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Kim is a rather strange cat. She seldom wanted to sleep inside, but did it sometimes. But since beginning of this year she only came in to say hello and fill her stomac. Then she went out again, sleeping under the table on a chair on our covered patio where I finally had put a towel. Sometimes she also used the dog house of our neighbor's dog. But now the summer (which hadn't been one) is gone and the garden furniture put away. Kim didn't change her habits and now sometimes even slept on the wet grass.

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I was worried a little about this and as I had seen cat tents on some blogs I tried to buy one here. I couldn't find any.

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But yesterday when I bought cat food in my usual pet shop, they had a tent ! and a real good one for outside ! It was only one on exposition, the shop owner wanted first to know if people were interested in it. I was ! I bought it immediately and here it is.

So far I couldn't take a picture of Kim in it, but she must have tried it because I saw that the plaid I had put in had moved a little. Hopefully she will use it !

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Rosie and Arthur don't go outside when the weather is bad. Here they both check : To go or not to go ?
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Rosie decided against and did her pedicure on the mat
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before collapsing in her basket for a long nap, until it would stop raining !

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When we came back from our one week holidays on the Garda Lake in Italy, Lisa appeared from nowhere and run over to us, she had heard the car. She greated us and then went straight into the kitchen, her stomac claiming as usual. She is in a very good shape again and apparently recovered very well during our absence. I have to say that my friend (and neighbor) always takes very good care of my little cat family.

I found Arthur sitting on the table showing no emotions at all, he just looked bored with a "what are you doing here" look in his eyes. He had two scratches on his cheek and had probably fought again with this bad black cat who attacks every male cat. He doesn't seem to be a very big hero because he is afraid of females !

Arthur didn't even like to have his photo taken and prefered to join his girls

for a little afternoon snack or "tea time" !

Kim had heard voices and stepped shortly in, realizing that it was only me, she turned around and disappeared in the garden again.

And then I found a big surprise for Rosie ! An envelope from Taiwan had arrived during our
absence from her "twin" brother

Adan ! (picture above) He had his secretary Michico sent it to Rosie in honor of his 10th birthday and what a nice surprise ! As soon as it was unwrapped, Rosie studied the content !

Adan's postcard "paw" signed !! He must have had a lot of work ! Two little mice to play with and a book sign. Thank you so much Adan !! And also thanks to Michico ! It was the first time in my and Rosie's life we got mail from Taiwan ! I mean for Rosie it's normal, she is a teenager but I ?

and to show Adan how much Rosie loved his gifts, I made this little video.

Pookie who was still a little upset because of my one week absence, had to check this gift too of course. She even touched a mouse so Rosie thought I better leave her alone, you never know !

and Pookie could inspect the gifts in peace.

Now the cats are happy and I too to be home again.



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As I am at the Garda Lake in Italy right now and only dispose of 1 h per day, I prefer to publish early. Better early then nothing ! Here in the mountains you never know if internet will work the next day !

Our neighbor dog was on holidays and when he came back Pookie immediately had to say him hello. He is on the other side of the hedge.

Lisa really cause us some troubles ! Two days before we left she suddenly behaved strange and didn't eat anymore and this was alarming. She who is a stomac with paws and a tail didn't eat ! I felt bizarre when I went in the kitchen and Lisa didn't jump out of a corner and hurry in the kitchen ! I took her to the vet. She had an inflamation and 40° fiever ! She got a shot and some pills and fortunately the same evening she felt already better and the next day she even ate a little. I imagined already the worst because she is 16 years old. But I know my neighbor will take good care of her.

Mr. Black, Rosie's boyfriend comes nearly everyday and as love goes first through the stomac he checks what is for dinner and then helps himself before he starts flirting with Rosie.

Rosie waits

and waits, but then they both disappear in the garden ! Isn't he a beautiful cat ? And he is so friendly but he has a home, no worry !

and last but not least a little video. Arthur had worked very hard to get the drawer under the sofa open. When finally he had managed it, Rosie pushed him out of there and then they started to wrestle for the drawer. But in the end, they both got in and as they were tired they napped for a while. Unfortunately I ended the video too early. Next time it will be better, it's only my third one.

Please forgive if I can't comment a lot, but the internet connection is as quick as a snail racing here in the mountains even with firefox and my own laptop ! I do my best in one hour !


As usual Rosie has a very busy day. First wrestling with Arthur on the sofa, he is already tired.

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And then in the drawer under the sofa. Arthur had worked for a while to get that thing open. I even was quite surprised that he managed it.

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Of course they had to play in there too ...

Then Rosie played alone in the tube for a while

and went to bed basket after all these exercises


Arthur instead had to wash first to keep his fur white, before he also took a nap

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I just was informed by Claudie our Cat's on Tuesday member, that a big dog belonging to her neighbors has killed her cat Felix the Pirate ! Isn't that terrible ? Poor Claudie is very furious and sad and has informed the police.
Please go over to her blog, she certainly needs some kind words.



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While Arthur and Rosie put the kitchen upside down with running around and wrestling, Lisa found a new observation post, where she can see everything going on and is not bothered by the "kids".

Arthur exhausted by Rosie fell so deeply asleep, that when I had taken the picture he shortly after fell off the bed and landed like a stone on the floor. Of course at this moment my camera was in another room so I couldn't take a picture of his very surprised face with big eyes !

Here is Kim in a very unusal pose ! I think I have never seen her running ! I don't know who was the devil who followed her !

This is the daily still life I have in front of my eyes ! Mr. Gattino taking his afternoon nap and Rosie and Pookie share the bed with him. So I can listen to 3 snoring purring cats.

Rosie continues her exciting life, meeting her boyfriend (he still comes every day) and

also plays with brother Arthur in the garden.

When Rosie is tired she sucks not her thumb but her hind toe ! I just couldn't believe it when I saw this for the first time. She lays there and sucks and it's even quite noisy. Have you ever had a cat who sucks her thumb toe ?

Then she finally falls asleep. The basket I prepared for her is her favourite sleeping place, besides my bed when I am in !

But Pookie too, suddenly loves this basket ! She had never slept in one, it is the first time she uses a basket ! I think I have to buy the same, and put them together, so there is no jalousie about the basket anymore ! If you don't have any worries just create yourself some !

And here is something I am very proud of ! For the first time I filmed with my digital camera I didn't know how to use it on video before. Of course the result is not very good, but still it is a beginning ! Bloogle Glogger even installed an upload button for me but after 1.10 h (!!) it still wasn't uploaded ! A snail runs quicker ! So I used Photobucket and here is the result

Rosie plays in the bath tube !



Rosie saw something very strange hanging from the wall above the sofa !

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A little spider ! She had never seen one in her life !

First of course she had to watch it for quite some time. She was very intrigued !

Then she thought it had fallen down, and looked desperately between the seats ! No spider !

Maybe up there ??

or under the lamp ? No the spider had disappeared.

Rosie jumped down and found Mr. Gattino's slippers. She had to smell at them because they had a strange smell she even kept her mouth open ! But when I took the picture she just had closed it.

Then she decided to join her brother Arthur on the heating and settle down for a little nap.



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The other day I found Rosie together with a black cat in my kitchen. First I thought it was the black terrorist who is the most aggresive cat in the neighborhood, attacking all peaceful cats around. He also was the one who bit Arthur in the tail. But it was not him it was a very friendly cat.

They sniffed at each other and then of course

he first had to check what my cats eat and helped himself. The fact that I too was in the kitchen didn't bother him at all.

Rosie watched and waited. And even Lisa wasn't bothered by him.

She was very intrigued by this new friend.

and when he had finished the last piece in the bowl, they both went down to the garage and out of the cat door. Later on I saw them together playing and walking around in the garden.

Since this day he comes almost everyday to look after Rosie and then they go out for a walk.

I don't have to fear anything, first she is a little young and second Mr. Black Cat is spayed !

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