV worthwhile to be recorded he checked. Arthur had choosen to record the News while he slept on the remote control and had probably pushed on the "rec" button.

Since my return it's me of course again, when something strange happens !




I am still in Istambul, and Mr. G. is very busy (overworked!) with the cats. As of what I heard, they are all fine !




The weather has changed from spring being summer to nearly summer being winter. In short it's cold !

Arthur took a last sun bath in front of the kitchen door

Because the next day he tried to warm up against the radiator which was cold of course, but now I had to turn the heating on again !

Rosie thinks that in my bed it's the warmest place and waits until the rain and cold is gone and she can go out again to watch birdies and eventually catch a mousie or two.

Pookie has recovered from her ulcer, it is now a a dark little spot but not open anymore. Anyway it hadn't cut her appetite ! She bravely ate her antibiotic pill wrapped in minced meat, and as yesterday it was the last day for her medication she was very disappointed this morning that there was no minced meat ball anymore ! and I had forgotten to buy a little more.

This is not surprising because I am preparing my trip to Istambul where I will stay for 10 days together with my friend and neighbor Dominique and I have my head full of travel preparations ! We will leave tomorrow.

I had been there in June 2007, but only for a day and that was not enough !

The cats will be spoiled by Mr. G. they surely will terrorise him especially Arthur who wants his mortadella and other unhealthy treats, when I am away ! He is a clever cat and takes advantage of the situation !

But next week there will be a link here, and anyway I will continue to post on my blog Writer's Cramps if I don't have any troubles with Internet connections, just to write my holiday diary.



4 years ago I picked up little Rosie from her birthplace, a young couple's cat had 4 kitten. She was so tiny that I had to put her in my bread basket ! As a "teenager" she didn't fill her basket yet but now as an adult Princess she does !
Here is her first day home.





I noticed that something was wrong with Pookie, she was licking her botty more as usual. Mr. G. had a look and discovered a terrible looking hole .... an ulcer just besides the natural little hole !

Immediate decision, taking her to the vet. He catched her without difficulties in the garden and put her in the carrier, she didn't protest very much and also was very good in the car, far better as our other darlings who sing operas the whole way long.

She got an antibiotic shot and now she has to take 1 1/2 pill for 3 days.

Pookie exhausted after the visit to the vet, cools down on the tiles.

The first time we gave her the pill, me holding her and Mr. G. opening her mouth it was a terrible fight and we were exhausted. Pookie ran away offended. Next day I tried with food. I put the pill in a raw meat ball and she ate it without any problem ! What a relieve for the next days !

Arthur, Kim and Rosie enjoy the warm weather in the garden and don't move very much. It's just too hot.

Kim now allows Mr. G. to brush her back and on the sides, that's already something, because she got knots again and each day there are enough hairs in the brush to make a wig for a bare cat ! No way to touch her belly, though !

Mr. G. "complains" (men have always something to complain about) that his bed is getting too small, and that he can't move anymore. Kim sometimes joins the company and lays at his feet !
I only have little Rosie sleeping with me who defends my bed ferociously ! Only Arthur is allowed to share my bed with her !

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