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Every night I wake up to go to my private litter box. Usually it's around 2 am. This night I woke up because somebody softly breathed in my face ! It couldn't be Mr. Gattino because the time where he breathed softly is long gone, now he snores ! I switched on the light and .... looked in the sweet face of Arthur !

Now that was quite a surprise he had never done this before ! He really stuck at my side and was deeply asleep !

Rosie sat on the cat tower and watched the scene

In order not to wake him up I slid out of my bed, like a combination of a contortionist and a snake, and took my camera !

See the tiny space he had generously left me !

When I came back he had turned around but was again deeply aslept

I climbed back in my bed and admired myself about my flexibility !

Before I switched off the light again, I took these peaceful pictures of my overcrowded bed ! Arthur hadn't even sneezed when Rosie draped her tail around his neck !

In the morning when I got up, Arthur decided to get up too. He sat there yawning probably wondering what he did in this unusual place !

Then of course he did his morning grooming together with Miss Rosie !



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I had to buy cat food and came back with a cat tower plus the food of course. Mr. Gattino said that this is normal with me because last time I wanted to buy a blender I came back with a TV.

Rosie enjoyed the new thing immediately ! what a pleasure to stretch and do her pedicure on that !

and she can also watch through the window what is going out on the street.

It's a nice place for grooming

for stretching and other gymnastics

and for little naps.

Pookie wasn't very keen first with that new thing in my room, but then she also had to try it out

and finally liked it.

Arthur hasn't discovered it yet, he sleeps on the radiator. We have electric heating and the radiators are quite large. It warms up his belly nicely. Yesterday evening he slept deeply there and suddenly we heard a big, loud boum, Arthur had fallen on the floor in this little space between the window and the radiator and was completely dizzy. I had to pull him out of there. You should have seen his face it was priceless ! and once again we had to laugh. Arthur is really the best entertainment !



More participants here at Meow like a pirate !

The house is squatted by terrible pirates !

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I DARE YOU .....

The Cat Realm where you find other participants, proposed a "I dare you " game. The winner was Mr. Chen. He dares you all to come up with one creative, fun, useful way to save the environment and put a picture of yourself.

At this proposal Arthur only yawned ! He is since ages an active member of the Green Party and fights for environmental purposes ! Therefore he wears a green scarf, sign of the Party.

After having checked all THREE bins if the garbadge is nicely filed separately, he collapsed into a well earned nap.

He also checks the water consumption

Rosie too is an active member and only chooses GREEN toys !

Pookie follows the others and shows them NOT to use the litterbox but the garden for their private businesses. It makes the grass green and the flowers growing !



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Every 6 to 8 weeks Arthur moves to another favourite napping place. For the moment he squatts Mr. Gattino's computer desk and has found a nice little place to hide.

But to Mr. Gatttino's sorrow he wakes up from time to time and then likes to play with the mouse. I can hear Mr. Gattino swearing (in Italian of course) and complaining because Arthur keeps the mouse tight and doesn't hesitate to pull out his claws !

As you can see here

Arthur defends his new toy with a lot of energy but then he

collapses on the floor in front of the door,

which makes Rosie worried because she has to check then if he is still alive !



Each time when one of us is in the bathroom Arthur has to be there too. He watches exactly what you are doing.

Arthur the stalker

to entertain him otherwise I threw a little ball in the bathtube

this kept Arthur busy for a while

Of course Rosie had to join in

After a while he had enough and started to groom

When he thought he was clean enough, he climbed out of the tube

and Rosie took over his place



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We had rain all week and only 17°C (63 F). What do cats when it rains ? They apparently also want to be clean but not by taking a shower outside.

Sir Arthur busy with grooming, an acrobate could learn from him !

Then he collapsed into a deep nap, completely exhausted by his effort !

Miss Rosie did the same, but with far more elegance, look at her little leg, she stretches it like a dancer from the Moulin Rouge !

and ..... also goes back to sleep !

Miss Pookie is a good cat, she thought Mr. Gattino's trousers would need some ironing so she took care of that !

Lisa choose the Sofa and so far managed not to fall down.

Kim thought she could be a nice decoration on the table and posed as mop ! Since she had been to the Beauty Salon, her hairs didn't grow long anymore and she changes slowly into a short haired cat, except her tail, it stays bushy. Isn't that strange ?