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IT'S SPRING ! (or almost)

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While Lisa was meditating about what she could eat next,

Pookie watched Rosie and Arthur who had gone out in the garden for the first time this year ! It was spring weather, the sun shining and it was warm.

For Rosie it was really new. Last year she had been a little outside, only very close to me but this time she wanted to discover the whole garden.

She went behind the garden house and then jumped on the fence

She had never been on a fence and balanced herself with proud she seemed to shout "hey Arthur come up its so nice up here " !

But Arthur was busy elsewhere. He had to check if somebody was there and then ....

there was a lovely smell he just had to roll in it

What a feeling ! Inspired by the good smell, he did his business in the sunshine and the fresh air

and not in the dark basement on a litterbox ! (Note that he still can't put his tail up completely, I think it will remain like this. In May it will be one year that the bad black cat had bitten him in the tail)

After this nice excursion they came back happily and Arthur kissed his Rosie on the forehead it was soooo nice playing together outside !





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I went outside to take a picture of my neighbor's colorful cow. Arthur, sitting in a bush across the street saw me coming and ran over to me with loud meows. Was he happy that somebody was in the street ! So he rolled over and over again on the sidewalk !

After this little walk outside Arthur saw Rosie in the tent. She had put it upside down and watched him out of there.

Get out of there, said Arthur

Now it's my turn to sleep in there !

and for once he managed to be the winner ! But it had involved some "fighting" :



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It was so foggy outside that Arthur couldn't see the neighbour's garden across the street so he turned back home and settled down on the sofa for a little nap. But instead of a peaceful sleep he got Rosie on his back who wanted to play as usual.

Come on lazy cat, she said

But Arthur pushed her away and got up annoyed !

I can never be in peace here, he said

and yawned because he was sooo tired

He stretched a little and turned around to find the right place

and finally found it. He decided to sleep on both the table and the sofa corner just because he couldn't make up his mind.

But for the big event on Sunday at Man Cat Club Arthur will be awoken he promised. For the Daytona Race he will wear either

this if he is choosen as a driver

or this if he is just a supporter !



Valentine Dividers

From Tuxi to Tuxi Rosie wishes a Happy Valentine !

After having posed for Valentine without great success, Rosie was tired and settled down for a well earned nap on my lap.

But there was this &@#§% camera, so she couldn't close her eyes and Mr. Gattino shot lazer eyes.

I switched off the flash and she thought, ah now it's over and I can finally sleep in peace,

but no, SHE (that's me) still took pictures.

Now Rosie had enough ! and like a filmstar she put her paw in my lens ! No more pictures for today !



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The last three days we had spring weather in February the sun was shining and it was unusually warm 15 ° ! Apparently that had never happened since 1830something. Arthur didn't care about this unusual "heat" he strolled outside to see if there were some people outside their houses.

I was in my neighbors garden because I had helped her to carry a piece of a new fence. Arthur had heard my voice and greeting us with his opera meow he ran over and suddenly showed up from under the hedge.

He sat down and listened to our conversation looking from time to time inside my neighbor's living room because his dog friend Yanouk stood behind the window, and they greated each other through the glass.

To show us how happy he was he rolled over and over between our legs and was very disappointed when I returned in the house. But my neighbor assured him that tomorrow if it is still so nice and warm she will dig little holes in her garden and he is allowed to help her ! Lucky Arthur !

Rosie wasn't interested in the nice weather she had other things to do, she was too busy to collect her mousies and put them in the new tend, to run around and inside

and even taking herself for a snail, carrying the "house" on her back.

It had been a nice day !