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I think meanwhile Arthur has tried out all possible napping places in the house !

Now he found a new place, sleeping nearly on my computer when I am not working

When I am there he sits on the cat tree and watches what I am doing

and has his own thoughts about my work ! He prefers to admire the closet.

Mr. G had very bad toe nails and the pedicure came ! Of course Arthur had to be there too and
comforted Mr. G. The pedicure lady told us that it was the first time she had a client with a cat on his lap !

Rosie continues to lead her lady's life, it's cold and rainy outside so she stays most of her time on my bed

and sniffs the good smell of her tail !

Pookie still gives her morning concerts, but during the day she is quiet and even plays !

Kim as usual is invisible ! I see her only in the kitchen when she is hungry.



Did it work or not ?

I am too lazy to sit up

Look at my whiskers ! I combed them especially for this selfie !



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When you have a cute but old stubborn cat, the least you can say is that you have to be very creative to meet her needs, otherwise you end up with a nervous breakdown.

When Pookie had started to only want to drink from the tap, and made us crazy with her meowing, I had bought as solution a cat fountain (2). Of course she never used it and continued to get on our nerves meowing until one of us lifted her up, as she can't jump that high anymore. This fact cost a lot of water consumption. So I tried it with a glass which I put on a basin so that she could reach it easily. I filled the glass and turned the water on but only very little. After a while she got it and found out that it was easier to drink from the glass than lapping at the tap.

The basin was too big so  I used a salad bowl  but this  also took too much space in the sink !

And then I found the ideal solution ! A cup with the glass on the top !
Now she can drink to her hearts content without one of us being at her side, when she has finished she just jumps down.

She has very regular drinking hours, once early morning, once at noon and once before bedtime.

The rest of the day we don't hear her, she lays around and Kim keeps her company !

I have been sick the whole week and Rosie inspected the meds the Doctor has prescribed. Apparently I have a bronchitis.

As the weather is not nice at all, Arthur hangs around and tries out all napping places.

He found a nice sunny place on the sofa and I wondered what a strange shadow he made ! Maybe our house is bewitched.

I very much agree with her !



Throw this selfie away ! I am cross eyed !!

Not a good one ! my nose is not that long !!

I should have sat up ! Now my ears are too long ! I look like a rapid !



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One day during this week I thought I would suffer from visions ! Wherever I went, I saw Arthur ! As usual in the mornings I do some household scores.

When I went to the bathroom I saw Arthur sitting there ! I was a little surprised because it is a very long time that I have seen him in this place.

I continued my bustle around

arrived in the kitchen and he sat there !

While I was busy in the kitchen, he had apparently moved

because then, he was sitting on the dining table !

and a little later he stood on the coffee table !

and then suddenly he lay in front of the radiator. I felt dizzy, all this happened in about one hour !

But then he found his final place for a few hours together with Kim on Mr. G's bed !

Rosie maybe because of the bad weather, watches TV now ! From the floor

or from the top of the chair.

I also noticed that Pookie loves my mobile for little scratches under her chin, of course only when I have finished my conversations !



Good ! I don't need a facelifting yet, despite my 16 (81) years !

Where is this &%$@ button again ?



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