For a second Isis woke up

but then ....

I am sorry but we are still under lockdown our humans are hanging around the whole day ! We are exhausted !




Due to the above mentioned lockdown,  I have nothing special to report about Rosie this week is, that she does an early winter beauty sleep ! 
on the bed

on the floor

on her favorite armchair

and when I open the window door to let in some fresh air she just puts her head out sniffs, thinks it is too cold outside despite the sun and returns where she came from ! I have read somewhere that a cat can sleep up to 23 h a day, not a kitten of course, rather a grandma !

I have to say we almost lead the same life !



Again ??

Take my selfie !!

It's a bit blurred

That's a nice picture I think !


Another week went by and Rosie keeps her now established habits

In the morning when I get up she watches me getting dressed and then follows me in the kitchen where I have my coffee !

When the sun is shining she takes a sunbath on her cat tower while the fresh air comes in. It's always rather warm in this place even when the air is cold !

Once the window closed she moves on the top of her armchair and observes the birds in the naked trees, now she can see them really nicely although they are too big for her taste, pigeons and magpies !

As Rosie still meows in the night, I had read that I should make her tired during the day so that she sleeps at night. Since I don't feel like throwing mousies and little balls around all the time, I bought a laser stick with which I can make a red dot, a red mouse or a smiley.

It's really handy, I watch a movie on TV and Rosie chases the red dot, the mouse or the smiley!

As I have got the stick only today, I hope she will stay like that the whole night and not sing her operas at 3 am !  

If you have better ideas, just let me know !





Friend Isis





Another week went by, it seems to me that with the lockdown, all days are similar or even the same and sometimes I ask Rosie, what day we are but she doesn't know either so we have to look on the computer !

Once a week we get up early when it is still dark and that is when my cleaning lady comes which means that we have to be ready. I in my bathrobe and Rosie always in the same fur coat, poor girl has nothing else. As soon as the bell rings, Rosie disappears from her watchtower and hides somewhere in the apartment. She doesn't like Maria, I don't know why, because Maria loves cats, but no cat loves her. She has the same problem with other cats too ! Probably she smells bad for a cat's nose. I smell nothing. As soon as she is away Rosie appears from nowhere.

When in the morning I open the window door to let some fresh air in, Rosie does her round on the balcony and looks if there is something interesting to see in the trees now without leaves,  or to catch on the floor.

I had filled the foot of the umbrella with cat litter to make it heavy and when I wanted to put the umbrella in the basement the pedestal's hole was open and the whole litter dropped on the floor ! The umbrella is saved but I have to buy a new pedestal. Of course I forgot to clean the floor right away and when I came back Rosie had used the litter for what it was and probably thought that she now has two litter boxes one inside and one in the open air ! 

Rosie is part of our household since 13 years, she has never touched a dish or stolen food or even tried something else as the Hill's fragile stomach dry food ! And now here in our new home she tried for the first time in her life to eat something else !! But  apparently she didn't like it and ate only a bit ! Then as usual she did her grooming on "her" armchair

and took a sunbath laying on the back !

When in the evening I go into my room she follows me and watches how I get undressed if I wash my face like her, and the the other parts too


and when finally my "grooming" is done and I lay in my bed Rosie curls up  her body into snail position and falls asleep ! Sometimes she even snores ! and loud it's amazing for such a littly body !



I look like a macro selfie ! 

Sorry but I am too tired to get up

The whole week we had awful weather and lockdown or not we were locked down anyway ! 
Miss Rosie has still not changed her sleeping place and spends most of the day on a favourite chair

From time to time she gets up and has a bored look on her toys ! Nothing of interest she decided. 
The spider which she loves so much had disappeared and is probably under the sofa this time she didn't put it in her water bowl. I wanted to buy her a bag of spiders in the Halloween department, of my store, but as all Halloween events even for kids had been cancelled they had put all decoration away ! Poor Rosie has to suffer from lockdown, otherwise she doesn't care, she is very happy to be an inside cat now.

And from Monday on I will be an inside human, the lockdown starts again in Belgium for 6 weeks ! 
Instead of spiders I found a trout on Internet which has a charger in her belly and with an USB key the fish starts to be alive ! It behaves like a real fish you have taken out of the water !

Unfortunately Rosie is a little cat and the one I had seen on the video playing like crazy with the trout, she sniffed at it but when it started to beat with it's tail and moved around, she was so shocked that she run away and hid under her chair.

I put the fish besides her thinking she may get used to its smell (there is also a bag of catnip inside) as it didn't move, she slept peacefully besides it.

When the fish had started to move she again ran away so I put it on the floor and she had to rest after this adventure !

Nothing special happened except a few visitors, but as she has become a very social cat she greeted everybody and even jumped on the lap of a friend. She really has changed completely !