Selfie day ... smile, how is that possible I have only one tooth ? where are the others ??

It's all your fault ! why didn't you hold the tablet a little higher ??

Better leave me alone, I am not in the best mood today !

I just wanted to try how I would look upside down, and she turned the picture around !



Fortunately we have Arthur who always brings life in this house, with the two vintage people ! This time I wanted to go shopping and found Arthur sitting on the roof of my car.

I asked him to jump down, because I wanted to drive out of the garage. Arthur was deaf. So I pushed his bottom, without any result, He didn't move. I got in the car switched on the engine,  Arthur didn't bother. Finally I drove carefully outside with Arthur still sitting on my roof. Impossible to go further ! I got out of the car and when I was really out, Arthur jumped down and disappeared inside the garage !  I climbed in my car and laughed, I just imagined driving with Arthur sitting on my roof ! I think we would have had a lot of success.

The next day the gardener arrived and Arthur was very happy ! 

He watched him from far when he pulled out the plants from the pots and trimmed the bushes. At least there was something to see in this boring household.

This week cartons and boxes were picked up by the bin men. So lots of cartons and boxes were laying on the sidewalks. Something for Arthur ! I think he checked the hundreds of boxes in the street and probably tried out some if they were good for a little nap !

Miss Rosie wasn't out very much, she mostly lay on my bed and showed me that she would be a very nice accessory to my new cardigan ! But I doubt that she would play the role of a handbag.

She also loves to sit on the radiator and watch over us or towards outside.

Kim too is getting old ! She is only 2 years younger than Pookie. It went so quick ! Suddenly I noticed  that she had difficulties to jump on the armchair, she also drinks a lot, doesn't go out anymore and has become an affectionated cat. She always lays on Mr. G's lap as soon as he sits down, and I was even allowed to brush her a bit, at least her back and !!!! I can pet her now ! For the first time in the 9 years she is living with us !!

Pookie leads her old cat life and naps on my lap each evening. She still sings a lot in the mornings, but although we can't get used to it, we have no choice ! If only she would hear herself, maybe she then would stop !!



Arthur was in deep thoughts and wanted to take a profile picture which he did

Pookie was half asleep but did her duty

Rosie was distracted by Kim

The only one who really did his best was Kim as you can see !


We had mixed weather this week, so my cats had mixed occupations too.

Kim now is sleeping mostly inside and doesn't go outside very often, what a change she really became an indoor cat now or nearly. As usual she doesn't bother anybody and acts just like a room decoration.

Ol' Pookie is my telephonist only she doesn't hear the phone ringing and therefore continues to sleep on it and sometimes I find my mobile under her belly !

Miss Rosie is still active with bird and mouse hunting, this week without success not even a mouse, at least she didn't bring any corpse home.

In the evening she likes to watch TV with me and my knee is her head holder !

The only one who brings some action in this house is Arthur the terrorist !

He tries to steel Mr. G's dessert, after having got already a lot from his supper. Slowly, slowly he approaches the plate and then stretches out his paw, while Mr. G. watched his murders on TV and then suddenly he realizes that his dessert is in danger and tries to chase Arthur away with no success. He had to protect his plate with his hands ! Poor man !

Mr. G. is not the only victim ! Me too ! He had bought croissants for me and had put them on the table. A few hours later I found one of my croissants half eaten on the floor ! Arthur steels everything which is edible ! What a thief ! Poor me had only one croissant to eat !  Arthur doesn't bother he rests on the radiator and watches what is going on outside in the garden.



My cats feel neglected, I didn't write about them this week, the reason was I had to create a Facebook page for our painting group and that took me quite some time.

Meanwhile it cooled down and from outsiders my cats have become insiders. The beds, sofas and radiators are always decorated with a cat !

Kim always looks for company, the others not so much.

Arthur is always getting on the nerves of Mr. G. because he sits on his lap and looks at him with big eyes which makes Mr. G. nervous because he feels obliged to get up and give him something to eat, and that Arthur knows !

If just looking at him doesn't help, he would sit on the table so that Mr. G. can't watch his movie anymore because he cuts his view. 

Each evening I have this view, Mr. G. looking like a Teletubby

He doesn't hear as well as I do (I suppose you understand) and this was the best solution for me not to become deaf.

Kim here shares the sofa with Arthur. Kim has changed, she is mostly in the house now, and is less shy, I am even allowed to pet her, just a little bit, but she sits every evening on Mr. G.'s lap and wants to be petted or even brushed ! Miracles happen !

Arthur always wants the place where Rosie is sleeping. In the past they always slept together but now she hisses him away ! Poor Arthur !

And here are the cat selfies :

Oups ! It went off !

I suffer from a lack of energy

me too !

Yes hold up the tablet, I just want to see how I look upside down !



grumble, grumble, I push, but you won't get more .....

I have been at the groomer, and for once I saw that I am not looking so bad as I thought, actually I am a beauty !

NO ! I won't get up ! I take my selfie asleep with open eyes ! you should be happy !

These selfies ... where is the lens ???  Left ... right ... there ... got it !!



Summer is over now for sure and we all have to get used to the fact that it's getting cold. Especially in the mornings and evenings.

While during the day all cats go for a walk outside, except old Pookie, in the evening they share the sofa with Mr. G. who watches TV.

Or they lay around the radiator and try to catch the last sunshine, but inside !

Rosie and Arthur sleep on the radiators, as they are not too warm yet;

Kim always prefers the bed !

I had to take Pookie to the groomer because her claws were very long and she got stuck all the time, poor thing. I don't dare to cut her claws, so she had a pedicure (not manicure) and for that, she had to ride in the car. She didn't say a meow, actually she looked as if she enjoyed the ride, I was a little surprised because usually she sings loud her operas. I think now as she is deaf, she doesn't hear the noises and is not afraid anymore.

The next day I had to go with Kim, she was full of knots and it was great time to get rid of all this fur. She has changed ! Now she sleeps on Mr. G's lap every evening and she even allows him to brush her back, only the back of course. And at the groomer, where she never said a word and purred all the time, now she was complaining, but didn't scratch ! She only meowed  ! Even I am now allowed to pet her just a little stroke, she doesn't run away anymore ! After 17 years will she become a normal cat ??



Oh, sorry I just had to yawn when the shot went off ! At least you can see that my teeth are clean

I am a little confused, I can't get used to these modern things ! In good old times it was the human who made the pictures,  now I have to do it myself and I am 18 !!

Yes, yes, here is my paw, I continue to sleep

Dammit, I look as I feel ! Why am I always disturbed when I do my napping marathon ???