Geez, I am getting old !

Arthur is coming !


There is a new pet food shop in Waterloo and I had never been there. I thought I will have a look and see if they have special food for grandpa cats. And there had, there was actually a new brand with cat SOUP ! I had never heard in my life of cat soup but I thought that is a good idea as he loves very liquid food. Just for a try I bought 4 little bags. The brand is called "Moments".

They have it with chicken, beef, salmon and tuna fish. He loves them all and eats it's soup without letting one drop. I also bought another new brand which he loves too plus the milk, it looks as if he even has put on some weight !

I have no illusions, it will be up and down, but for the moment he is OK ! His eyes water less and he even does his cat wash !

and after grooming he collapses on the little carpet.

His eye is still a bit wet, but I am allowed now to dry it !

As it is cooler outside, he loves to lay in front of the radiator on the warm tiles. He spends his days between going out a bit and laying around, not to forget he meows all the time ! A real chatterbox ! Only when he is full til the top he stops ! Mr. G. is close to a nervous breakdown sometimes. I think they become more and more similar like twins !

Enough to eat ? Arthur in his restaurant !

Rosie is also lazy, it looks as if she had started her winter sleep already ! The whole day she lays on her scratching board and sleeps or does her clawing mani cure.

and when she sees me going to the bathroom in the evening, she just changes her napping place and settles down for the night.

When I look around I have the impression to live in a retirement home !



Here I am for the selfie with my stone brother !

I had a dream !


I think my cats start their winter sleep, at least it seemed so this week !

I had to buy a new scratching board because Rosie had used up the first one. She was so happy and worked a long time on her claws and then exhausted settled down for a nap. She always sleeps on this board when we are in the living !

With the board I got a little bag of catnip and put a bit on the board. Instead of getting crazy and high, she sniffed and turned around disgusted !

When I am in my room and work on my computer, she often sleeps like a little snail.

From Arthur there are not so good news. If he ate the whole day in the beginning of the week and I thought that he is really hungry, now he sits in front of several food brands, eats a bit but drinks a lot of cat milk.

I don't care if it is healthy or not, he loves it and I will do everything to make him happy.

Now he mostly sleeps here when we are watching TV

or on the floor to Mr. G's room. He is quite dirty, I wanted to clean him but he gets excited so I let it be, just a bit I can do. But I am allowed to brush and comb him, so that's what I do when he comes on my lap.

He also does his wee wees on the floor when I don't put him out.

We prepare ourselves for the worst.



It's too early for selfies !

I agree, come back later !


After the disaster with the Vet clinic, I took an appointment with my vet I know for over 20 years and who knew Arthur since he was a baby.

This time we even could take him out of the carrier, he just resisted a bit, but she could look into his mouth and do a little check up. Then she told me she will keep him for blood analysis and teeth cleaning and a general check up.

With a heavy heart I left him there and a few hours later she told me that he is half awaken and that I can pick him up. That's what I did immediately.

When he came home he still wiggle waggled a bit, and lay down in this corner where since then he always stays. The special diet food the vet had given me for his kidney problems, he didn't want there was nothing to do. I tried for 2 days without success, he only drank his cat milk. Finally I thought I give him what he wants to hell with the kidneys I want a happy and not a hungry cat. I gave him his usual senior +7 food and he gobbled down two bags ! Then he lay down with a full stomach.

The eyes are still watering and I try to clean them every day, now he starts to get used to it.  Dear Arthur is getting old. He also had peed on the bathroom rag, and I hope he won't start to pee everywhere ! That this was only an accident.  He became very affectioned and as soon as I sit he wants to sit on my lap and when I go to bed it doesn't last long and he appears. But he doesn't stay the whole night.

As long as he seems to be happy and well I will continue just as before and hope that he won't cross the rainbow bridge too soon !

Rosie leads her usual cat life between going out and sleeping inside and this time she even brought us a gift, which she generously put in the bowl with the dry food ! Mr. G instead of eating it throw this lovely gift in the bin. How ungrateful !!



The click took me by surprise

Something new to eat  ???


I used to order cat food on Internet, and this time there was something wrong I got a huge parcel with 10 kgs of dry cat food ! And I had ordered only wet food for Arthur because of his teeth !

Until the day they took it back, Arthur slept on the cartoon and when it was gone he looked for it and was very disappointed that it wasn't there anymore.

As it had started to get cold and humid outside he choose another napping place, which didn't suit me

at all, because he had chosen to sleep on my computer ! It took me a while to put in his head that I needed my computer and that he should sleep somewhere else, but each time I pushed him away, he came back like a boomerang !

Offended he moved back to the sofa just besides Mr. G. It's amazing that at his age he still can sleep like a contortionist !

I had made an appointment with the vet for Arthur's teeth, and drove him there. He was very brave in the car, didn't meaow a word and also in the clinic he didn't move. The vet, a young lady, when she heard that it was for the teeth told me she had no time for an anaesthesia because there were other clients after me. I got very angry because I had come for nothing, she hadn't been informed that it was for his teeth. I took Arthur put him in the car, let him out of the cage and he happily admired the surroundings. Arriving at home, he didn't want to get out and I had to leave the car door open, because Sir Arthur had decided to sleep in the car !!

Rosie always drinks dirty water outside instead of her clean water inside ! Difficult to understand cats !

She now sleeps on my bed, besides my Lady bug which serves me as cushion when I read ! A gift of my friend Ilona. Rosie likes it.

and in the evening we watch Television together and she becomes a very long cat !